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Lloyd Munro asks Tish Hope to book him a table for two in the Motel restaurant.  "Remember before when I said I thought I'd seen you somewhere before, well I've remembered," says Tish Hope.  She reaches underneath the reception desk and brings out a book on psychiatry written by Doctor Lloyd Munro. 
Meg Mortimer arrives at the Motel for the first time in months and tells Tish Hope that she is having dinner with Lloyd Munro.  Meg says she heard the motel was short staffed and suggests she comes in tomorrow to help out on reception.
Meg and Lloyd Munro sit in reception and have a pre-dinner drink.  Meg tells Lloyd that it has done her good to get out of the cottage.  She says she is glad to see Tish but she wishes David Hunter were here.  She says she blamed David for what happened and pushed him away and she doesn't know how to make it up to him.  Lloyd says if they are true friends then they won't have to make up.
Diane Parker, at her flat, talks to Jane Smith on the phone.  She rings off and answers a knock at her door.  "Hello," she says as she opens the door, but there is no-one outside.  Diane steps outside the door and looks along the corridor.  "Miss Willis?" she says.  Suddenly a man rushes forward, pushes her inside the flat and slams the door shut.
*** End of Episode 2989 ***
"Don't make a sound alright," he says.  "Who are you?" asks Diane.  "A policeman," says the man.  He then opens the door to the flat and finds Pamela Willis outisde.
Daisy Penfold arrives home and Godfrey King tells her that he has taken the plunge and phoned the producer of the play, and he has an appointment tomorrow.
Meg and Lloyd Munro come out of the restaurant after dinner and have coffee in reception.  Robert Matthews wanders over to them and says he was talking to Sandy and he thought she might want to see the cottage.  Meg tells him that she has been in touch with an estate agent and the cottage is being put up for public auction to the highest bidder. 
Diane Parker asks the man how she knows he is really a policeman.  P.C. Steve Cater shows her his identification.
Godfrey King comes to the motel and meets Bill Farrow in reception.  He mutters that he should never have let himself be talked into this.  "Have some coffee and we'll talk about it," says Bill Farrow.  "If you don't mind, I want to go home," says Godfrey King, and walks out of the main door followed by Bill Farrow. 
Meg takes over the reception desk from Tish Hope, and as she puts her handbag under the desk she finds the book on psychiatry written by Lloyd Munro.
Glenda Brownlow takes Godfrey King home and he tells Daisy Penfold that they wanted him to play an understudy part in the play. 
The telephone on the reception desk rings and Diane Parker rushes out from the kitchen to answer it.  Tish Hope joins Diane behind the desk and asks where Meg is.  Tish notices Lloyd Munro's book on the desk.
Lloyd Munro arrives at the motel and asks Tish where Meg is.  Tish tells him that she seems to have disappeared.  She shows him the book on psychiatry on the desk.  "Oh no," says Lloyd. 
Lloyd Munro goes to the cottage where he finds Meg.  Meg says he has been acting under false pretences.  She says she really thought he wanted to help her but all the time he was just treating her as one of his patients.  "How many people knew you were a psychiatrist?  Everyone except me," says Meg.  Lloyd tells her that no one knew except Tish who remembered she had seen him somewhere before, then found his book amongst her collection.  "I'd like you to leave now.  And you can tell Tish and Sandy to stay away too," says Meg. 
*** End of Episode 2990 ***
Lloyd sits down and tells Meg that he didn't tell her his profession because he is on holiday and assures her that he isn't treating her. 
Tom Read tells his secretary Miss Speddling, that Benny Hawkins will be joining them and asks her to break him on gently.
Sandy receives a phone call from Stan Harvey who tells him that Jill has given birth to a baby boy.  David Hunter joins Sandy in the office and Sandy tells him about Joll.  "That's good news," says David.  "Not if you're my brother-in-law," answers Sandy. 
P.C. Steve Cater comes to the motel and apologises to Diane Parker for surprising her the previous evening. 
Sandy goes to the cottage to see Meg and gives her the news about Jill.
Benny comes to the motel and asks Diane Parker if she can come to Heywood Farm.  "It's the gaffer.  He's been given money to get rid of me," says Benny. 
Diane goes to Heywood Farm with Benny and talks to Ed Lawton alone.  She tells Ed Lawton that he has no right to throw Benny out after all he has done.  Ed tells her that Tom Read is giving Benny a chance in life and the cheque Tom Read gave him was as compensation for losing Benny.  Diane calls Benny in and tells him that her and Ed have talked things over and they think it's for the best that he goes to work for Tom Read.  She tells Benny that if he doesn't like it he can come back and everyting will be the same as before.  "Heywood Farm is my home and my business.  At least I thought it was," says Benny.
P.C. Steve Cater goes to see Diane at her flat.  He says he was talking to P.C. Frank Tyler and he said Diane was the one who turned Jackie Barrett over to the police.  P.C. Cater tells Diane that this prowler might be someone trying to get their own back for that.
Daisy Penfold tells Godfrey King that she saw Bill Farrow at the motel and he would like to see him again to apologise.  Godfrey King says Bill has no need to apologise and he realises it would have been a big mistake to have gone back to the theatre.
*** End of Episode 2991 ***
Episodes 2992 to 2995 August 1978
See Archive Dvd Volume 10
Bill Farrow tells Tish Hope that he is leaving and asks for his bill.
Clifford Howes see's Diane Parker in reception and does a quick sketch of her.
Tish Hope asks Lloyd Munro how Meg is and Lloyd says she was alright after he had explained things to her.  Tish says she would like Meg to come back to work and wonders if she is well enough.

1978 Episodes continued

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