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Benny goes into the farm kitchen for his dinner and asks where Doris Luke is.  Linda Welch tells him that she has gone and won't be coming back.  "You told her she had to go?" Benny asks, looking at George Biggins.  "Yeah, what about it?" asks George.  "You rotten....." begins Benny and rushes towards George, who quickly makes for the door.  Benny chases after him and finally catches up with him.  Benny pushes him up against the fence and holds him by the scruff of the neck.  "You're barmy," shouts George.  "That's where you're wrong.  Miss Luke was right all along," says Benny and pushes George Biggins' face into the fence.  "Bert!" calls George Biggins, trying to attract the attention of another farm worker.  "It's no use calling for Bert because he's not here to help you.  It's just you and me," says Benny.  He throws George Biggins to the ground and he lands face first in a pile of mud.  Benny rubs his face in it.

Steve Cater goes to Diane's flat and tells her that he was called into the superindendents office and he saw the letter lying on the desk.  "Well, did you see the signature?" asks Diane.  "Yes," answers Steve.  "Well, who was it?" asks Diane.  "Diane Lawton," says Steve Cater.  Diane swears to him that she didn't write that letter.  "When was the last time you signed yourself Lawton?" asks Steve.  "Only Terry still calls me ..." says Diane, then realises who the writer of the letter was.

Benny comes into the farm kitchen and tells Ed Lawton that he is leaving. 

Steve Cater asks Diane to marry him.

*** End of Episode 3019 ***

Episodes 3020 to 3031 September / October 1978
See Archive Dvd Volume 12

Irene Bailey tells Doctor Butterworth that she has been married twice, her first husband was two years older than her and the more he loved her the more she hated him. 

Diane tells Jane Smith that Steve Cater has proposed.  "Well, what did you say?" asks Jane.  "Not a lot," answers Diane.

Diane receives a phone call from Ed Lawton.  "What!" she exclaims.  Diane tells Jane Smith that Benny has packed his bags and left Heywood Farm.

Doctor Butterworth tells Irene Bailey that she should take up some sort of hobby to occupy her mind whilst she is going through this bad patch.  "Like stamps," suggests the doctor, and goes on to say that it is a hobby of his.  "Stamps!" exclaims Irene Bailey and laughs.  "I come to sort my life out and you tell me to take up stamps.  You've appealed to the one thing I know I still have," laughs Irene Bailey.  "A sense of the rediculous," she adds.  They both laugh.  Then suddenly Irene Bailey stops laughing and her face takes on a very serious expression.  "And what a rediculous doctor you are," she says.

Irene Bailey has coffee with Meg in the motel sitting room.  Meg says she had no idea that she was staying at the motel so long otherwise they would have worked out a cheaper rate.  Irene Bailey tells Meg that she wil be leaving soon.  She says she went to see Doctor Butterworth today and he suggested she took up stamp collecting.  Meg says the doctor was probably giving an example because he happens to be an expert on stamps.

The following morning Irene Bailey talks to Sandy at reception and he asks her if she wants her bill.  "I heard you might be leaving today," he says.  "Today or tomorrow," says Irene Bailey.  She asks Sandy if he knows any good stamp dealers in Birmingham.  "It depends how much you want to spend," says Sandy.  "Oh quite a lot," answers Irene Bailey.

*** End of Episode 3020 ***

Bernard Booth accuses Steve Cater of taking his valuable gold pen and reports him to Superindent Blake.  Steve Cater is taken off uniform duty and suspended whilst investigations are carried out.

*** End of Episode 3028 ***

Steve Cater tells Diane that even if they prove he didn't take the pen it will leave a black mark against his name. 

Marion Owen gives Doctor Butterworth a parcel which arrived for him.  "Happy Birthday," says Marion Owen, and asks if he will be celebrating.  Doctor Butterworth tells Marion Owen that he is having dinner at the motel.  He opens the parcel and finds a large book of stamps. 

Superindent Blake goes to Diane and Jane's flat accompanied by a policewoman, and asks Diane if they can have a look around.  They search the flat.

Irene Bailey stands by the reception desk and Sandy says he noticed she had a table booked for dinner but then cancelled it.  He says the restaurant is fully booked but if she would care to wait he is sure someone will either cancel or not turn up.  Irene Bailey asks Sandy if Doctor Butterworth has a table booked.  "Yes, a table for one," says Sandy. 

Steve Cater goes to Diane's flat and finds Superindent Blake searching the flat.  Steve tells him that he has no right to invade Diane's privacy without a search warrent. 















1978 Episodes continued

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