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The phone rings at Ted Hope's antique shop and Kathryn Fisher answers it.  She speaks rudely to the caller and then slams the phone down.  "Your husband?" asks Ted Hope.  The phone rings and Kathryn Fisher takes the call upstairs.  Tish Hope returns to the shop and hears Kathryn shouting upstairs.  Ted tells Tish that Kathryn is speaking to her husband.  Kathryn comes storming downstairs and walks towards the shop door.  "Goodnight," says Tish.  "Goodnight!" shouts Kathryn and slams the door.
Sandy is on reception duty when Kathryn Fisher comes to the motel.  He tells Kathryn that he has two tickets for an amateur theatrical and asks her if she would like to come with him.  Kathryn accepts.
Jill Harvey is alone at Chimney's when she hears a door slam.  "I'm in the kitchen!" shouts Jill thinking it is Adam Chance arriving home.  Val Saunders comes into the kitchen.  "Val!  Are you alright?" asks Jill.  "It's over.  It's not a problem for anyone anymore," says Val.
*** End of Episode 3118 ***
Episodes 3119 to 3124 March 1979
See Dvd Archive Volume 18
"You mean you got rid of it," says Jill horrified.  "It was best," replies Val.  "You let a life be taken away that had every right to be born," says Jill. 
Adam Chance arrives home.  "You're back then," he says when he see's Val Saunders.  "Oh yes, she's back," says Jill snidely. 
David gives Rosemary a letter from Switzerland.  Rosemary opens it and says it conerns her mothers will.  She says most of Stella's estate goes to her, and there is also something for Chris. 
Val Saunders packs her things and says she is going back to her parents.  "Home, after all the things your Mum said," says Jill.  "She'll have me now," says Val. 
Rosemary tells Chris that his grandmother has left him 30,000 but it's in trust until he marries or until he is 35 years old. 
Ted Hope asks Kathryn Fisher to dinner but Kathryn says she is going to a play with Sandy.   
Chris tells David that he could do so much with 30,000 now, not when her is 35.
*** End of Episode 3119 *** 
Joe MacDonald asks Benny to come to the cafeteria to have lunch with him and Trina.  He says people are starting to talk about him and Trina getting married.  Benny tells Joe that he doesn't want to go.  Linda Welch comes into the garage at that moment and Benny changes his mind and decides to go to lunch with Joe.
Colin Dutton comes out of the garage office and see's Linda Welch.  He sends Benny to the post office on an errand.  After everyone has left the garage, Colin Dutton asks Linda Welch to come with him for a drive, and some lunch. 
Benny talks to Trina Jameson in the staff room and asks her if she will get married.  Benny says Joe MacDonald is frightened of getting married.
David tells Meg that Chris has been left 30,000 in trust.
Linda Welch comes out of the garage wash room and bumps into Benny.  "You still here?" says Benny.  "I'm just going," replies Linda.  She goes up to Colin Dutton's desk and thanks him for letting her use the wash room.  "Nice meeting you Miss Welch.  I expect I'll see you around sometime," says Colin Dutton.  "Oh you'll see me alright.  I haven't enjoyed myself so much in ages," says Linda Welch. 
*** End of Episode 3120 ***
Benny see's Linda Welch in reception and she says she wanted to apologise for the nasty things she said.  Linda suggests that Benny goes to Heywood Farm to see Ed Lawton.  She says now that George Biggins is getting over the flu he will start doing the delivery's and that means she will be landed with the planting.  She asks Benny if he could have a word with George Biggins and tell him that he will help her with the heavy lifting.  Linda phones the farm and tells George Biggins that her and Benny have had an idea about the deliveries.  She tells George that Benny said he would help her with the unloading which would give him that chance to get on with the digging.  She hands the phone to Benny so that he can confirm this, although Benny isn't too sure.
Jill Harvey tells Diane that Val Saunders has got rid of her baby, but Diane isn't surprised.
Chris tells David that he could use the 30,000 to get a project started.  David asks him what sort of project and Chris says a motor launch in the Mediteranean.  Chris invites his father to join him in the project and David asks him if he has made costings.  "Well, no," says David.  "Oh come on, you haven't even thought about it," says David.  Chris stands up angrily.  "You know for one minute there I thought you were serious," says Chris.  "For a moment I thought you were serious," says David.
Jill receives a phone call from Stan's solicitors and she tells Adam Chance that her husband wants her to go to Hamburg. 
*** End of Episode 3121 *** 
Chris Hunter goes to Diane Parker's flat and tells her that he has inherited some money from his grandmother and he has to meet one condition, to get married.  "Who were you thinking of.  Simone?" asks Diane.  "No.  How about you," says Chris.  He says it would be a registry office and then a quickie divorce after he has the money.  "I'll get down on my knee's and propose if you like," says Chris.  Diane laughs.  "I'll get my money and you get, what about 5000," says Chris.  Diane turns down the proposal.  "5000 is a lot of money.  You could afford to go to America and see your son," says Chris.  "That's not fair," says Diane.

1979 Episodes continued

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