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Jill tells Adam that Stan is going to take court action in England.  "Divorce?" asks Adam.  "No.  That doesn't matter.  He's determined not to give up his claim on Sarah Jane," says Jill.
*** End of Episode 3122 ***
Sharon Metcalfe learns that Colin Dutton is married to the daughter of Gocol's boss, JB Thornton.
Colin Dutton and Linda Welch kiss in the garage workshop.  Colin Dutton warns her that they will be seen, so Linda suggests they go into the back of one of the cars in the workshop.
Sharon Metcalfe comes into the garage later and finds Linda Welch in the back of one of the cars buttoning up her shirt.  Linda explains that she was talking to her boyfriend.  "If you want to talk to your boyfriend then do it somewhere else," Sharon tells her.  Linda Welch says she has every right to be in the garage because her boyfriend works here.  "Works here?" asks Sharon.  "Yeah.  Who do you think.  My old mate Benny," says Linda Welch.
Adam Chance tells Jill that he will move into the motel when the divorce proceedings begin otherwise it might make things look bad.
Sharon Metcalfe calls Benny into the garage office and says she wants to talk to him.  She says what he and his girlfriend get up to is not her business but she doesn't want him to lose his job.  "What?" asks Benny, puzzled.  "Just be care ful where you do your courting," Sharon tells him.  She says she knows him and Linda Welch were kissing  and cuddling in the back of a car.  "Me.  Kiss and cuddle with Linda Welch.  Never!" exclaims Benny.
*** End of Episode 3123 ***
Sharon Metcalfe tells Joe MacDonald that Colin Dutton is married to JB Thornton's daughter.
Sharon tells Diane Parker that Benny has got a thing going with Linda Welch and she nearly caught them in the back of one of the cars in the garage.  Diane is very surprised and says Benny hates Linda Welch.
Diane tells Sharon that Chris Hunter has been left 30,000 in a will but he can't have the money until he is 35 or until he marries.  She tells Sharon that Chris has asked her to marry him and told her he will give her 5000.  "Well, Chris likes you and he's a good looking fella.  When have you been offered 5000 for the taking," says Sharon. 
*** End of Episode 3124 ***
Episodes 3125 to 3127 April 1979
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Kathryn Fisher talks with her father Lloyd Munro in reception and tells him that a friend of her told her that there is something going on between her husband, Greg, and his secretary.  Kathryn tells her father that she thinks she is being followed. 
Jill Harvey receives a phone call from Stan's solicitor to say that she is to meet Stan off the Hamburg plane at 3 pm.   
Diane tells Chris Hunter that she will marry him.  Chris goes to the sitting room and joins Rosemary and David.  He tells them that he is getting married.  "Oh," says David.  Rosemary is appalled.  Chris says he is marrying Diane Parker.  David puts his head in his hands and Rosemary stares at her son, openmouthed. 
Jill waits at the airport for Stan to arrive.  She welcomes her daughter Sarah Jane off the plane but there is no sign of Stan.  Freya Offermans, who accompanied Sarah Jane, tells Jill that Stan is not coming. 
*** End of Episode 3125 ***
Chris tells David and Rosemary that Diane knows about the money and he is going to give her a generous wedding present.  Rosemary says she will fight him all the way.
Adam Chance moves out of Chimney's and into the motel.
Jill takes Sarah Jane and Freya Offermans to Chimney's, and Jill puts her duaghter to bed.  The phone in the kitchen rings and Freya Offermans answers it.  "It's for someone called Adam Chance," Freya Offermans tells Jill as she comes inot the room.  Jill takes the phone and tells the caller where they can contact Adam.  She tells Freya Offermans that Adam Chance is a friend of the family. 
Diane Parker collects some cups from David Hunter's office and David asks her to sit down.  Diane says she is sorry that he is upset.  "You don't want to go through with this do you?" asks David.  Diane tells him that she is doing it to help Chris, and David asks her to reconsider her decision.  "Please don't think badly of me for interfering," says David.  "Don't think badly of me either Mr Hunter," says Diane and rushes out of the office.    
Diane goes to the garage office and tells Sharon Metcalfe that David Hunter has asked her to reconsider.  She says she wishes Chris hadn't started all this.  "I've known David Hunter a lot longer than Chris," she says. 
*** End of Episode 3126 ***
Rosemary Hunter tells Chris that she will never forgive him if he marries Diane Parker.  Trina Jameson, who is on reception duty, overhears and is very surprised.
Diane takes Rosemary Hunter something to eat in the office.  Rosemary gets out her cheque book and signs a cheque.  She gives the cheque to Diane and tells her she can write whatever figure she wants and she won't have to go through with the wedding.  Diane stares at her.  "Your dinners getting cold, Mum," says Diane and leaves.
Diane see's Chris in the staff room and tells him that she has just been talking to his parents.  She tells Chris that his father left the decision to her but Rosemary was a different thing altogether. 
Jill tells Sandy that she is going to America to stay with Anthony Mortimer.
*** End of Episode 3127 ***

1979 Episodes continued

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