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Doctor Butterworth tells Marion Owen to make an appointment of an hour for Irene Bailey.

Bernard Booth goes to his chalet and finds his wife lying on the bed.  She tells him that she has a headache.  Bernard tells her that Shughie said something about her being scared of him, and he asks if it's true.  "Partly," says Helen Booth.  She walks to the dressing table and takes out the gold bracelet.  "I couldn't really afford it," she says, showing him the bracelet.  "It isn't cheap," she says and shows him the receipt.  "That's why I stole your pen.  My accounts very overdrawn and I thought I could sell it," she says.

Marion Owen tells Doctor Butterworth that she phoned Irene Bailey to tell her that she had made an appointment for her but Mrs Bailey said she wouldn't come.  "She is a very sick woman.  If she doesn't want to come and see a doctor then I'll have to make sure a doctor goes to see her," says Doctor Butterworth.  "Like yourself," says Marion.  "I don't know," says the doctor. 

*** End of Episode 3035 ***

Diane Parker goes to the sitting room and tells David and Sandy that she has just been talking to Archie Gibbs, the motel gardener, and he was saying he has a lot of work to do.  "And you know exactly the person to help," says Sandy.  "Well, yes," says Diane.  "Alright.  If Archie Gibbs needs help, Benny can start in the morning," David tells her. 

Superintendent Blake arrives at the motel and asks to speak to Mr and Mrs Booth.  Diane tells him that they are in their chalet.

David tells Sandy that Benny is a good worker but they can't really afford to keep him on.  "When I said he could help Archie for two weeks, that's what I meant," says David.

Superintendent Blake tells Bernard and Helen Booth that P.C Cater had a different story to tell concerning the stolen pen.  He says P.C Cater seems to think that Mrs Booth took the pen.  Bernard Booth says Helen is a very kind hearted person and she didn't like seeing P.C Cater get in trouble so Bernard persuaded Cater to make a deal - if he returned the pen then nothing more would be said about it.  "Silly boy," says Superintendent Blake. 

Bernard Booth asks what will happen to Steve Cater and Blake says he will be thrown out of the police force.  "Oh no!" says Helen Booth.  "Unless P.C Cater can prove in any way that you aren't telling the truth, then cater will sue you for every penny you've got," says Superintendent Blake.  "Tell him the truth Bernard," says Helen Booth.  "Shall we try again," suggests Superintendent Blake.  Bernard Booth tells the truth and says he was trying to protect his wife.  Superintendent Blake says giving false evidence is a chargeable offence and it is up to P.C Cater if he wants to press charges. 

P.C Steve Cater tells Superintendent Blake that he has had enough of all this and he just wants to forget about it.  Blake sits with Cater in reception and asks him if he enjoys the work he is doing at the moment.  Steve Cater says there sin't enough action for his liking.  Superintendent Blake tells him that there is a vacancy in CID and he will put in a good word.

Bernard Booth tells Helen that he hopes very soon that there will be three of them.  Helen Booth shows Bernard a letter from the hospital for them to go and have some tests.  "I don't want to go to the hospital.  I don't want any tests," says Helen Booth.  "Why not?  What are you afraid of this time?" asks Bernard Booth.  "I'm supposed to be on duty," says Helen.  "We agreed there would be no secrets," says Bernard Booth.

*** End of Episode 3036 ***

"You're hiding something, that's obvious," says Bernard.  Helen says she hates going into hospital.  "You mean you have a sort of phobia?" asks Bernard Booth.  "Yes.  I can't explain it," she says.

Irene Bailey comes into reception and see's David Hunter on reception duty.  "No breakfast Mrs Bailey?" he asks.  "Under observation am I?" asks Irene Bailey.  "If I've been nosey, I'm sorry," says David.  "No, you haven't been nosey.  You've been very kind," she says, and leaves reception.

Doctor Butterworth comes into reception and books a table for dinner.  He asks David if Mrs Bailey is available and David says he saw her earlier and she wasn't looking very well.  The doctor asks David if he could phone Mrs Bailey's chalet for him.  David phones Irene Bailey's chalet but tells the doctor that Mrs Bailey doesn't want to be disturbed.

Later, when Doctor Butterworth has finished lunch at the motel, David joins him for a chat over coffee.  David tells the doctor that he is concerned about Mrs Bailey.  "Perhaps I'm making more of it than I should," he says.  "There's no reason why you shouldn't be worried about a guest," Daoctor Butterworth tells him.  David tells him that Mrs Bailey has asked for her bill to be made up for the end of the week.  The doctor asks David if he could let him have her forwarding address.

Sharon Metcalfe receives a phone all from Mr Greaves landlady.  Mr Greaves took over as garage manager after Victor Lee left, and his landlady tells Sharon that Mr Greaves has packed his bags and left.  Sharon Metcalfe phoesn head office to ask them to find a replacement.

Mr Booth catches Doctor Butterworth before he leaves the motel and asks him if he could make an appointment for Helen to see him at the surgery. 

Mr Garrett from head office arrives at the garage, and Sharon Metcalfe explains the situation to him.  Mr Garrett says he will do some of the paper work until a replacement garage manager can be found. 


1978 Episodes continued

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