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Kath Brownlow tells Glenda that she thinks she knows the reason for Arthur's strange behaviour.  She says she thinks Arthur's company have asked him to take early retirement.
David Hunter phones Diane to warn her that Rosemary might be coming over to her flat because she knows Simone is there.  There is a knock at Diane's door.  "I think she's arrived.  You'd better leave your window open, you might hear me scream," Diane tells David, and he laughs.  Diane puts the phone down and opens the door.  It is Superintendant Blake who invites himself in.  Superintendant Blake tells Diane that he believes she has someone staying with her.  Diane tells him it's none of his business and she doesn't have to answer any of his questions. 
Superintendant Blake walks out of the living room but instead of going downstairs he heads in the direction of Diane's bedroom.  "Hold on.  The way out's down there," says Diane.  "If there's no-one in your room you won't mind if I take a look," says Blake and opens the door to Diane's room.  He finds the room empty.  "Nothing at all.  I suppose you expect me to take that at face value.  Shall we go back inside," he says, and returns to the living room. 
Superintendant Blake tells Diane that he noticed the other bed in her room had been slept in and asks if it could be Steve Cater.  Diane orders him out.  There is the sound of the door banging downstairs and Diane waits anxiously to see who is coming up to her flat.  "Another visitor.  It would be a pity not to find out who it is," says Blake.  At that moment Steve Cater joins them and asks what's going on.  Diane tells him that someone has told Superintendant Blake that she has someone staying with her.  "I wonder where he got that information from," says Diane looking at Steve.
Lloyd Munro tells John Farnham that Rosemary Hunter has asked to see him professionally.  "That's dangerous," says John Farnham, and warns Lloyd against it.  Lloyd says he isn't going to see Rosemary professionally but he did tell her that she could talk to him whenever she wanted.
Steve Cater asks Diane where Simone Clavell is and Diane says she doesn't know.  He tells Diane that when Simone does come back she is to pretend nothing has happened, and shouldn't mention Blake's visit.  "I can't do that," says Diane.  "If you don't you're in serious trouble," Steve warns her.  Simone Clavell arrives at that moment.  "What's wrong?" she asks.  "Nothing.  Nothing at all," says Diane.
Barbara Brady notices a worried look on Lloyd Munro's face and asks him what is wrong.  "Can I ask you a personal question?  Are you really interested in David Hunter?" asks Lloyd.  "I was hoping it didn't show," says Barbara.  "It showed to Rosemary," says Lloyd.  He tells Barbara that Rosemary is clinging to David and she is in a very disturbed state of mind.  "I won't see David until she leaves," Barbara tells him.  "Hope she leaves quickly," adds Barbara. 
Superintendant Blake tells Steve Cater that Simone Clavell is wanted by Interpol and they will have to arrest her.  Steve says Simone is waiting for someone to contact her, so it might be to their advantage to wait.  Superintendant Blake agrees.
There is a knock at the door of Diane's flat and she answers the door to Rosemary Hunter, who notices Simone Clavell.  "Simone, this is..." begins Diane.  "Rosemary Hunter," says Simone.  Simone says she wonders who told her that she was here.  "David I suppose," says Simone.  "No, Mr Hunter didn't.  It was Chris," replies Rosemary.  "I understand you have papers giving signed evidence for a divorce.  Well the best thing to do is destroy them," Rosemary tells Simone.  "No," says Diane, who says she wants that divorce.  Rosemary tells her that she feels that way now but she will change her mind.
Kath Brownlow tells Arthur that she knows what's going on, and Arthur looks worried.  "Have they said anything to you about early retirement?" asks Kath, and Arthur breathes a sigh of relief.  Kath says it's just as well if he retires now whilst he has got his health and strength.  "We'll just have to cut down a bit.  And the first thing we'll do is cancel that party," says Kath.  "No, not the party.  Let's enjoy ourselves while we can," says Arthur.
Diane tells David that Rosemary came to her flat last night.  "You don't think she'd report Simone to the police?" asks Diane.  David says he doesn't think so.
Reg Cotterill returns to Stonebank Farm and tells Alison and Doris Luke that he has got the monthly cheque from the motel for the vegetables.  "Better put it somewhere safe," says Reg Cotterill, and goes to the box which Leonard Hobson forced open.  Alison takes the box from him and says he can do it later. 
Later, Reg Cotterill goes to the box and puts the key in the lock, but finds it open.  "Has someone been tampering with my papers?" he asks.  "Yes, I have," Alison tells him.  She tells him that she took her birth certificate because her and Leonard are getting married whatever he says.  Reg says he has to go to bible class but they will talk about this when he gets back. 

1980 Episodes continued

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