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Kathryn Fisher goes to Tish and Ted Hope's antique shop and looks at Meg's figurine.
Shughie McFee describes his luxury flat to Doris Luke.  "You'll have to come and see it," he says.  "When?" asks Doris.  Shughie tells her it's being re-decorated at the moment.
Ted Hope talks about antiques with Kathryn Fisher.  She tells him that Meg Mortimer's figurine is a fake but Ted says it isn't.  He says he will take her to Birmingham tomorrow and show her some genuine antiques.
*** End of Episode 3096 ***
Benny introduces Gerry Hurst to Doris Luke and Doris says she asked the landlady of the boarding house where she and Benny stay and there are no spare rooms.
Lloyd Munro has afternoon tea in the sitting room with Meg.  She notices he is looking a little worried and Lloyd tells her that he is worried about Kathryn.  He tells Meg that Kathryn and her husband are splitting up.
Diane Parker finds Valerie Saunders crying in the staff room and surrounded by suitcases.  Val tells Diane that her parents have thrown her out.  Jill Harvey comes into the staff room and tells Val that she will sort things out.
Doris Luke knocks on the door of Shughie McFee's flat to return some shirts she mended for him.  Doris asks Shughie if she could come in.  "Well, I'd like to invite you in, but..." says Shughie through the closed door.  "It'll give me a chance to catch my breath, and look at your nice flat....," says Doris, coming into the flat before Shughie can stop her.  "Oh Shughie!" exclaims Doris when she see's Shughie's shabby flat. 
Adam Chance returns to Chimney's and finds Val Saunders sitting in the kitchen.  "Who are you?" he asks.  Jill comes into the room and Adam takes her by the arm and drags her out of earshot of Val.  He tells Jill that he is not having Val staying here.  "We're staying.  What you do is up to you," Jill tells him.
*** End of Episode 3097 ***
Glenda Brownlow joins Diane Parker in the staff room and says she saw Sandy a minute ago and he looks tired.  "It's a good thing Mr Hunter's coming back.  I wonder what sort of holiday he had," says Glenda.  "Not much of a holiday visiting your mother in laws funeral," says Diane.  "Still I bet he found time for some skiing.  I bet he'll come back all tanned.   Ooooh I could fancy him," says Glenda.  "Join the queue," says Diane. 
Gerry Hurst comes into the staff room and finds Glenda Brownlow alone.  he says all he wants is somewhere to stay.  He suggests to Glenda that he goes back to her flat but Glenda isn't too sure.  He assures her that there'll be no funny business and Glenda agrees.
David Hunter returns to the motel with his ex-wife Rosemary. 
At Chimney's Jill cooks Adam Chance breakfast.  Val Saunders comes into the kitchen whilst they are eating.  "Well how are you this morning?" Jill asks her.  "Been sick already," replies Val.  Adam puts down his knife and fork.
David Hunter tries to contact his son Chris without any success. 
*** End of Episode 3098 ***
David asks Rosemary how her friend Ballini is and Rosemary tells him that Ballini asked her to marry him but she said no because she thought there might still be a chance for her and David.  David looks down.  "I've embarrassed you.  Oh David darling," says Rosemary touching his hand. 
David phones his uncle in Guernsey and asks him if Chris left a forwarding address when he left Guernsey.  David phones the number his uncle gives him and it turns out to be some sort of commune.  David tells Adam Chance that this commune seem to have a ban against parents and as soon as he mentioned he was Chris's father they said.  "We get a lot of people passing through here man."  He tells Adam that Chris apparently left six weeks ago.  "Would he go back to Paris?" asks Adam.  "That would be the same as saying my son's a fool," says David.  "I don't know," adds David, anxiously.
Kathryn Fisher visits Ted Hope at his antique shop. 
*** End of Episode 3099 ***
Tish Hope returns unexpectedly and hears laughter coming from upstairs.  Kathryn Fisher comes downstairs into the shop, closely followed by Ted Hope.
Rosemary Hunter goes to the office and David pours her a drink, but she pushes it away.  "Why didn't you tell me you phoned Guernsey.  Chris is my son too!" shouts Rosemary.  She demands to know what's going on and David tells her that Chris got into a bit of trouble with a terrorist group.  He tells Rosemary that the group kidnapped Hugh Mortimer and used Chris as their link man.  He says the group are still looking for Chris.  He says there was a girl involved, Simone Clavell. David stands up.  "Where are you going?" asks Rosemary.  "To get another drink," replies David.  Rosemary stands up facing David.  "David, I'm so afraid," she says.  "Hold me," she asks, walking closer to David.  David draws her closer to him and holds her in his arms. 
There is anxiety in the kitchen because Shughie hasn't turned up for work.  Suddenly Benny rushes into the kitchen holding Shughie McFee who has blood streeming down his face.  The kitchen staff sit him down and ask what happened.  Shughie tells them that he was walking down astreet and saw something funny happening in a house, then suddenly a burglar came running out.  Shughie tells them that he fought with the burglar who was about six feet tall.  He tells them to look in a bag which he is clutching.  Diane and Benny look in the bag.
*** End of Episode 3101 ***

1979 Episodes continued

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