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Ed Lawton tells Tom Read that Benny would never run a business and asks why he is taking this much interest in Benny.
Godfrey King tells Daisy Penfold that he enjoyed metting Bill Farrow.  Daisy tells Godfrey that Bill was adopted by Mr and Mrs Farrow and that his real name is King.  "He's your son," she tells Godfrey.  "Oh my god," says a stunned Godfrey King.  "I had to tell him and I had to tell you," says Daisy Penfold. 
*** End of Episode 2984 ***
Tom Read goes to see Ed Lawton at Heywood Farm and Ed says he will talk to Benny and try and persuade him to go and work with Tom Read.  Tom Read offers Ed Lawton money as a compensation for the loss of Benny's services but Ed refuses it. 
Ed Lawton tells Doris Luke that if Benny leaves the farm it could make things difficult.  "A man on his own with his housekeeper.  You know what I mean," says Ed Lawton.  He says people are bound to talk.  "Now look, Mr Lawton.  I've worked for a lot of men in my time, tall, short, fat, thin, crippled with gout and covered in spots.  And they all thought they were gods gift to women.  I don't fancy you Mr Lawton.  Oh, I dare say you're a nice enough chap, and when you're up and about I dare say we'll get on a treat," says Doris Luke.  Ed Lawton stares open mouthed.
Bill Farrow meets Daisy Penfold in reception and he tells her she was right, he would have been mad not to have met Godfrey King.  Daisy tells him that she had to tell Godfrey King who he was and Godfrey would like to see him again if he wants to.  "Of course I'll see him again," says Bill Farrow.
Diane Parker's next door neighbour Pamela Willis asks Diane if she will be alright on her own whilst there is a prowler around.  She says she thought they might share whilst Jane Smith is away.
Meg is alone at the cottage and comes downstairs in her dressing gown.  She picks up a photo of Hugh.  "Don't worry, I'll be alright," she says aloud, and smiles.
*** End of Episode 2985 ***
Bill Farrow goes to Daisy Penfold's home and meets Godfrey King again.  Bill tells him that he has given him something to live up to.  Godfrey King says he has no right to be proud of himself.
Bill Farrow gives Daisy Penfold a lift to the motel before he goes to the theatre.  He says he was thinking of asking Godfrey King to come back to the theatre and he might be able to get the casting people to offer him a part in Hamlet.  Bill says the actor who was playing one of the lead parts has left so they will have to re-cast.  He says he will have a word with the casting director tomorrow.
Doris Luke tells Benny that Tom Read was at the farm last night and he spent a long time talking with Ed Lawton.  benny asks Ed Lawton what Tom Read wanted and Ed tells Benny that Tom thinks he is making a mistake turning down the job at Reads.  "And so do I," says Ed Lawton.  Ed tells Benny that he can manage on his own and he has asked someone in the village to help him out.  "He can have your room," says Ed.  "You've told him he can have my room!" shouts Benny.  "No.  But I'm going to," answers Ed.  Benny storms out of the room.    
Bill Farrow goes to see Godfrey King and tells him that he happened to mention that he had had dinner with Godfrey King and within minutes the theatre was buzzing.  "As you know, we're re-casting in all directions.  Now to have you with the company would more than answer some of our prayers," says Bill Farrow.  Godfrey King walks out of the room without a word.
*** End of Episode 2986 ***
Bill Farrow goes after him and asks him what he has decided.  Godfrey King tells Bill that if he is to do as Bill suggests he must decide on his own.
Tom Read goes to Heywood Farm and gives Ed Lawton a cheque for 3000 to coer the loss  of Benny's services.  Ed tells Tom that he hasn't persuaded Benny yet.  Later, Ed Lawton shows Doris Luke the cheque.  "That's blackmail," says Doris.  "More like bribery," says Ed Lawton.
Clifford Howes books into the motel and tells Tish Hope that he is in the area selling artists materials.
Benny tells Ed Lawton that if he is intent on throwing him out then he will pack his bags and go, but not to Reads.  Benny says if Ed is really worried about his future then he would let him stay at Heywood Farm.  Ed Lawton gives way and says he won't force Benny to go.
Doris Luke brings Benny his dinner and see's him looking more cheerful.  Ed Lawton tells her that Benny will be staying.  "You can tear it up then," Doris Luke tells Ed.  "What?" asks Ed Lawton.  "The cheque," says Doris Luke.  "Cheque?  You mean Mr Read paid you money to get rid of me," says Benny.
Diane Parker takes an order of tea from Clifford Howes.  "Beautiful cheekbones," says Howes.  "I beg your pardon," says Diane.  Shortly after Clifford Howes asks Glenda Brownlow about Diane Parker.  Glenda tells Diane that Clifford Howes was asking questions about her.  Diane walks away.  "Where are you going?" asks Glenda.  "Don't you know I play with fire.  I'm going to have a word with him," says Diane, and walks towards Clifford Howes, who is sitting in the reception foyer.  She asks him how he is settling in.
Benny goes to see Tom Read and tells him that he isn't for sale and he is staying at Heywood Farm.  "You can't make me come to your business if I don't want to, and I don't!" shouts Benny.
*** End of Episode 2987 ***
Episodes 2988 to 2991 August 1978
See Archive Dvd Volume 10
Tom Read explains to Benny that the money he gave to Ed Lawton was to compensate him for losing Benny's services at the farm.  Tom Read asks Benny to try working at Reads for a while but Benny says no. 
Diane Parker gets a note from her next door neighbour Pamela Willis warning her that she saw somebody sneaking around outside her flat, looking up at Diane's window.
Benny returns home to Heywood Farm and tells Ed Lawton that he is going to work at Reads for a month to see if he likes it. 

1978 Episodes continued

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