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Simone Clavell interupts Diane and Steve and Diane tries to hide Steve's police cap behind her back but Simone see's it. 
David telephones Barbara Brady at the cottage.  "Barbara?" he says when Barbara picks up the phone.  "David.  How are you?" asks Barbara.  "A bit down," replies David.  "Will you help me do something about it?" he asks.  He tells Barbara that he knows a little country pub where they can be alone.  Barbara tells David that Lloyd has gone out so he can come to the cottage.  "I'll be there in fifteen mintues," David tells her.
Simone Clavell asks Steve Cater what he knows about her.  Steve says he and Diane just want to get married and all he knows is that Diane's marriage to Chris Hunter is stopping them.  Simone seems satisfied with this explanation.
Alison Cotterill tells Doris Luke that she has got to leave.  She tells Doris that she has arranged to meet Leonard at the motel and they are going to Devon to get married.  "Thank you Miss Luke, for everything," says Alison.
David Hunter arrives at the cottage and Barbara lets him in.  He asks Barbara if she understands his position with Rosemary.  "She's dependant on me," he says.  "Whatever happens I'll hurt Rosemary because I want you," says David.
Reg Cotterill arrives back at Stonebank Farm and asks Doris Luke where Alison is.  Before Doris answers Reg guesses that Alison is upstairs in her room.  "No, she had to go out," Doris tells him.  Reg Cotterill sits down, picks up a note on the table from Alison and reads it.  "You knew all about this didn't you," says Reg Cotterill.  "Where is she?  Where's my girl!" shouts Reg.  "She's gone away," Doris Luke tells him.  She tells him that Alison and Leonard will be miles away by now.
At the motel, Alison Cotterill waits for Leonard Hobson to arrive.  Doris Luke comes into reception and notices Alison.  Alison tells Doris that Leonard said he would pick her up at 7.30 but it's past 8 o'clock now.  At that moment Tish Hope hands Alison a note and Alison reads it.
Barbara tells Lloyd Munro that it is serious between her and David, and Rosemary will have to get used to the idea. 
Doris Luke comes back into reception and looks for Alison Cotterill, but doesn't see her and guesses that Leonard Hobson must have arrived and picked Alison up.
Doris Luke goes to the Brownlow house.  Ron Brownlow tries out his record player but finds that it doesn't work.  He says Glenda must have been messing about with it.  Arthur Brownlow tells his son that it was him, he tried to fix it.  "Well I wish you wouldn't.  It's going to take me ages to fix it," says Ron Brownlow.  Arthur says he was only trying to help.  "Well don't," Ron tells him.  "Don't talk to your father like that," says Doris Luke.  "Now hold on," says Ron.  "He's worth two of you," Doris tells him. 
Rosemary Hunter joins John Farnham in the motel reception and Rosemary says she thought he and Barbara were seeing each other.  John tells her that he and Barbara are just good friends.  "I'm glad David and Barbara have become friendly," says Rosemary.  John tells her that it's remarkable how she and David have maintained such a good relationship since their divorce, and Rosemary says it's because they care about each other.  
Alison Cotterill returns to Stonebank Farm and finds Reg Cotterill sitting alone in the dark.  "He wrote me a letter.  He said now that he had a chance to think about it, he's gone into it too quickly and he couldn't take the responsibility," Alison tells her uncle.  She tells her uncle that she should never have left him like she did.  "You don't want to worry about that now.  You're back home, that's all that matters," says Reg Cotterill. 
A package arrives for Arthur Brownlow and he opens it and takes out a microscope.  Kath Brownlow tells him that he shouldn't waste his money but Arthur says he has always wanted a microscope to do some research.
Alison Cotterill see's Doris Luke in the motel staffroom and Doris asks her how it feels to be Mrs Leonard Hobson.  Alison tells her that Leonard didn't meet her yesterday, he sent a note saying that they were too young to get married.
Ron Brownlow and a friend called Arnold, come to the motel and Ron introduces Arnold to Glenda.  Arnold takes fancy to Glenda but Ron wanrs him that Glenda's just a kid.
Glenda Brownlow asks Alison Cotterill if she would like to come to her party tomorrow evening, but Alison isn't sure.  Glenda manages to persuade her.
Lloyd Munro talks to David in the motel office and tells him that Rosemary has asked him for help.  He tells David that rosemary is very overwrought.  David says Rosemary is a very nervous person.  "She wants you back," Lloyd tells him.  "It's impossible.  I think Rosemary herself knows that," says David.  Lloyd tells David that he has been watching him and Rosemary together and he is very attentive towards her, and perhaps Rosemary is getting the wrong idea.  David asks Lloyd if he should tell Rosemary about him and Barbara.  "If you're serious," says Lloyd.  "I am serious," replies David.
Doris Luke goes to the Brownlow's house and has a glass of sherry with Kath Brownlow.  Kath asks Doris why she has never married.  "When I see a woman like you I can't help wondering," says Kath.  Kath tells Doris that Arthur has been worrying himself sick about something.  "Did he mention anything to you?" asks Kath.  "About what Mrs Brownlow?" asks Doris Luke.  "Early retirement," says Kath.  She says she is quite looking forward to having Arthur at home.  Doris tells Kath that she wishes she would tell Arthur that because he has got it into his head that he has let her and the children down.  "I have been happy," Kath tells her.  

1980 Episodes continued

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