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Meg tells Lloyd Munro that he and Doctor Butterworth should have a drink together and try to sort out their differences quietly.  Lloyd says he has an idea what happened to the diabetic card that Mrs Bailey should have had.  He asks Meg to set up drinks for him and Doctor Butterworth and leave the rest to him.
Benny introduces Linda Welch to Doris Luke and Doris asks Benny quietly if Linda is any relation to Josie Welch.  Benny tells her that they are sisters but Linda is very different from Josie.
Shughie McFee tells Sandy that Mr Hunter has just phoned and he would like to see Sandy.  "He wants you to go through to the office now.  His car's gone," says Shughie.  "Gone?" asks Sandy.  "It's been stolen," says Shughie. 
*** End of Episode 3003 ***
David telephones the garage and asks them if they have moved his car from the car park.  He then phones the police to report a missing car.
George Biggins helps Linda Welch to do the washing up and he says he doesn't think her working at the farm is a good idea.  "What about that Benny Hawkins?" he asks.  "Don't worry about Benny.  It's Ed Lawton you've got to work on," says Linda Welch. 
Meg fixes up a meeting between Doctor Butterworth and Lloyd Munro and she tells David that she would like him to be there when Butterworth arrives.  Later, Doctor Butterworth, Lloyd Munro and Meg have drinks in the sitting room.  Lloyd argues that when he went to Mrs Bailey's chalet she didn't have her diabetic card.  "Either Mrs Bailey didn't have a card or she had destroyed or hidden it," says Lloyd.  "Attempted suicide?" Doctor Butterworth.  Both men agree that it could be possible and decide that the best way to work it out is together.
Linda Welch tells Ed Lawton that it is George Biggin's birthday on Thursday and asks him if he would like to come to the village pub for a celebration.
Terry Lawton arrives at the Motel and asks Glenda Brownlowe if Diane Lawton works at the Motel.  "There is a Diane here, but her name's Parker," Glenda tells him.  "Of course, she went and got herself married.  Well sit her down, give her some smelling salts and tell her that her baby brother's come home," says Terry Lawton.  
*** End of Episode 3004 ***
Episodes 3005 to 3007 September 1978
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Diane comes into reception to see her brother Terry Lawton and immediately suspects that he is up to something.  Diane takes Terry back to her flat and tells him that he can sleep on the settee that night and then he has to go.
David asks Meg what she thinks Mr Booth's wife is like and Meg says Bernard Booth is no casonova so she imagines his wife to be middle aged and plain.
Diane Parker tells her brother Terry that she is up at 7.30 in the morning so he will have to be up by then.  She gives him some blankets and, after wishing him goodnight, leaves him to make himself comfortable on the settee.  Terry takes off his shoes and then his shirt and opens the sitting room door.  Jane Smith is standing outside.  "What are you doing here?" she asks.
Bernard Booth waits in reception for his wife to arrive.  Finally Helen Booth arrives and she is young, slim and attractive.  Meg comes through into reception and meets Helen Booth.  She takes Bernard and Helen Booth into the office where she introduces Helen Booth to David, who is also taken by surprise.
Lloyd Munro goes to see Meg before he leaves for America and Meg thanks him for helping her through some difficult times.  Lloyd says that all a psychiatrist can do is stand by and applaud if a patient makes it.  He claps his hands and Meg hugs him.
*** End of Episode 3005 ***
Helen Booth tells David that she would like to book a chalet for herself and Bernard until they find a place of their own.
Diane Parker wakes Terry Lawton up in the morning and tells him that he has to find somewhere to stay.
David tells Helen and Bernard Booth that he has reserved them a chalet but Bernard Booth tells David that they aren't coming up to Birmingham until Monday.  Helen Booth says she will come up before and start househunting, but Bernard says he would prefer them to come together.  "See you on Monday Mr Hunter," says Helen Booth, smiling at David.  David smiles back.  Helen Booth leaves the reception area but Bernard remains behind.  "Mr Hunter.  Helen likes people and people like her.  I'm sure you know what I mean," he says.  "Yes of course," says David. 
Ed Lawton dresses up to go to the village pub for George Biggins birthday celebrations.  Doris Luke tells Benny that he should go along but Benny says he doesn't like going to pubs.  Doris Luke warns Benny that Linda Welch is no good and says she doesn't trust her.

1978 Episodes continued

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