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P.C Cater arrives at the conclusion that Bernard Booth was the one who wrote the anonymous letter to Steve Cater's boss. 
David Hunter goes to see Bernard Booth in his chalet and apologises to him.  He says he was only trying to sort out a discrepency but instead he was meddling in personal affairs without realising it.  David tells Mr Booth that he and Mrs Mortimer think very highly of his work and wouldn't want to lose him or Mrs Booth.  "Really?" asks Bernard Booth.  He accepts David's apology and agrees to stay.
Diane tells Jane that an anonymous letter was sent to Steve Cater's superior office warning him to stay away from Helen Booth and Steve thinks it was Mr Booth who wrote the letter.  Jane says if Mr Booth was annoyed about something he wouldn't write an anonymous letter but he would come straight out and say something.
Meg puts on her overall and prepares to help Shughie in the kitchen.  Bernard Booth comes into the kitchen and tells Meg that he nad his wife have decided to stay.  He says Mr Hunter has apologised satisfactorily.
Meg joins David at the reception desk and tells him that he seems to have performed a minor miracle.  "How did you do it?" she asks.  "Well.  It needed a bit of diplomacy, a bit of persuasion...and an awful lot of humble pie," says David and Meg laughs. 
P.C Steve Cater arrives at the motel and asks David if he could see Mr Booth before he leaves.  David tells him that Mr Booth is not leaving after all and Meg fetches Mr Booth.  Bernard Booth comes out of the kitchen and joins Steve Cater in reception.  The two men talk in whispers.  "Let's hope it's nothing serious," Meg says to David.  "We'd better talk about this in my chalet," Mr Booth tells P.C Cater.
*** End of Episode 3016 *** 
P.C Cater and Mr Booth go to Mr Booth's chalet and Steve Cater tells him that there have been certain accusations made about Mrs Booth, about her having an affair with another man.  "It's not true," says Mr Booth.  Steve Cater tells Bernard that he happens to be the man accused.  Mr Booth says he has no right to make those accusations and order the policeman out.  He opens the door of the chalet and finds David Hunter standing outside.  David asks if he can help in any way and Steve Cater explains that there have been false accusations made against Mrs Booth and himself, but that there is no truth in them. 
Meg goes to the village post office and chats to Miss Tatum who runs the post office.  Miss Tatum tells Meg that someone is taking over the business soon.
Linda Welch asks Ed Lawton to have a bet with her on the outcome of the wrestling contest between Benny and George.  Ed says he will bet 5 on Benny.
Later that day Benny and George Biggins, Linda Welch and Ed Lawton return to Heywood Farm after the village fete.  Benny has lost in the wrestling contest to George Biggins.  When Doris Luke hears Ed Lawton blame Benny for losing 15 he had bet on Benny, Doris tells Ed that he is as stupid as Linda and George for letting Benny enter the contest.  She says George Biggins has won prizes for Cumberland wrestling before.  Benny overhears the conversation.
*** End of Episode 3017 ***
The next day, Benny tells Ed that he is going to build a shelter for his goat.  Ed Lawton tells him that the goat is not worth it and suggests Benny gets a dog.  "No thanks gaffer," says Benny, and walks away. 
George Biggins offers Ed Lawton a contract to enter into partnership and a cheque for 2000 and both men agree terms.  Ed signs the contract and they shake hands.  George Biggins says there is one condition.  "Doris Luke will have to go," says George Biggins.  "What!  And who's going to do the cooking?" asks Ed Lawton.  "Linda," says George. 
Ed Lawton catches Doris Luke as she cleans the farm living room and tells her  that George Biggins is now a partner in the farm.  He is about to tell Doris that she has to leave when Linda Welch bursts into the room.  "What are you doing?" she asks Doris.  "Cleaning, before I get the dinner ready," Doris tells her.  "Oh there's no need for that.  George has gone to get some fish and chips.  I thought the men would like a change," says Linda Welch.  "What?" asks Doris.  "You haven't told her yet?" Linda Welch asks Ed Lawton.  "Told me what?" asks Doris.  Linda says she and George have moved in and tells Doris that she will have to go.  Ed Lawton tells Doris that she needn't worry about Benny because he will look after him.  Doris tells him that she isn't worried about Benny but about Ed.  She says he isn't getting any younger and George and Linda have a home.
Irene Bailey comes into reception and asks Meg to oder her a taxi.  "Certainly.  Where to?" asks Meg.  "To wherever it is I'm going," answers Irene Bailey.
Miss Tatum comes rushing into the motel and tells Meg that she had a letter from the man who was supposed to be buying the post office saying that he no longer wants to buy it.
Mrs Bailey goes to Doctor Butterworth's surgery and gives her name to receptionist Marion Owen.  "There seems to be some mistake.  Have you an appointment?" asks Marion Owen.  "No," answers Irene Bailey.  Mrs Owen tells her that Doctor Butterworth has appointments until lunchtime and she suggests she makes an appointment for the following day.  "I'll wait.  I'll wait all day if necessary," says Irene Bailey, and sits down in the waiting room.
Archie Gibbs comes out of the doctor's room and Irene Bailey gets up and is about to go in to see the doctor when Marion Owen stands in her way.  "What are you, a receptionist or a bodyguard?" asks Irene Bailey.  Doctor Butterworth hears raised voices and comes out to see what is happening.  "It's alright," he tells Marion Owen when he see's who it is. Irene Bailey goes into the doctor's room and he shuts the door.  "Bravo brave doctor," says Irene Bailey. 
*** End of Episode 3018 ***
"Aren't you going to take my pulse?" she asks.  "I don't need to take your pulse.  I know what's wrong with you," says Doctor Butterworth.

1978 Episodes continued

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