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Lloyd Munro waits in the motel reception for his daughter Kathryn Fisher.  She comes into reception and asks him if he is deliberately checking up on her.  Lloyd tells her that her husband Greg phoned from America and wants her to phone him back.   
*** End of Episode 3114 ***
Val Saunders tells Jill Harvey that she doesn't think her idea of turning Chimney's into a hostel for unmarried mothers is a good idea.  Jill says she isn't doing this for kicks as Val seems to think, and storms out.  Adam Chance tells Val that she hurt Jill and says she should apologise.
Joe MacDonald tells Benny that everyone thinks him and Trina Jameson are getting married.
Colin Dutton, the new manager of the garage, arrives at the motel garage and introduces himself to Benny and Joe. 
Chris Hunter talks to Diane Parker in reception and thanks her for dinner the previous evening.  He asks her out.  David Hunter, walking through reception, overhears them.  Diane looks at David, then goes on with her work.  David tells Chris that he is glad to see that he has made friends with Diane. 
Jill Harvey and Adam Chance wait for Val Saunders to return home to Chimney's. 
Chris Hunter takes his mother coffee in the office and sits talking with her for a while.  He says David was saying she might be bored.  Rosemary says she was thinking about starting up an art gallery.
Jill Harvey phones David and asks him if Val Saunders is still at the motel.  David checks and tells Jill that Val left at lunchtime.  Adam suggests to Jill that Val might have gone home to her parents, but Jill says that's doubtful.  She asks Adam to check up at the motel when he goes there the following morning and telephone her to let her know. 
*** End of Episode 3115 ***
Lloyd Munro reminds Kathryn to phone her husband but Kathryn tells her father that she isn't phonong Greg, and she wants nothing more to do with him. 
Adam Chance phones Jill and tells her that Val Saunders hasn't been seen since yesterday.
Linda Welch goes to the motel garage and tells Benny that George Biggins is ill so she is delivering the vegetables to the motel.  Colin Dutton comes into the workshop and spots Linda Welch.
Meg tells Jill that she should go and see Val Saunder's parents before jumping to any conclusions.  Jill goes to see Val's parents but returns having had no luck in finding out where Val is.  She tells Adam Chance that some of the things Val's mother said about Val were cruel.  Jill receives a phone call from Val Saunders and asks her where she is, but Val hangs up.
*** End of Episode 3116 ***
Sandy receives a phone call from America and hands the phone to Lloyd Munro who talks to his son in law Greg.  Lloyd says he did tell Kathryn to phone him but perhaps she has been too busy.
Rosemary Hunter tells David that she is thinking of starting an art gallery.  She says she asked Chris to come to Birmingham with her but he said he had a date with a girl.  She asks David if he has any idea who the girl is.  "Yes, Diane Parker," replies David.  "They've struck up some sort of friendship," he adds.  "You must be joking!" exclaims Rosemary. 
Chris Hunter brings tea into the office and Rosemary says she heard that he had struck up a friendship with Diane Parker of all people.  Chris says Diane is a friend.  "You don't even know her," says Chris, and leaves the room.  "You know Chris is right.  You don't know Diane," David tells Rosemary.  "Oh David.  You are a fool," says Rosemary.
Meg and Lloyd Munro join David in the office.  Lloyd asks David quietly not to mention that Kathryn is working at Ted Hope's antiques shop if a call comes through from Kathryn's husband in America.  Meg tells them that a call came through from America for Kathryn and she told the caller that Kathryn was at Ted Hope's antique shop.  Lloyd looks at David.  Meg notices the look and asks what she had done.  David suddenly realises there is something wrong.  He says if Kathryn's husbands secretary phoned at noon English time then it would be about 4 o'clock in the morning in Los Angeles.  "What would his secretary be doing putting a call through at 4am?" asks David.
Linda Welch tells Benny that Ed Lawton will probably be retiring in a few months.  "What's going to happen to my money?" asks Benny.  He tells Linda that he has about 1000 invested in the farm.
Chris Hunter goes to Diane Parker's flat and she sews a button on his shirt.  Diane picks up her needle and Chris leans forward for her to sew the button on whilst he is wearing the shirt.  Diane tells him he will have to take the shirt off.  Chris takes his shirt off and then lays on the settee watching Diane.  Chris thanks Diane for being friends and says his mother was asking questions about her this morning.  "She can't understand a straightforward, uncomplicated relationship.  No strings," he says.  Chris moves forward to kiss Diane.  "You were right first time.  A straightforward, uncomplicated relationship.  So put your shirt on like a good little boy," says Diane.
*** End of Episode 3117 ***

1979 Episodes continued

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