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Doris Luke helps Cyril Watkins get the shop in order. 
Lloyd Munro goes to Ted Hope's antique shop and says David asked him to come.  Lloyd says David felt that the locket he bought from Ted was underpriced by about 50 and David thinks it's only fair that he treated Ted to a meal at the motel.
Chris Hunter tells Rosemary that there won't be a party after the wedding.  He asks her if she and David will be coming to the wedding but Rosemary tells him that she is going back to Switzerland tomorrow. 
Lloyd Munro asks Tish Hope to have dinner with him tomorrow and Tish accepts. 
Rosemary Hunter receives a phone call from David who is at a meeting.  She tells him that she is going back to Switzerland the following day because she can't bear to see Chris make a mess of his future.  "Yes David.  Well, goodbye, and David.  Take care," says Rosemary.
Cyril Watkins' daughter, Ira Turvey, arrives at the village shop.  Cyril asks her where her husband Harry is and Ira tells him that he is just clearing some things and will be here tomorrow.
*** End of Episode 3134 ***
Lloyd Munro and Sandy hatch a plan to try and get Ted and Tish Hope back together again.  Lloyd tells Sandy that he has a table booked for dinner for him and Tish and David has a table booked for him and Ted.  "Now all you have to do is mix the bookings up," Lloyd tells Sandy.
Linda Welch brings the keys to the farm van into the garage and gives them to Joe MacDonald.  Joe tells her that it's too late now and the van will have to wait until the morning.  Colin Dutton comes out from the garage office and asks Joe if he could do overtime on the van.  Joe says he will do it even though he isn't keen.
Ted Hope arrives at the motel for dinner with David.  Sandy tells him that he has a table booked for four people, David, Tish, Lloyd and Ted.  Sandy tells Ted that David has been held up at a meeting and Lloyd has been held up at the hospital.  Ted orders him to un-mix the bookings into two separate bookings for him and David, and Tish and Lloyd.  Tish Hope arrives at the motel for her dinner with Lloyd Munro and hears all about the mix up.  Tish and Ted Hope have a drink in reception.
Trina Jameson goes to the garage and Joe MacDonald notices her perfume.  He says it must have cost a lot.  "I wouldn't know.  It was present from a friend of mine," she tells Joe.  Joe tells her that he has to do some overtime and tells Trina that he will walk her home if she waits for him.
Later Joe MacDonald joins Trina Jameson in reception and he suggests they have a drink.  "I don't want a drink.  If you won't take me home I'll go by myself," says Trina and leaves. 
Sandy discreetly phones the office and tells David that Tish and Ted Hope are in reception but are getting a little impatient.  He suggest that Lloyd comes into reception now.
Linda Welch  goes into the garage office but Colin Dutton tells her that he isn't going to see her again.  He warns her not to come to the garage again.  "I was going to buy you a present but I expect you'd rather have the money," says Colin Dutton.  "Keep your flaming money!" shouts Linda Welch and storms out.
*** End of Episode 3135 ***
Later, Benny finds Linda Welch crying in one of the cars in the garage.  He gets into the car beside her but she tells him to go away.  Benny asks her what's wrong and Linda says she has just had an argument with George Biggins.  At that moment Doris Luke walks into the garage and past the car where Benny and Linda are sitting.  Linda Welch sobs on Benny's shoulder.  Doris, unnoticed by them, walks quietly away.
David Hunter, who is in his office pretending to be held up, phones through to reception where Ted Hope is waiting for him to arrive for dinner.  Ted Hope takes the phone call from David who tells him that he has been held up at a meeting.  Ted rejoins Tish in reception and tells her that David was calling from a call box in Birmingham phone.  Tish says it couldn't have been David because he is on duty tonight.  Tish accuses Ted of lying and Ted says he only wanted to get her here to have dinner with him.  Ted leaves the motel and Tish leaves soon after.
Sandy phones the office and tells Lloyd Munro what has happened.  Tish Hope comes back into reception and tells Sandy that she would like her bill made up.  "I'm going home," she says.  "No Tish, don't you think you'd better think it over.  Where did you say..." says Sandy.  "I'm going home," says Tish. 
Colin Dutton tells Benny that he isn't to help Linda Welch unload her van anymore.
Doris Luke goes to Cyril Watkins shop and introduces herself to his daugther, Ira Turvey.
Rosemary Hunter leaves the motel.
*** End of Episode 3136 ***
Doris Luke takes tea into the garage and see's Joe MacDonald looking very depressed.  She asks him what's wrong and Joe tells her that Trina has got herself a new boyfriend.
Linda Welch comes into the garage and asks Benny ro help her unload the van but Benny says Mr Dutton said he wasn't to help her. 
Doris Luke joins Trina Jameson in the staff room and tells her that she has just been talking to Joe and he really believes that she has got herself a boyfriend.
Linda Welch comes into the garage workshop and asks Joe MacDonald if she can see Colin Dutton.  Joe tells her that she is not to come here annoying everyone.  He says Mr Dutton is not to be messed around with, he pulls a lot of weight because he is married to the bosses daughter. 
Chris Hunter and Diane Parker prepare for their wedding.  Sharon Metcalfe takes a photo of them and Chris and Diane stand awkwardly side by side.  "Closer," says Sharon.  Chris moves closer to Diane.  "Smile then," says Sharon.  Diane and Chris both give a forced smile.  "Think of the money," says Sharon and Chris bursts out laughing. 

1979 Episodes continued

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