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Alison Cotterill arrives at the Motel and Doris Luke notices her, and goes over for a chat.  Alison asks her if there are any rooms to let in the boarding house in which Doris stays, and Doris says she will ask.  Alison tells Doris that her uncle has forbidden her to see Leonard, so she is leaving home.
Diane Hunter asks Simone Clavell if she can see the lawyers and get it all over with quickly, but Simone says she has to wait for Chris to contact her.  Simone asks Diane if she has told Steve Cater about her because he knows her real name.  Diane tells her that Steve saw the papers Simone brought with her and it had Simone's name on them.
Doris Luke goes to Stonebank Farm and tells Alison that she has asked her landlady at the boarding house and there are no rooms available.
Diane tells David Hunter that she has got Simone Clavell staying with her.  "I know it sounds silly, but she frightens the life out of me," Diane tells David.
Alison Cotterill makes her uncle his dinner and then goes out shopping.
Steve Cater tells Superintendant Blake that Diane has got a girl staying with her called Simone Clavell and she came into the country with 5000 Swiss francs hidden in a case.  He asks Blake if he remembers Hugh Mortimer's kidnapping.  Superintendant Blake says he remembers it was something to do with a terrorist group.  Steve says it could be just a hunch but he thinks Simone Clavell is connected in some way.
Alison Cotterill telephones Leonard Hobson and tells him that she must see him.  She says her uncle goes to bible class this evening so Leonard says he will come to the farm then.
Simone Clavell is alone at Diane's flat when there is a knock on the door.  She opens it to David Hunter.  David asks Simone why Chris didn't bring Diane's money himself, and Simone tells him that Chris is travelling at the moment.   "You're looking as handsome as ever," says Simone.  She kneels beside the chair where David is sitting and strokes his hand.  David tells Simone that Diane is frightened and he doesn't want her frightened.  "I could arrange for you to live somewhere else," suggests David.  "With you?" asks Simone.  David doesn't answer.  "Would you mind very much if I kissed you?" asks Simone.  "Yes, I would," replies David.  Simone leans over and kisses David, but David does not respond.  Simone laughs.  "You did mean it.  You really didn't want me to kiss you," she says.  David says he also meant what he said about not scaring Diane. 
Rosemary asks Meg if she knows where David is and Meg tells her that he is still out.  "Still," says Rosemary.
Superintendant Blake phones his colleagues at police headquarters and asks them to check up on Simone Clavell.
Rosemary asks Lloyd where David is, and says she thought he might be at the cottage with Miss Brady.  Lloyd says when he left the cottage Barbara was alone, working away at her typewriter.  "It must be inspiration.  After all she does write romantic novels," says Rosemary.  Lloyd says he doesn't think there is anything between David and Barbara.  "David's changed.  He's cold.  It is another woman.  I've seen him with Barbara.  I thought she was involved with John Farnham, but it was all an elaborate charade to make a fool of me.  I love him, you see. I always have.  I want him back," sobs Rosemary.  "I'm so sorry.  I didn't mean to embarrass you," says Rosemary. 
Lloyd tells Rosemary that it might help if she talked to someone about her feelings.  Rosemary asks Lloyd if he could see her professionally in his capacity as a psychiatrist, but Lloyd says ethically he can't but she can talk to him anytime as a friend. 
Leonard Hobson arrives at Stonebank Farm to see Alison Cotterill.  She tells him that she has got to get away from the farm, but Leonard says he isn't sure that's the right thing to do.  He says he wants to marry her but they've got to do it properly.  He says they could marry in a registry office and all she would need is her birth certificate.  Alison tells him that her uncle keeps it locked in a box and keeps the key with him all the time.  Leonard asks her for something to force open the lock of the box.  He tries to force open the box when Doris Luke comes into the room.  Doris asks them what they are doing and they tell her everything.
Leonard Hobson opens the box and takes Alison's birth certificate out.  He tells Alison that he can't close the box so she will have to make sure that Reg doesn't notice the birth certificate is missing.  He says goodnight to Alison and leaves.  Doris asks Alison if she has tried to talk to her uncle about how she feels, and Alison says she has tried but he won't listen.  Doris asks what's going to happen when Benny comes back and finds that she has gone.  "I won't forget Benny.  I'll write to him.  But I love Leonard and that makes all the difference.  That's why I've got to go with him," says Alison. 
David joins Rosemary in the sitting room and she asks him to tell her about his day, and who he has been with.  "It's a woman isn't it?" asks Rosemary.  "Rosemary there's no point," says David.  Rosemary says she knows it's a woman.  David tells her that he has been to Diane's flat to see Simone Clavell, and tells her that Simone has evidence for Diane and Chris's divorce.  Rosemary stands up and says she thinks it's time she met Simone Clavell.  "No Rosemary don't.  I'm asking you not to," says David.  "Oh David.  You have a way of asking me not to do something that makes me go weak," says Rosemary, and walking towards David's chair she reaches out to touch his face.  David turns away to avoid her touch.

1980 Episodes continued

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