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Doctor Butterworth arrives at the motel and sits down at the table in the restaurant.  He looks up and see's Irene Bailey facing him.  "Are you dining here as well?" he asks.  "Yes.  I will join you," says Irene.  "I think you misunderstood me," says Doctor Butterworth.  "No, I did not misunderstand you Doctor Butterworth.  I distinctly heard you ask me to join you," says Irene Bailey.  Sandy hears the exchange and comes to the table.  "If you'd like to wait a moment Mrs Bailey.  I'm sure I can find you a table.  This is a table for one," says Sandy.  "Then make it a table for two," answers Irene Bailey.  She sits down.  "Please sit down Doctor, and order something nice," she says.
*** End of Episode 3029 ***
Helen Booth returns from a househunting trip and Bernard Booth asks her what the estate agent Mr Russell was like.  She tells him that Mr Russell is middle aged.  Soon after Mr Russell arrives at the motel and asks for Mrs Booth.  He turns out to be young and good looking.
Steve Cater goes to the motel and finds Bernard Booth in the staff room. 
Archie Gibbs waits in the doctors surgery to see Doctor Butterworth.  Marion Owen apologises for keeping him waiting.  Archie Gibbs says the doctor is probably still recovering from last night.  "Oh that.  A little birthday celebration," says Marion Owen.  "And they were enjoying it by the looks of things," says Archie.  "They?" asks Marion Owen.  "Yeah, Doctor Butterworth and Mrs Bailey," answers Archie.
Steve Cater tells Mr Booth that he did not take his pen and all this stems from him thinking there was something going on between him and Mrs Booth.  Bernard Booth says there were three people in his chalet when his pen went missing, himself, Steve Cater and Helen Booth.  "Thank you," smiles Steve Cater.  "For what?" asks Mr Booth.  "For giving me something to think  about," says Steve Cater and leaves the room.
The estate agent, Mr Russell, takes Helen Booth on another househunting trip.  Mr Russell stops the car.  "Where's the house?" asks Helen Booth.  Mr Russell moves across to her side of the car and puts his arms around her.  "Let go of me!" shouts Helen Booth.  "Don't play games with me love, you might get hurt," says Mr Russell and tries to kiss her.
*** End of Episode 3030 ***
Helen Booth pulls away from him and gets out of the car.  She threatens to tell his office about him and he says he will tell her husband.  He notices Helen Booth's worried expression.  "Something tells me that this isn't the first time," says Mr Russell.  "Alright, get in.  I won't touch you.  I'll drive you straight back to the motel," says Russell.
Marion Owen asks Doctor Butterworth about his dinner with Irene Bailey, and says she is only worried about what people might think.  Doctor Butterworth says it is a purely professional relationship and he is trying to help Mrs Bailey find faith in herself.
Helen Booth rushes into the motel and Meg asks her how it went.  "What?" asks Helen.  "The househunting," says Meg.  "Oh not very well I'm afraid," stutters Helen and excuses herself.  She goes to the staff room where she finds Bernard Booth and he asks her how the househunting went.  Helen Booth starts sobbing.  "Helen, what's wrong?" asks Bernard Booth.  "Nothing, except...I do love you Bernard," she says.
Meg Mortimer receives a phone call from Jill who is in Hamburg with Stan.  Jill tells her mother that Stan can't accept the new baby.
Diane Parker tells Jane Smith that she will sleep on the settee this evening because she is so worried about Steve Cater that she will probably disturb Jane.  In the early hours of the morning Diane gets out of bed, takes a pair of scissors and begins to cut up Steve Cater's coat which is hanging in the wardrobe.
*** End of Episode 3031 ***
Episodes 3032 to 3038 October 1978
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Jane wakes up and switches on the light.  "Di what are you doing?" asks Jane.  She gets out of bed and goes to Diane.  "It's okay Di.  You've had a nightmare," says Jane calmly as Diane looks at her bewildered.  "We thought it was you.  Steve and I, we thought it was you," says Diane and begins to cry.  Jane comforts her.  "Am I going mad Jane," asks Diane.  "Of course not silly.  Lots of people sleepwalk," Jane tells her.
Irene Bailey goes to the doctors surgery and puts a bottle of champagne on Marion Owen's desk.  She asks Marion Owen if Doctor Butterworth is available.  Marion Owen says she doesn't think Doctor Butterworth would appreciate champagne first thing in the morning.  Irene Bailey walks straight into the doctor's room.
Steve Cater comes to Diane and Jane's flat and tells Diane that he has come up with someone who might have stolen Mr Booth's pen, Helen Booth.  Diane shows Steve the jacket she cut up and he says it doesn't matter.  "It was me.  Am I going mad," she says.  "You're not love," says Steve.  "What am I going to do?" asks Diane.  "Marry me," says Steve.  
Irene Bailey gives Doctor Butterworth a glass of champagne and tells him that she has been in contact with her solicitor and her accountant and she has left all her money to him so that he can set up a children's home.  Doctor Butterworth says there are other doctors who are better qualified to run a children's home.  "There's only one doctor I'm interested in, you know that.  And if I lose that interest..." says Irene Bailey, and walks out of the room.  She puts the half empty bottle of champagne on Marion Owen's desk.  "Please throw away the champagne or drink it yourself," she tells Marion Owen. 

1978 Episodes continued

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