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Jim Baines tells Diane Parker that if they go through the courts it will be splashed all over the newspapers, and that's the last thing she needs.  He hands Diane his cheque book and tells her to write down the amount she wants.  Diane refuses and says she will get her solcitor to sort out the correct amount.  She tells Jim that she wants a public notice of apology in the newspaper.  "Shake on it," says Jim, holding out his hand.  "No, I won't shake on it.  That'll mean I forgive you," Diane tells him.  "I'm not looking for forgiveness," says Jim.

Later, Diane joins Jane Smith in the staff room and tells her that everything has been sorted everything out.  "I've won.  Got what I wanted.  Why aren't I happy," she asks. 

Robert Matthews goes to see Meg Mortimer at the cottage and Meg tells him that she does not want to sell the cottage.  "I don't suppose you can understand why I want to stay here," says Meg.  Robert Matthews tells her that it isn't good to live in memories.  "They're my memories," says Meg.  Robert Matthews tells Meg that he respected Hugh and they were both businessmen fighting for survival.  "Survival of the fittest, and you survived," says Meg, angrily.  "Get out Mr Matthews," she says.  "I am making you a good offer.  I hope you..." says Robert Matthews.  At that moment Lloyd Munro comes into the room.  "I thought I heard Mrs Mortimer tell you to leave.  I suggest you do that," says Lloyd, and Robert Matthews leaves.

Benny asks Doris Luke if she would stay on at Heywood Farm when Ed Lawton comes out of hospital, and Doris says she will be glad to.

*** End of Episode 2981 ***

Diane Parker's next door neighbour comes to Diane's flat and tells her that she heard noises outside.

Benny goes to the hospital to collect Ed Lawton.

Jane Smith receives a letter from Major Sullivan saying that his wife is ill.  Jane phones Major Sullivan and offers to come and look after his wife.  Jane tells Diane that she is going to Manchester and she will have to ask for time off from the motel.  Diane tells her that the motel are short staffed and she doesn't know if they will let her take time off. 

Ed Lawton arrives back at Heywood Farm and tells Doris Luke off for moving things about.       

Jane Smith asks Tish Hope if she could have time off to visit a sick friend and Tish says she doesn't think she can have time off at the moment.  Jane points out that she has got two weeks holiday due but Tish says they have the holiday rota carefully worked out.  "Well then, there's nothing else for it.  You'll have to take my holiday pay as notice," says Jane.

*** End of Episode 2982 *** 

Lloyd Munro buys a newspaper from Tish Hope and Tish tells him she is sure she has seen him somewhere before but can't think where. 

Jane tells Diane that she is going to the Sullivan's even if she has to give up her job.

Meg asks Lloyd Munro if he would see about having her phone re-connected.  She thanks him for all his help and says she doesn't really know anything about him.  Meg asks Lloyd what he does for a living and Lloyd says he is a jack of all trades, as he was telling Tish Hope earlier.  Meg asks him when he spoke to Tish and Lloyd says Tish was interested in him because of Meg. 

"Everyone wants to protect you," Lloyd tells Meg.  "It's a bit too late for that.  My partner David Hunter didn't protect me.  If it hadn't been for him and his son my husband would still be alive," says Meg.  "You hold Hunter responsible?" asks Lloyd Munro.  "I don't know," says Meg.  Lloyd says she was talking about Robert Matthews causing her husbands first heart attack.  "Then he is as much to blame," says Lloyd.  The telephone rings and Meg jumps.  Lloyd Munro answers the phone.  "It's the telephone engineers checking.  Well, we're in touch again," says Lloyd.

*** End of Episode 2983 ***

Episodes 2984 to 2987 July / August 1978

See Archive Dvd Volume 10

Daisy Penfold tells Godfrey King that she has asked Bill Farrow to tea.  She explains that Bill Farrow is staying at the Crossroads Motel and she happened to mention that her lodger was a famous actor.

Tom Read visits Heywood Farm and tells Ed Lawton that while he was in hospital he asked Benny to come and work at Reads and take over from him, but Benny said no.  Tom tells Ed Lawton that he was hoping that Ed might persuade Benny to change his mind.

Bill Farrow arrives at Daisy Penfold's home and Daisy introduces him to Godfrey King.  The two men discuss the theatre and Godfrey asks Bill if he ever saw him in Hamlet.  "Of course not.  You're too young.  You were probably just a twinkle in your father's eye then.  What year were you born?" asks Godfrey King.  "1949," answers Bill Farrow.  "Good lord.  The year of my Hamlet!" exclaims Godfrey King. 









1978 Episodes continued

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