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Adam Chance tells Meg that Mortimer Investments is being liquidated and gives her the papers.  Meg looks at them.  "I'm going to have to sell my shares," she says.  Meg would still need 52,787 to keep her shares.  "I haven't got that sort of money, neither has David," says Meg.  Adam tells her that David is prepared to accept outside help, and Adam says he would like to help.  "Consider that an offer," says Adam.
Meg asks David his opinion on Adam Chance buying shares in the motel.  David says that they have built up a good working relationship over the years and if Adam came in it might spoil that.  He says they could both outvote Meg because they have more shares.  David tells Meg that he could raise the money but Meg says she has nothing to sell. 
David says he has security and he can use his security to secure a loan.  Meg thanks him but says she doesn't want to borrow money, even from him.  David tells her that he would only be securing the loan for her, not borrowing her the money.  Meg says she trusts Adam Chance and is prepared to let him buy into the motel but only if David approves.  "I say yes, what do you say?" asks Meg.  "Yes," replies David.
*** End of Episode 3085 ***
Meg phones reception and asks for Adam Chance to be sent into the sitting room.  Adam comes into the sitting room and Meg tells him that her and David have spoken and are prepared to let him buy shares, but only as long as he remains a silent partner.  Adam says he see's this as a good business proposition and he promises that he won't poke his nose into the motel's affairs.  "Welcome," says Meg and shakes Adam's hand.
Diane and Doris prepare to go home after work and Diane asks Doris if she is going back to her room.  Diane tells Doris that she should go out once in a while, and suggests that she should go to the cinema.  Doris says she might have a meal out somewhere.
Wendy Crisp tells her mother that she wants to go back to London but Deborah Crisp says they will go back when all this is sorted out.  Wendy says she wants to know if Hugh Mortimer was her father.  "So why won't you take that blood test.  Unless you know the results already.  Are you scared?" asks Wendy.  Deborah Crisp slaps her daughter across the face but apologises immediately.  "I did it for you.  Now I've got nothing left, not even you," says Deborah. 
Doris Luke goes to the cafe where Shughie McFee usually goes.  Shughie McFee is already there and as soon as he see's Doris Luke he hides his face with his newspaper.  Doris orders her meal from Cynthia and then looks for a seat.  She sits down opposite Shughie and as she is putting her handbag on the floor she recognises Shughie's tartan socks.  "Shughie McFee!  I thought you were supposed to be seeing Cynthia this evening," she exclaims.
Shughie tells her that Cynthia has the flu.  At that moment the waitress, Cynthia, brings Doris her meal.  "This looks nice doesn't it Mr McFee," says Doris.  "You two know each other?" asks Cynthia.  "Oh yes," replies Doris.  "Cup of tea please Miss," says Shughie.  "Oooh, we've gone all formal all of a sudden.  What's wrong with Cynthia?" asks Cynthia.  "Cynthia?  You mean you're Cynthia," exclaims Doris Luke.
Meg talks to Deborah Crisp and says a blood test is a small thing to do in order to clear things up.  She says she has asked the bank manager to cash one cheque but she can't go on.  Deborah Crisp says she has taken the blood test and she can get the results tomorrow. 
*** End of Episode 3086 *** 
"So that's the great Cynthia," says Doris.  "You see..." begins Shughie.  "I see only too clearly," says Doris.  Shughie says he only did it because Bernard Booth was going on about his wife and he didn't want him to think he didn't have his moments too.  Cynthia comes to their table and brings Shughie a cup of tea.  "There.  You won't get better than that at your posh motel even if you are the managing director," she says. 
Deborah Crisp goes to her chalet and apologises to Wendy for slapping her.  She tells her that she saw Mrs Mortimer and she wants her to take the blood test but she told her she could have the result tomorrow.  "What made you take the test?" asks Wendy.  "I wanted my daughter to believe me," says Deborah Crisp. 
Joe MacDonald shows Benny a large box of chocolates which he has bought for Helen Booth.
Joe goes into reception and gives the box of chocolates to Helen Booth, who is on duty at the desk.  Helen takes them and is about to ask Joe why he is giving them to her, when Mr Booth comes out from the kitchen.  Helen Booth drops the box of chocolates on the floor.  "At it again eh," says Bernard.  Joe MacDonald pretends that he doesn't know what he means, but Bernard Booth warns him not to come near his wife again. 
At that moment Benny comes up to the reception desk and Joe thrusts the box of chocolates into his hands.  "I bought them for Benny," says Joe.  Benny looks puzzled.  "Happy birthday," says Joe and leaves quickly.  "Yes Happy Birthday Benny," says Mr Booth, and goes back into the kitchen.
Mr Booth goes into the staff room and gives Doris Luke some money.  Doris asks him what it's for and Bernard says he assumes there is a collection for Benny's birthday.  Doris tells him that it isn't Benny's birthday for months yet. 

1979 Episodes continued

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