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Meg tells Jill that David has had to fly off to Switzerland urgently because his mother in law, Stella Dane, was rushed to hospital after suffering a stroke.  "Isn't he marvellous.  He still cares," says Jill.
Jill tells Meg that Adam Chance put his foot in it about her and Anthony.  Adam phones at that moment and invites David, Meg and Jill to Chimney's for drinks.  Meg tells him that David is away but her and Jill will come.
Mr Booth receives a phone call from someone booking an engagement party for that evening which is supposed to be his night off.  He tells Shaughie that he will have to cancel his night off to help out.  "What will Helen say?" asks Shughie.  "I'll explain.  She'll understand," says Bernard Booth, walking off.  "I wouldn't be so sure," mutters Shughie.
Bernard Booth explains to Helen that he will have to work this evening but Helen says he can't because she was going to prepare a nice meal for him.  "It was going to be a celebration meal," she says.  "Celebration?" asks Mr Booth.  Helen Booth tells her husband that she is pregnant. 
*** End of Episode 3091 ***   
Episodes 3092 to 3095 February 1979
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"I'm going to be a father!" exclaims Bernard Booth, hugging his wife.  Diane Parker and waitress Valerie Saunders come into the staff room and Mr Booth tells them that Helen is going to have a baby.
Jill tells Meg that she might want to move into Chimney's whilst Adam Chance is living there.  Meg warns her that this is the sort of thing Stan's lawyers will be looking for.
Mr Booth tells Helen that she should go and stay at her mothers until the baby is born.
Lloyd Munro arrives back at the Motel with his daughter Kathryn Fisher.
Helen Booth goes to see Meg and tells her that Bernard would like her to go and stay at her mothers until the baby is born, and Meg says she can leave whenever she wants to.  Helen tells her that there was an American gentleman by the name of Munro asking for her. 
Glenda Brownlow is at reception when she notices a young man at the entrance.  She drops the book she is holding.  Helen Booth asks her what's wrong and Glenda says it's someone she used to know.  "Hello darling," says Gerry Hurst, coming up the the reception desk.  Gerry Hurst tells Glenda that he has served his sentence and he just had to come and see her. 
Jill Harvey goes to the staff room and see's Valerie Saunders sobbing, so she asks her what's wrong.  Val Saunders tells her that everyone is going on about Mr and Mrs Booth's baby and she can't bear it.  "How long have you known about yours?" asks Jill.  "Two weeks," replies Val Saunders.  "But there'll be no rejoicing about this one," she adds.
*** End of Episode 3092 *** 
Benny goes to the staff room and see's Gerry Hurst there.  Benny asks him if he has come to borrow money from Glenda.  Benny gives him some money and tells him to leave Glenda alone.
Jill takes Val Saunders into the sitting room.  Val tells Jill that if her parents found out about the baby they would kill her and the only way is to get rid of the baby.  Jill tells her not to do that.  She says she will find her somewhere to love if her parents throw her out.
Lloyd Munro introduces his daughter Kathryn Fisher to Meg.
Jill goes to Chimney's and tells Adam Chance that she knows a girl who has got herself into a spot of trouble and she thought it would be a good idea to move the girl into Chimney's until she has sorted herself out.  "Oh no, that's not on," says Adam.
*** End of Episode 3093 ***
"This is still my house," says Jill.  Jill tells Adam that Val is pregnant and needs help, but Adam tells her that people are bound to talk.
Meg tells Sandy that David rang from Switzerland to say that Stella Dane, Rosemary's mother, died during the night and David will be bringing Rosemary back with him. 
Bernard Booth is a bit down because he can't make it to see Helen on his day off because her parents live too far away, and he can't let Mrs Mortimer down.  Doris Luke tells him that he must decide what is more important, his job or his wife.  "Because if you can't make up your mind you're liable to lose both of them," she tells him.  Mr Booth goes to see Sandy and tells him that he would like to visit Helen and would like to bring his holidays forward whilst things are quiet in the kitchen. 
Lloyd Munro's daughter, Kathryn Fisher, looks at an antique figurine belonging to Meg and tells Meg that it's a fake.  Meg asks Tish Hope if she would take the figurine to her husband, Ted, who is an antique dealer and see what he thinks.  Ted Hope tells Meg that the figurine is quite valuable and is definitely not a fake.
Benny asks Doris Luke if there are any spare rooms for Gerry Hurst at the boarding house where they both stay.
*** End of Episode 3095 ***
Episodes 3096 to 3102 February 1979
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Kathryn Fisher asks Meg if she knows of any good antique shops and Meg tells her about Tish and Ted Hope's antique shop.  "That's where I'll start," says Kathryn Fisher.
Jill Harvey tells Valerie Saunders that it isn't going to be easy to move her into Chimney's.  Meg comes into the room at that moment and Val Saunders leaves hurriedly.  Meg asks Jill what's wrong and Jill tells her about Val Saunders' predicament.  Jill tells Meg that she wants to move Val into Chimney's but Adam Chance won't have it.  Meg says she can see his point.

1979 Episodes continued

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