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Diane Parker asks Clifford Howes if she could see the drawing he has done of her.  Clifford Howes shows her the sketch and she congratulates him.  He asks her if she would pose for a proper portrait but Diane says she wouldn't be very good at it.  Diane tells Glenda Brownlow that Clifford Howes has asked her to pose for him but she said no.
Daisy Penfold goes home after work and finds Bill Farrow talking with Godfrey King.  Godfrey King tells Daisy that Bill and the thetre company are going to tour Australia and Bill is trying to persuade him to join the company.  Godfrey King tells Bill Farrow that he will only go if Daisy is made dresser. 
David Hunter goes to the cottage to see Meg and tells her that the motel are short staffed.  Meg says she knows she should come back to the motel.  "I'm not ready to face it yet," she tells David.  "I'm not asking you to Meg.  I'm telling you.  You really must come back, right away," says David.  "I'll try David, but you must give me a little time.  I won't let you down," says Meg.
*** End of Episode 2992 ***
At Heywood Farm Benny says goodbye to his pet goat.  Ed Lawton gives him a wrist watch.  Benny leaves Heywood Farm.
Daisy Penfold rushes into the motel and tells Glenda Brownlow that she has been offered a job with the theatre.  "What about your job here?" asks Glenda.  "Well I'll have to see Mr Hunter and tell him I have to leave right away," says Daisy.
Benny arrives at Reads office.
Daisy Penfold goes to the office and tells Tish Hope that she has been offered a job in the theatre and would like to leave.  Tish says they are very short staffed and it's not very convenient for her to leave right now.  At that moment Meg Mortimer comes into the office and tells Tish that she is back for good.  Tish tells Meg that Daisy Penfold wants to leave and Meg says it's alright because Daisy was temporary.
That evening Diane Parker, alone in her flat, receives a phone call from her next door neighbour Pamela Willis who tells her that there is a man outside looking up at Diane's window.  Diane puts the phone receiver down on the table and goes to the window.  She parts the blinds, and looks outside.  She goes back to the phone and picks up the receiver.  "Hello Miss Willis.  There's no-one there.  Miss Willis.  Hello...," says Diane, but there is no-one on the other end of the phone. 
There is a knock on the door of Diane's flat and thinking it's Pamela Willis Diane opens the door.  She finds Clifford Howes outside, and he says he would like to talk to her about posing for a picture.  Diane tells him that she doesn't want to pose for him and suggests that he asks Glenda Brownlow.  "There are certain things in people which excite, artistically I mean," says Clifford Howes.  "And Glenda does not inspire," he adds. 
Diane goes into her kitchen to make coffee, and whilst she is out of the room Clifford Howes locks the door.  He sits down and takes out his artist materials.  "I bought my things," he says to Diane.  "Look really, I don't...," says Diane.  "Things have to be done," says Clifford Howes.  "Just you go away and leave me alone," says Diane, and makes a move towards the door.  "It's locked, so I wouldn't try anything," says Clifford Howes.  He asks Diane to sit down and pose for him and Diane does.
*** End of Episode 2993 ***
There is a knock on Diane's door and Pamela Willis's voice comes from the other side.  Diane tells Clifford Howes that she had better answer it otherwise Pam Willis will call the police.
Meg talks to Lloyd Munro and tells him that she had a strange experience one night.  She says she couldn't sleep and went downstairs and felt drawn by a presence.  "It felt like Hugh's presence," she says.
Diane tells Clifford Howes that if he leaves she won't tell anyone.  The phone rings and Diane moves to answer it, but Clifford Howes tells her not to.  Pamela Willis and P.C. Steve Cater wait outside Diane's door.  P.C. Cater knocks on the door but receives no reply.  Diane tells Clifford Howes to carry on drawing.  She opens the door.  "What's up?" asks P.C. Cater.  "Let them in," says Clifford Howes.  P.C. Cater comes into the room closely followed by Pamela Willis.  "That's him.  That's the man I saw," she says, pointing at Howes.  "This is a lot of fuss about nothing.  I was posing for a picture," says Diane.  P.C Cater asks Clifford Howes if Diane invited him in, and Diane answers yes whilst Clifford Howes says no.  P.C. Cater asks Clifford Howes to come to the police station with him.
*** End of Episode 2994 ***
Benny prepares for his first day at the office dressed in suit and tie.  Miss Spedding gives him some filing to do.
David Hunter see's Diane and says he heard that Benny had left Heywood Farm.  He says he was wondering if Ed Lawton will be able to carry on his delivery of vegetables to the motel.
Glenda Brownlow comes into reception holding a breakfast tray and tells David Hunter that she took the tray to Clifford Howes chalet but he wasn't there.
Miss Spedding asks Tom Read if she could have a private word with him.  She says there is nothing wrong with Benny except that his suit smells of mothballs.   Later, Tom Read tells Benny that he will take him to buy a new suit. 

1978 Episodes continued

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