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Linda Welch tries to persuade Benny to put his name down for the arm wrestling competition at the village fete.  She tells Benny that there is a twenty pound prize for the winner and Benny agrees to put his name on the entry form.
Irene Bailey comes into reception whilst Sandy is on reception duty.  She asks him if Doctor Butterworth is a family man.  "What?" asks a puzzled Sandy.  "Is he married?" asks Irene Bailey.  "Widower," Sandy tells her.  "Any children?" asks Irene Bailey.  "No," answers Sandy.  "Well we have that in common," says Irene Bailey.
George Biggins teaches Benny the basics of Cumberland wrestling.
P.C Steve Cater comes into the motel and talks to Helen Booth who is on reception duty.  He asks her if Mr Hunter is available and Helen Booth tells him to go through to the office.  Diane Parker comes into reception just as Helen Booth smiles sweetly at Steve Cater.  "He does the shy bit very well.  Very effective," says Helen Booth.
*** End of Episode 3012 ***
Glenda Brownlow asks Shughie McFee if he has seen Helen Booth anywhere because she has a road map for her to help her with her househunting.  Shughie tells Glenda that there is no need because he has offered to show Helen Booth around.  Bernard Booth overhears him and asks Shughie what he is up to.  Shughie says he is just trying to be kind.  "Well go and be kind to someone else," says Bernard Booth. 
Ed Lawton, Doris Luke and Linda Welch come into the farm kitchen as Benny and George Biggins are practising their wrestling.  Ed asks what is going on and Linda explains that George and Benny have entered the Cumberland wrestling competition at the village fete.
Irene Bailey sits in reception with a drink watching David Hunter very closely.  Meg comes into reception and takes over from David on reception duty.  As David walks across reception Irene Bailey approaches him.  "Do you have to go?" she asks David.  "No, not really," answers David.  "Then you wouldn't mind having a drink with me," says Irene Bailey.  David orders two drinks. 
Doctor Butterworth comes into reception and notices David and Irene Bailey together.  Mrs Bailey looks at the doctor then turns her attention back to David.  "Are you married?" Irene Bailey asks David.  "Not these days," answers David.  Irene asks David if he would have dinner with her that evening but David tells her that he is already having dinner with friends.  "You have your moments then," says Irene Bailey.
Linda Welch asks George Biggins if he has spoken to Ed Lawton yet and George says he hasn't got enough money to buy Benny out.  Linda tells him that once Ed Lawton has accepted George's money they will be laughing.
*** End of Episode 3013 ***
Helen Booth asks Shughie McFee where her husband is and Shughie tells him that Bernard went to their chalet to have a lie down.  Helen says she wanted bernard to come househunting with her because she still doesn't know the area very well.  Shughie says he could show her around.  "Oh would you," says Helen Booth.  Bernard Booth comes into the kitchen at that moment and overhears.  "No I'm afraid that's out of the question," says Shughie when he see's Bernard's face. 
Ed Lawton gives Benny some paper work to do.
P.C Cater comes to the motel and says hello to Helen Booth who is on reception duty.  "Oh hello Diane," he says as Diane Parker comes into reception.  Steve Cater asks Diane if he can give her a lift home after work.  "No thank you.  I'm quite capable of finding my way home.  Your boyish charm isn't everyone's cup of tea," says Diane.
Ed Lawton looks at the paper work he gave Benny to do.  "Bit of a mess is it?" asks Linda Welch.  "He's only entered them on the wrong side of thr page," says Ed.  Linda Welch tells Ed that George could do the books for him.
George Biggins and Benny do the paper work.  George shows Ed Lawton the books once they have finished.  "You've done a good job of that.  I'm very grateful George," says Ed Lawton.  Doris Luke looks at Benny.
Meg joins David in his private quarters at the motel.  She says she just heard that he got his car back, and asks if it was damaged.  David tells her that it was alright except for the remains of two take away curries and a strong smell of perfume.
David tells Meg that he has just been reading Helen Booth's file and he keeps thinking of Max Lorimer.  Meg asks him what connection there is between Max Lorimer and Helen Booth.  "There is a gap of a year in Helen Booth's references.  There was a gap in Max Lorimer's references too, and it turned out he was serving a prison sentence," says David.  
*** End of Episode 3014 *** 
P.C Steve Cater's superior receives an anonymous letter from someone warning him to stay away from Helen Booth.
David Hunter decides to ask Helen Booth about the gap in her references.  He is about to get an answer when Bernard Booth interupts them and warns David to mind his own business.
*** End of Episode 3015 ***
Episodes 3016 to 3019 September 1978
See Archive Dvd Volume 12
Bernard Booth tells Helen that he will not stay where he is not wanted.  Helen Booth tells him that it doesn't matter but Bernard says he will not let her be insulted. 
Meg hears about the commotion and asks David what he said to Bernard Booth.  David tells her that he was asking Helen Booth a few questions when Mr Booth barged in.  Meg goes to the kitchen and asks Bernard Booth what is going on.  Bernard says Mr Hunter called his wife a liar and tell Meg that he is leaving.  Meg tells him that she is sure Mr Hunter didn't mean any offence.  "It's alright Bernard," says Helen Booth. "Let's talk this over quietly," suggests Meg.  "I'm sorry.  I must pack," says Bernard Booth and leaves the kitchen.
Helen Booth goes through to reception and tells David that Bernard was only covering up for her because he didn't want them to know she had worked as a hostess in a night club.  She says Bernard told them that she had been in Tangiers for three years to avoid mentioning the night club.  "Now you know the truth, isn't there anything you can do to persuade Bernard to stay," asks Helen Booth.

1978 Episodes continued

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