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Diane Parker see's Chris Hunter in reception and asks him how he got on with his father.  Chris tells her that David offered him a job.  "Oh great.  When do you start?" asks Diane.  "You must be joking.  I turned it down," Chris tells her.  "Can I ask you something?  Do you love your Dad?" asks Diane.  "Yeah.  But that doesn't change anything," says Chris.  Diane says he is lucky to have a father who offers him a job when he is out of work.
Jill Harvey has an idea to turn Chimney's into a hostel for expectant mothers, but Adam Chance says it needs expert knowledge.  He says he will move out if that happens.
Shughie McFee returns to his flat and Gerry Hurst tells him that Doris Luke knows he is staying here. 
Jill tells Val Saunders that she is thinking of starting up a home for expectant mothers, but Val says she doesn't think it's a good idea.  Jill tells Meg about her idea.  Meg says she isn't sure, and warns Jill not to leap into it.
Glenda Brownlow makes a collection for Shughie McFee for his bravery in tackling the burglar.  She tells Benny that she has collected money for Shughie.  "That's if Mr McFee doesn't give it away," says Benny.  "Give it away?" asks Glenda.  "Yeah, to Gerry Hurst," Benny says.  Benny tells Glenda that Miss Luke went to Shughie's flat and Gerry Hurst was very rude to her.  Glenda says it's non of Miss Luke's business.
Doris Luke tells Shughie McFee that she knows that Gerry Hurst is staying with him.  Shughie tells her it's none of her business if he has a friend to stay.  "A friend!" exclaims Doris.  "Anyway, he won't be there much longer," says Shughie. 
Chris Hunter joins Rosemary in the sitting room and she tells him that he hurt his father by refusing the job he offered.  She asks him to accept the job.  At that moment, David comes into the sitting room.  "You know that job you offered.  I'll take it," says Chris. 
*** End of Episode 3110 ***
Diane Parker asks Val Saunders how things are at Chimney's and Val tells her that Jill Harvey has had this crazy idea about turning the house into a hostel for unmarried mothers.  She says she doesn't think it's a good idea.
Kathryn Fisher arrives at the Hope's antique shop and Ted makes certain that Tish is out of the way.  He tells Kathryn that he is taking her out to lunch. 
Diane Parker goes to Chimney's to spend the evening with Val Saunders.  Val tells her that Jill is out seeing a social worker about her idea of turning Chimney's into a hostel.  "Good luck to her," says DIane. 
***End of Episode 3111 ***
Episodes 3112 to 3118 March 1979
See Dvd Archive Volume 18
Glenda Brownlow asks Shughie McFee to be in the staff room at 6.30 that evening because they have a surprise for him.  At 6.30 Benny and Glenda take Shughie into the staff room.  Meg Mortimer joins them in the staff room and explains to Shughie that the staff have organised a collection for him.  Shughie says he can't accept it.  He asks Meg if he could have a couple of hours off to attend to some important business and Meg grants him the time off. 
Rosemary Hunter orders a drink from Chris who is the new barman.  She sits in one corner of reception waiting for her drink.  Kathryn Fisher rushes into reception and passes Chris on the way.  She rudely orders a drink from him and Chris says he will bring her a drink in a moment.
Glenda Brownlow cooks a special meal for Gerry Hurst at Shughie's flat.  At that moment Shughie McFee comes into his flat and orders Glenda to leave.  Shughie then orders Gerry Hurst out of his flat.  Gerry grabs him by the scruff of the neck.
Chris Hunter takes Kathryn Fisher her drink.  Lloyd Munro joins his daughter in the bar.  Kathryn takes a sip of her drink and says it's not the drink she ordered.  Chris says it is the drink she ordered and apologises, but Kathryn insists on seeing the manager.
Doris Luke goes to Shughie McFee's flat and finds Shughie with a bruised face.  He tells Doris the whole story, that Gerry Hurst came rushing out of a house and bumped into Shughie.  Gerry Hurst tells her that all the things Shughie told the police about tackling a burgler was a pack of lies.
Lloyd Munro speaks to David who is on duty at the reception desk. 
Kathryn Fisher phones Ted Hope and tells him that she must see him.  She rushes up to the reception desk.  "I'm going.  Don't wait up for me," she tells Lloyd, and rushes out of the motel.
Chris Hunter goes to the reception desk and says jokingly to his father.  "You wanted to see me Mr Hunter."  "Yes, in the sitting room," says David seriously.
Doris Luke tends to Shughie's cuts and bruises.  Suddenly Shughie stands up and says he is going to go to the police.  Gerry Hurst tells him to go ahead.  Shughie goes to the door but Gerry Hurst blocks his way.  Suddenly the door behind Gerry bursts open and Benny rushes in closely followed by Glenda Brownlow.  Benny grabs Gerry's arm and forces it up behind his back.  "I'm bigger than Mr McFee," says Benny. 
Chris Hunter goes into the sitting room whistling.  David snatches the towel from Chris's hand.  "And stop whistling," he says.  David tells him that Miss Fisher is a guest.  "And guests are always right," says Chris.  Rosemary Hunter comes into the sitting room and Chris tells her that David is considering whether or not to sack him.  "Of course he won't.  You can't tell him off on his second day," Rosemary tells David.  Chris tells his father that he will be polite to his precious guests.  "I know my business," says David.  "Yes, and as a business man, you're just like you are as a father, pompous," says Chris.  He turns to his mother.  "And you don't have a clue either," he says.
Tish Hope asks Lloyd Munro to come to her and Ted's antique shop.  Tish tells him that Kathryn Fisher phoned her and asked her where Ted was, then Ted phoned her and told her that he would be home late.  "I need help.  I think Kathryn does too," says Tish. 
***  End of Episode 3113 ***
Diane Parker asks Chris Hunter how his new job is going, and he says fine.  He says he is going to the pub for something to eat and asks Diane if she would like to come.  Diane says she was going to her flat to prepare something to eat and he is welcome to join her.  Chris accepts the invitation.

1979 Episodes continued

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