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Cyril Watkins goes to the motel and meets Sandy Richardson.  Doris Luke comes through to reception with Benny and introduces him to Cyril. 
Diane Parker is now Mrs Chris Hunter.
Linda Welch finds her way into Colin Dutton's office and says she wants to talk to him.  Colin Dutton tells her to go away, to go back to George Biggins.  Linda says she has split up with George and tells Colin Dutton to take her out.  "Unless you want me to write to your wife, or your boss might be interested in what his son in law is up to," says Linda Welch.  "You're blackmailing me," says Colin Dutton. 
Colin Dutton telephones his wife and tells her that he will be home late because he has some work to catch up on.  When Colin puts the phone down Linda Welch says, "You did really well darling.  I'm very proud of you." 
At Diane's flat Chris Hunter is slightly drunk.  Diane goes into the kitchen to make some strong coffee and Chris follows her.  He puts his arms around her waist.  "You're going straight back to the motel," says Diane, shrugging him off.  "Oh come on, it is our wedding night," says Chris.  Diane says this isn't part of the deal and if he wants to stay at the flat he will have to sleep on the settee.
*** End of Episode 3137 ***
In the middle of the night Diane wakes up, puts on her dressing gown and creeps into her living room, where Chris is sound asleep on the settee.  She kneels beside the settee and kisses Chris but he remains sound asleep. 
Linda Welch goes to the garage and asks Benny to help her unload the van.  Benny says Colin Dutton said he wasn't to help her.  Linda Welch takes Benny into the garage office and Benny asks Colin Dutton if it's alright for him to help Linda unload the van.  Colin Dutton tells him it's alright.
Chris Hunter wakes up the following morning with a headache and Diane gives him some tablets. 
Linda Welch tells Colin Dutton that she has found a nice little flat and suggests that he can have his own key.  She says he will have to help her with the rent until she gets a job.  When Colin Dutton refuses Linda again threatens to tell his father in law. 
Sandy phones his friend Joe Shaw who has offered Sandy a partnership in his business. 
Chris and Diane Hunter arrive at the motel and Chris asks Sandy where David is.  "Laid up with flu," replies Sandy.
NB. In real life Ronald Allen spent a week in Birmingham's Good Hope Hospital suffering from a severe bout of flu.
Doris Luke catches Linda Welch in the garage playfully tickling Benny.  Doris tells Benny that if he is fond of Linda he only has to say so.  She tells Benny that she saw him and Linda the other night kissing and cuddling in the back of a car.  Benny tells Doris that he was passing the car when he heard Linda crying and he felt sorry for her.  "There's nothing going on," says Benny.  "If you says o," says Doris.  "Well, you do believe me don't you?  You've got to believe me 'cause if you don't nobody else will," says Benny.
*** End of Episode 3138 ***
Rosemary Hunter returns to the motel and asks Tish Hope where David is.  Tish tells her that David is in bed with the flu.  "Oh poor darling," says Rosemary.  Tish tells Rosemary that she thought she had gone back to Switzerland.  "A little business trip.  I've come back to make trouble," says Rosemary.
Doris Luke has tea with Cyril Watkins and his daughter Ira Turvey.  Doris shows Cyril a petition from the villagers to have the post office re-opened.  Cyril tells her that he will go and see the authorities tomorrow. 
Diane Hunter tells Sharon Metcalfe that Rosemary Hunter is back at the motel.  Sharon asks Diane what happened last night and Diane tells her that Chris made a pass at her.  "Not interested?" asks Sharon.  "It would have been a very silly mistake," answers Diane. 
Chris Hunter arrives at Diane's flat and Diane asks him when they can get a divorce.  "Two years mutual consent," Chris tells her.  "What!" exclaims Diane.  Chris tells her that non-consumation would mean an annulment of the marriage and no money, and the only way they can divorce and get the money is by two years separation.  "I'll just get my luggage," says Chris.  Diane stares at him.  "Well we've got to look married," says Chris.
Tish Hope joins Rosemary Hunter in the sitting room and asks her how David is.  "Not very good," replies Rosemary.  Rosemary tells Tish that she is going to contest Chris's claim to his grandmother's will.  She says Chris's marriage to Diane is fraud and it is time Chris was taught a lesson. 
*** End of Episode 3139 ***
Meg finds Sandy trying to write a letter.  He tears it up ans tells Meg that it is a difficult letter to write. 
Linda Welch goes to the garage and tells Joe MacDonald that she has a cheque for the repairs to the van.  "You could have posted it," says Joe.  "What, and miss a chance of seeing lover boy here," says Linda and puts her arm through Benny's.  Benny shakes her off.  "Anybody would think he was shy.  You should see him when we're alone, a right raver.  Like in the back of the van," says Linda and goes into the office to find Colin Dutton.  "I thought you said there was nothing going on between you and Linda," says Joe MacDonald.  "There isn't.  She's just playing me up," says Benny angrily, and storms off. 
Meg asks Sandy what is bothering him and Sandy tells her that a year ago his friend Joe Shaw asked him to be a partner in his business.  "Well, Joe os getting impatient for an answer.  The thing is, do I, or don't I," says Sandy. 
Linda Welch tells Colin Dutton that she is moving into her flat and invites him to come to the flat.  Colin Dutton says no.  "Look, either you do as I ask..." says Linda.  "Or else you'll write to my wife and father in law," says Colin Dutton.  He opens the drawer to his desk and hands her a writing pad.
Cyril Watkins son in law, Harry Turvey, arrives at Cyril Watkins's shop.
Benny stops Linda Welch on her way out of the garage and tells her that this messing about has got to stop.  Linda says no one cares, and it's only a bit of fun.  "I care.  I don't want anyone thinking I'm going out with a girl like you," says Benny.  "Are you suggesting something?  I'm just as good as that gypsy of yours, Maureen.  She didn't love you.  She fancied Pat Grogan.  Fancy having a husband lie you.  She'd have turned out as barmy as you," says Linda.  "I reckon she did a good thing there, getting herself killed," adds Linda.  Benny grabs Linda by her coat collar.  At that moment Sharon Metcalfe comes into the garage workshop and see's them.  "Benny!" she says.  Benny lets go of Linda and goes back to his work.
Meg tells Tish Hope that Sandy might be leaving th emotel for good to go and work for Joe Shaw in London. 
*** End of Episode 3140 ***  
Trina Jameson tells Doris Luke that she wishes she could find some way to tell Joe MacDonald that she loves him.
Rosemary Hunter goes into the sitting room where she finds Chris.  She congratulates him on his marriage.  She tells him that she has witnesses to say that his marriage to Diane was fraud.  "Fraud?  Then why am I living with my wife?" asks Chris.
Doris Luke goes to the garage and tells Joe MacDonald that Trina still feels the same way about him.  Joe says she can forget it because he doesn't care for Trina anymore.
Linda Welch shows Colin Dutton a letter which she has written to his wife and father in law telling them about the tow of them.  Colin Dutton reads it and laughs.  Linda screws the letter up and says she will go and see his father in law in person.  "Or I could get George," says Linda.  Duttons' expression changes.  "George doesn't like being made a fool of," says Linda.  Linda tells him to think about it and says she will come back later.
Colin Dutton see's Benny still in the garage workshop and Benny tells him that he is just clearing up.  Colin Dutton tells Benny that he will be working late this evening and he will lock up.  Colin Dutton goes back into the garage office and takes out a wad of money from the desk drawer.

1979 Episodes continued

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