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Joe MacDonald finishes working overtime a little early so that he can get ready to meet a girlfriend.  Joe goes into the motel reception and asks Helen Booth is his girlfriend has arrived yet.  He notices a pretty coloured girl sitting in reception and goes over to her.  He introduces himself and she tells him that her name is Trina Jameson.  Benny comes into reception and tells Joe that the girl he was meeting is on the phone in the garage office.  Joe MacDonald tells Trina that he won't be long and rushes out of the motel.
David Hunter comes into reception and see's Trina Jameson.  "Still here?" he asks her.  "I wanted to know," Trina says to David.  "We'll expect you early on Monday morning.  You've got the job," says David.  "Oh thank you," says Trina.  Joe MacDonald comes back into reception and he and Trina Jameson have a drink together and discover that they went to the same school.  Joe tells her that she should get a job at the motel.  "I have some influence.  I'll see what I can do," says Joe. 
*** End of Episode 3083 ***
The following day Joe MacDonald receives a phone call from Trina Jameson and they arrange to meet again.  She reminds Joe about his promise to try and get her a job.  "Did you really mean it?" she asks him.  "Of course.  I'll have a word with the management," says Joe.  "I'm very grateful.  I've given in my notice," Trina tells him.  "No Trina, don't do that...." says Joe but Trina has already put the phone down.  Joe MacDonald tells Benny that he has really put his foot in ot and advises Benny never to make promises he can't keep.
Doris Luke asks Shughie McFee how his evening out with Cynthia went and Shughie says he turned down her marriage proposal and they agreed to remain just friends.  He tells Doris that Cynthia has asked him to be general manager of her catering firm.
Adam Chance stops Wendy Crisp in reception and asks her if she would have a blood test so that they can get at the truth.  Wendy says she will find out what her blood group is and let him know.
Mr Booth makes one of his jokes about Shughie McFee but Doris Luke doesn't find it funny.  "He might not be here much longer.  He has been offered a job as catering manager, and if he asked for my advice I'd tell him to take it," says Doris.
Wendy Crisp asks her mother what her blood group is because Adam Chance was asking.  Deborah Crisp tells Wendy that she doesn't have to give that sort of information to Adam Chance
Mr Booth goes to the sitting room and David Hunter asks him if he could borrow two of his girls from the kitchen to work in the cafeteria.  Mr Booth says they are short staffed in the kitchen already.  "One then," says David. "Well..." says Mr Booth.  "Thank you Mr Booth," says David.  "But..." says Mr Booth.  "Shall we say Debbis," says David.  "Debbie.  But she's my best girl," exclaims Mr Booth.  "Well I'm even more grateful then.  Thank you Mr Booth," says David.  Bernard Booth tells David that waitresses aren't all that he will be asking for soon, because he has heard that Shughie McFee has been offered abother job.
Shughie McFee goes into the sitting room to see David Hunter, who asks him when he wants to leave.  "About ten minutes.  I've got to go to the barber," replies Shughie.  "No, I meant when do you want to leave the motel?" asks David.  "Well, I suppose the barber's can wait...what?" asks Shughie, puzzled.  David tells him that Mr Booth mentioned something about him being offered another job.
Wendy Crisp telephones the hospital and asks them to let her know her blood group.  Deborah Crisp comes into the room and hears her daughter mention their doctor's name.  Deborah Crisp tells Wendy that Mrs Mortimer isn't concerned with blood groups and Wendy is playing right into Adam Chance's hands.
*** End of Episode 3084 *** 
Adam Chance asks Meg if she knows what Hugh's blood group was because comparing the blood groups is the only way they can settle this. 
Joe MacDonald comes into the reception carrying a bunch of red roses.  Helen Booth see's him and asks him who the lucky girl is.  "You," Joe tells her and hands her the roses.  "Busy?" Joe asks Helen.  "What you need is an assistant," he says.
Adam Chance phones Doctor Farnham and asks for Hugh Mortimer's blood group.  He finds out that Hugh Mortimer was o negative. 
Adam tells David Hunter that his work at the motel is almost over and he is ready to go ahead with the liquidation of Mortimer Investments.  "It's not good eh?" asks David.  "No David.  It's not good," Adam tells him.
Wendy Crisp tells Adam Chance that her blood group is AB.  "You don't know what your mother's group is?" asks Adam.  "No.  You'll have to ask her that," says Wendy. 
Bernard Booth notices Helen's red roses and asks her who they are from.  Helen tells him that Joe MacDonald gave them to her.
David see's Jill in reception looking worried.  He sits down with her and asks what's wrong.  Jill tells David that the house has been taken off the market because Stan doesn't want to sell.  She says she can't sell without Stan's permission because the house is in both their names.  David tells her that also means Stan can't sell without her permission.

1979 Episodes continued

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