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Helen Booth goes to the doctor's surgery and see's Doctor Butterworth.  The doctor says he understands that her and her husband want to start a family, but Helen tells him that she doesn't really want children.  "You see, when I first met Bernard I was on the pill and I've been on it ever since.  But Bernard must never know.  He'd kill me if he knew," says Helen Booth. 
*** End of Episode 3037 ***
Sharon Metcalfe returns to the garage after delivering a car to a customer.  She tells Mr Garrett that the car was given an M.O.T by the previous garage manager Mr Greaves, and she is lucky to be alive because the brakes failed.  They go through the list of the M.O.Ts which were done by Mr Greaves before he left. 
Doctor Butterworth examines Helen Booth and tells her that there is no reason why she shouldn't have children.  He tells her that she should talk things over with her husband and tell him how she feels about starting a family.
Helen Booth finds Bernard Booth in their chalet and she tells him that he won't have to go for any tests.  "I know why we can't have children.  It's got nothing to do with you," she says.  "I never dreamed you could do such a thing," says Bernard Booth after Helen explains that she has been on the pill since they got married.  "I don't know you anymore," says Bernard and leaves the chalet.  Helen Booth begins to cry.
*** End of Episode 3038 ***
Episodes 3039 to 3047 November 1978
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Shughie McFee comes to the Booth's chalet and asks Helen where Bernard Booth is.  He notices that something is wrong and Helen tells him that she and Bernard have had a row.
Jane Smith goes to Irene Bailey's chalet and asks her if she wants to order dinner in the restaurant as they are nearly fully booked.  Irene Bailey says no, she just wants to be left alone to write a very important letter.  "Oh, talking of letters. Have you left a forwarding address for your mail?" asks Jane. 
Bernard Booth returns to his chalet and tells Helen that it was probably his fault as much as hers.
Sharon Metcalfe goes to the garage office and finds Victor Lee sitting in the bosses chair.
Irene Bailey comes to the reception desk and settles her bill with David Hunter. 
Benny arrives at the motel with Doris Luke.
*** End of Episode 3039 ***
Jane Smith goes to Irene Bailey's chalet with a tea tray and Irene Bailey gives her an envelope addressed to Doctor Butterworth.  Irene asks Jane to deliver the letter to the doctor after she has gone. 
Benny tells Shughie McFee that he heard they wanted someone to help out with the cooking, and he suggests Doris Luke for the job.
Jane Smith tells Diane that her Salvation Army friend Major Sullivan still needs looking after and she will go and look after him.
Doris Luke talks to Diane in the staff room and Doris tells her that George Biggins and Linda Welch have got Ed Lawton to sign some papers and soon they will have the farm to themselves.
Sandy comes into the kitchen and Shughie tells him that they are a bit short staffed in the kitchen and Benny has found someone to help.  Doris Luke comes into the kitchen and Sandy asks her some questions about her previous employment.   Doris Luke asks him why he wants to know.  "Well it might decide your rates of pay," explains Sandy.  "What?" asks Doris.  Doris looks at Benny.  "This is all your doing isn't it," Doris says to Benny.  "Is that what you thought I was here for.  I've never been so embarrassed in all my life," says Doris. 
David asks Jane Smith how Irene Bailey was when she took in her tea and Jane tells him that she was all dressed up as if she was going somewhere special, but she seemd a bit strange.  
Sandy asks Jane to go to Irene Bailey's chalet and ask her if she would come and see him before she leaves.  Jane leaves to go to the chalet but returns moments later and tells David that Mrs Bailey is unconscious.  David tells Sandy to call Doctor Butterworth and rushes off to the chalet.
Doctor Butterworth goes to Irene Bailey's chalet and after he has examined her, he packs his things away in his bag then lifts the sheet over Irene Bailey's body.
*** End of Episode 3040 ***
The doctor goes into reception and David asks him what was the cause of Irene Bailey's death.  "She was trying to tell us what she was going to do, but we didn't hear her," says David.  "You heard and you tried to get me here as soon as possible," says Doctor Butterworth.  "Not soon enough," says David.    

1978 Episodes continued

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