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Steve Cater asks Diane for an answer to his proposal, and Diane says she accepts his marriage proposal.  Steve tells her that it might be a bit rough until all this business about the missing pen is sorted out.  Diane asks him what he will do if the worst comes to the worst and Steve says he will give up the police force.  Diane tells him that when she first met him he was ambitious and if he sure that Helen Booth took the pen then he should go out and prove it. 

Steve Cater goes to the motel and asks to see Helen Booth.  He goes through to the staff room and as soon as Helen Booth see's him she tries to leave the room, saying that she is busy.  Cater stops her from leaving and says she could persuade her husband to drop the charges against him.  "I know you took that pen," says Steve.  "Steal my husbands pen.  Now why would I do a thing like that?" asks Helen Booth.  "I don't know, but I'm going to prove that you did," says Steve Cater.  "Look, I'm happy in my work and I'm not going to let you ruin it for me," says Helen Booth and walks towards the door.  "Going to get Mr Booth?" asks Steve.  Helen Booth stops.  "In the kitchen is he?" asks Steve.  "No," replies Helen.  "I think we're finally getting somewhere," says Steve.

*** End of Episode 3032 ***

Helen Booth sits down.  "You're making things worse," she says.  "Who for?" asks Steve Cater.  "Yourself," replies Helen.  "I've got nothing to lose," says Steve.  Steve Cater asks her if she would mind him looking in her handbag.  "No you can't," says Helen Booth, anxiously.  Steve Cater picks up the phone.  "Are you going to do it or shall I?" he asks. 

Bernard Booth comes rushing into the staff room and see's his wife crying.  "What's the meaning of this.  You come here, bullying my wife," says Bernard Booth.  "I was asking questions," says Steve Cater.  He hands Helen Booth her handbag and she takes out her husbands pen.  "I took it," she sobs. 

Bernard Booth goes to see Superintendent Blake and tells him that his pen slipped out of his inside pocket, and P.C. Steve Cater didn't take it.

*** End of Episode 3033 ***

Benny arrives at the motel and asks Sandy if he could see Diane Parker.

Steve Cater goes to Diane's flat and tells her that he managed to get the truth out of Helen Booth.  He says Bernard Booth went to see Superintendent Blake.

David Hunter is in the stting room and he see's someone pass by the french windows.  He goes to the windows and opens them.  "Benny!" he shouts.  "Hello Mr Hunter," says Benny.  "What are you doing here?" asks David.  "I thought I'd sleep in the shed," Benny tells him.  "Come in Benny," says David and Benny steps into the sitting room.  David tells him to sit down.  "I'm a bit dirty," laughs Benny.  "Sit down," says David. 

David says he heard Benny was taking a holiday, but Benny tells him that he has left Heywood Farm and is never going back.  "Have you got anywhere to stay?" David asks him.  Benny says no.  "Have you got any money?" asks David and again Benny answers no.  David gets out his wallet and takes out some money which he hands to benny.  "Just a loan between friends," he says, but Benny refuses to take the money.  "Come on take it," says David and tucks it into Benny's pocket.  "I'll pay you back Mr Hunter," says Benny.  "I know.  I only bet on certainties," smiles David.  David phones the kitchen and orders a meal for Benny.

Steve Cater is once again back in uniform. 

Meg finds Benny in the staff room and tells him that Ed Lawton has been phoning asking after him.  Benny says he isn't ever going back to Heywood Farm.  Meg asks him if he has anywhere to stay and Benny says no.  Meg says she will phone Diane and ask her if she can put him up for a few nights.

Benny arrives at Diane and Jane's flat that evening and Jane persuades Diane to let Benny sleep on the settee for a few nights.

Doctor Butterworth is just about to close his surgery for the evening when he opens the door to find Irene Bailey standing outside.  "Doctor, you know me pretty well by now.  Am I capable of loving a man or do you think they reject me because they think I'm not capable of loving them," she asks.

*** End of Episode 3034 ***

Diane asks Benny where he went after he left Heywood Farm and Benny tells her that he went looking for Seamus Flynn and Pat Grogan but he couldn't find them.  Diane tells him that he should phone Ed Lawton and let him know he is safe.  Diane phones Heywood Farm and Linda Welch answers the phone and tells Diane that Ed isn't in. 

Doctor Butterworth guesses that Irene Bailey is trying to tell him that she is in love with him.  He says patients often think they are in love with their doctor.  "Do you think I'm capable of going to your superiors and accusing you of misconduct?" asks Irene Bailey.  Doctor Butterworth stares at her.  "No you're right.  I wouldn't," says Irene Bailey.  "Well what are you going to do about it?" she asks.  "Make an appointment for you to see me for an hour tomrrow," says the doctor.  "It'll take more than an hour to cure love," says Irene Bailey.

Diane tells Benny that he must have quite a bit of money coming to him from the farm and she is going to make sure he gets it.  She tells him that she will go and see Mr Hunter and see if he can give Benny a job.

Shughie McFee see's Helen Booth and notices that she isn't her usual cheerful self.  Helen tells him that she bought herself a gold bracelet and it's put her in the red and she doesn't know ho to tell Bernard.  Shughie goes into the staff room and see's Bernard Booth looking as wooried as Helen.  Bernard tells Shughie that he is worried about Helen, they can't seem to talk anymore.  Shughie says maybe Helen is a little scared of him.





1978 Episodes continued

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