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George Biggins arrives at Heywood Farm to help Ed Lawton on the farm, and he asks Ed who he will be working with.  Ed Lawton tells him that he will be working with Benny.  "Benny.  Benny Hawkins?" asks George Biggins.  Ed Lawton nods.  "He's not still around is he?" asks George Biggins.

P.C. Steve Cater talks to Diane Parker at the motel and asks her if he can walk her home after she finishes work, but Diane says no.

*** End of Episode 2999 ***

Episodes 3000 to 3004 August / September 1978
See Archive Dvd Volume 11

"What have you got against Benny?" asks Ed.  George says he hasn't got anything against Benny but he heard that he had left the village.  Ed tells him that Benny is back at the farm for good now.  Benny comes into the farm kitchen at that moment and meets george Biggins.  Biggins says he isn't sure if he wants the job now because he understood he would be working alone, but Ed persuades him to give it a months trial.

Diane Parker meets P.C Steve Cater in reception and she asks him if he is waiting for her because if he is then she doesn't know what time she will be off duty.  P.C Cater asks her when her day off is and Diane says she only get s half a day off.  Steve Cater asks if he can come to her flat on Thursday and take a chance that she is in.  "About seven," he says and Diane nods.

Bernard Booth arrives at the motel and Glenda Brownlow recognises him and says hello.  She asks him if he is visiting old friends and Bernard Booth tells her that he has an appointment with Mr Hunter.  "I didn't know you were on the list for the chef's job," says Glenda.  "Neither do the management," says Bernard Booth.  He asks if Shughie McFee is still at the motel and Glenda tells him that Shughie is in the kitchen.

George Biggins gives his opinion on some ground at Heywood Farm on which Benny is growing flowers, and says it is a waste of good ground.  Doris Luke tells him that Benny grows flowers in his spare time and sells them.  Doris tells George Biggins that before she met Benny she listened to village gossip and but she knows Benny she realises he is one of the nicest people around.

*** End of Episode 3000 ***

Meg and David wait to interview another applicant for the chef's job.  There is a knock at the door of the office and Bernard Booth comes in.  He tells Meg and David that he has come to apply for the job as chef and would like to come back to work at the motel if they want him.  David asks Bernard Booth if he would leave the room so that he and Mrs Mortimer could talk things over.

Meg tells David that Bernard Booth has the advantage of knowing how the motel works, so they both agree to take Bernard Booth on for a three month trial period.  David asks Bernard Booth to come back into the office and they offer him a three month trial.  Bernard says he should have mentioned before but since he left the motel he has got married and he would like his wife to have a job at the motel too.  Meg says they will have to meet her before they offer her a job.

Meg has afternoon tea in reception with Lloyd Munro.  Meg asks one of the waitresses if she could tidy one of the chalets because one of the cleaners has gone home sick.  Lloyd Munro tells tells Meg that he is going back to America soon to settle up his business affairs, and then he will come back to England to settle in Meg's cottage.  The waitress Meg sent to clean the chalet comes rushing into reception and tells Meg that she went into the guests chalet and Mrs Bailey was lying across the bed.  "She looks as if she's dead," says the waitress.  Lloyd Munro rushes out of the motel to help Mrs Bailey.

*** End of Episode 3001 ***

Lloyd Munro telephones Meg from the chalet and tells Meg that Mrs Bailey has had a stroke, and asks her to call Doctor Butterworth.  Later, when Doctor Butterworth has examined Mrs Bailey he finds Lloyd and Meg in the sitting room and tells them that Lloyd made a wrong diagnosis.  He tells them that Mrs Bailey didn't have a stroke, but she is a diabetic and took an overdose of insulin.

Ed Lawton guesses that Benny has something on his mind and asks him what's wrong.  Benny tells him that George Biggins keeps shouting and has something against him. 

Steve Cater goes to Diane Parker's flat with a bottle of wine and tells her that Clifford Howes will go to prison for certain this time because this isn't the forst time he has attacked a woman.  Steve Cater tells Diane that if it goes to court she will be called as a witness.  Diane says that before Clifford Howes left she promised she would stand up for him.

Benny and Ed Lawton have their evening meal when there is a knock on the door.  Ed shouts come in.  "Hello Benny boy.  Remember me," says Linda Welch. 

*** End of Episode 3002 ***

Linda Welch tells Ed and Benny that she has come to meet George Biggins who she has been going out with for six months. 

Doctor Butterworth and Lloyd Munro argue about Mrs Bailey.  Doctor Butterworth tells Lloyd that he is a psychiatrist, not a doctor and he hasn't practised for 25 years so he is out of touch.  Doctor Butterworth says that diabetics always carry a card and Lloyd should have looked for it, but Lloyd says there was no card.

George Biggins tells Ed Lawton that they will have a lot of work to do and asks them to take Linda Welch on to help with the gardening.  Ed Lawton agrees that it's a good idea.  "What do you say Benny?" asks Ed Lawton.  Benny isn't too taken with the idea but says yes.






1978 Episodes continued

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