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Diane Parker goes to the garage and see's Benny eating the chocolates Joe MacDonald gave him.  She asks Benny what Joe MacDonald is up to, giving flowers and chocolates to Helen Booth.  Benny tries to explain but Joe rushes in and when he see's Benny eating the chocolates, he waves his hands in despair.
Deborah Crisp tells Adam Chance that she was told that Hugh Mortimer's blood group and hers don't match and they couldn't possibly have children.
*** End of Episode 3087 ***
Adam passes on this news to Meg.
Deborah Crisp goes to the sitting room to see Meg and guesses that Adam has told her the news.  She tells Meg that she and Wendy will be leaving and she thinks it's only fair that she pays for her stay at the motel.  Meg says she asked them to stay as her guests.
Shughie McFee shows Diane Parker two tickets he has for the ballet and tells her he'll have to go on his own. 
Jill Harvey tells Adam Chance that he can rent Chimney's for 25 a week, and electricity split.  "Split?" asks Adam.  "Yes, there's one snag.  You might have to share with me," says Jill. 
*** End of Episode 3088 ***
Joe MacDonald asks Helen Booth if she could do him a favour.  He explains that he has a friend who is looking for a job as a receptionist and wonders if she could have a word with Mrs Mortimer or Mr Hunter about getting her a job.  Helen tells Joe that she hasn't got anything to do with getting people jobs.
Meg tells David that she has been thinking about staffing and suggests they ask Wendy Crisp if she would like to work at the motel as a junior during the summer holidays.  David says he thinks it's a good idea. 
Jill Harvey shows Adam Chance around Chimney's and says he may have mistaken what she said about sharing.  She explains that she won't be at Chimney's permanently but might come back in an emergency. 
Meg asks Wendy Crisp to come and see her in the sitting room and asks her if she would like to come and work at the motel during the summer holidays.  Wendy says it's very kind of her but she doesn't think she'll be able to start for a while because she doesn't want to leave her mother at the moment.
Joe MacDonald takes Trina Jameson to Shughie McFee's favourite cafe for a meal.
Meg says goodbye to Deborah and Wendy Crisp.  "It was strange coming here, but it's even stranger leaving," says Deborah Crisp.  Wendy Crisp hugs Meg.  "I'll see you again Mrs Mortimer, soon," she says.
*** End of Episode 3089 ***
Benny asks Diane if there are any jobs on reception because Joe MacDonald promised his girlfriend Trina Jameson that he'd get her a job.
David Hunter relaxes on his evening off, lying full stretch on the settee, in his private quarters.  Diane Parker knocks on the door and David tells her to come in.  Diane gives him some keys, and David asks her if she would like a drink which Diane politely refuses.  Diane asks David if there are any jobs on reception because Joe MacDonald's girlfriend is looking for a job.  "I've already taken a girl on.  A Trina Jameson," David tells her.  "Is she coloured?" asks Diane.  "Yes.  Early twenties," replies David.  "That's the one," says Diane, puzzled.
Shughie McFee takes Doris Luke to the ballet and afterwards they go to the cafe.  Doris tells Shughie that he has given her one of the nicest evenings of her life.  "Yes, it was good.  We must do it again," says Shughie. 
Diane tells Benny that Joe MacDonald's girlfriend has already got a job as a receptionist at the motel.  "She should have told Mac," says Benny.  Diane says Joe is so sure of himself that Trina probably thought she would take him down a peg or two.  Benny says he is going to tell Joe.
Benny asks Joe if he is seeing Trina this evening but Joe says no.  Benny tells Joe that Trina has been having him on and the day he met her at the motel she was seeing Mr Hunter about a job.  Benny says Trina is coming to the motel later to try on her uniform so he can tell her off then.  "No, I'm going to play her at her own game," says Joe.
Meg phones Jill at Chimney's and tells her that Anthony Mortimer phoned and asked if Jill wanted to go to America to be with Matthew.
Trina Jameson goes to the garage and Joe tells her that he hasn't been able to get her a job yet.  Trina tries to tell him that she already has a job but can't get a word in.
Adam Chance tells Jill that he couldn't help overhearing her talking to Meg on the phone and she mentioned Anthony.  "Would that be Anthony Mortimer?" he asks her.  "One and the same," says Jill.  "Do you know him?" asks Jill.  Adam says he has met him a few times and the last time he heard he had got involved with a woman and put her in the family way.  "This lady, if I could use the term loosely, was married with..." says Adam and then realisation strikes.  "Oh boy," says Adam.  "Yes, it was a boy, by the name of Matthew," says Jill.  Adam Chance says he really put his foot in it and apologises.
*** End of Episode 3090 *** 
Helen Booth tells Shughie McFee that her and Bernard will be having dinner at their new flat tonight.  She shows Shughie all the things she has bought, caviar, smoked salmon.
Trina Jameson goes to the garage to see Joe MacDonald and tries to tell him that she has a job at the motel.  Joe tells her that he knows why she is here, he promised to get her a job but he has let her down.  "That's just it.  I've already got a job as a receptionist," says Trina.  "What!  That is a surprise," says Joe, pretending to be completely surprised.    

1979 Episodes continued

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