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Meg Mortimer is alone in her cottage when she hears a sawing noise coming from outside.  She opens the front door.  "What are you doing?" she asks.  Lloyd Munro apologises for disturbing her and tells her that he was getting rid of the fallen tree for her.  "I didn't know you were a lumbar jack," says Meg.  "Well I was," says Lloyd Munro.  "You were?!" exclaims Meg.  
*** End of Episode 2878 ***
Episodes 2979 to 2983 July 1978
See Archive Dvd Volume 9
Edna Read finishes the book-keeping for Heywood Farm and asks Benny when Ed Lawton is coming out of hospital.  Benny tells her that he should be home next week.  Edna tells Benny that Tom Read has thrown Alan Rogers out of the house.  She says Alan Rogers would make a better businessman than Benny, and suggests that Benny thinks very carefully before giving Tom and answer about going into the family business.
Jane Smith tells Diane Parker that Jim Baines has got himself a very good solicitor, and asks Diane if it might be possible to settle this out of court.  Diane tells her that it is a matter of principal.
Edna Read tells Benny that she didn't know that he was Tom's son until recently and Benny says he didn't know Tom until about two years ago.  He says he found a letter and wanted to know what Tom Read looked like.  "That was wrong wasn't it," says Benny.  "You had a right to know your own father," Edna tells him. 
Lloyd Munro chats to Meg at the cottage and asks her if he can do anything else for her around the house.  Meg thanks him.
Daisy Penfold see's Bill Farrow at the motel and congratulates him on his performance in Hamlet.  She asks him if she could have a rpivate word with him later.
Robert Matthews goes to see Jim Baines in his chalet and Jim tells him that he went to see the solictor Matthews recommended and he told him that he didn't stand a chance in court, so it would be better if he settled out of court. 
Daisy Penfold talks to Bill Farrow in reception and tells him that she knew him when he was a baby, and she also knew his adoptive mother and father.  Daisy tells Bill Farrow that his real mother was an actress and she died when he was born.  "Your father was an actor, and your mother and father were in a play together when she fell.  When you were born prematurely, she died," says Daisy.  Bill asks where his father is now.  "He is my lodger.  Does the name Godfrey King mean anything to you?" asks Daisy Penfold.  "Yes, of course it does," says Bill Farrow.  "That's who your father is.  I didn't tell him who you were because I thought it would be better if you came to see him," Daisy Penfold tells him.  She asks Bill Farrow if he will come and visit Godfrey King and Bill tells her that he will think about it.
*** End of Episode 2979 ***
Benny goes to the motel and joins Diane and Jane in the staff room.  He tells them that Ed Lawton is coming out of hospital next week.
Bill Farrow tells Daisy Penfold that he doesn't think it's a good idea to meet his father, after all they are total strangers.  Daisy says Godfrey King is a great actor and just for them to meet would be something in itself.  Bill Farrow asks Daisy if Godfrey King needs to know that he is his son and Daisy tells Bill that when he meets Godfrey he will want to tell him.
Jane Smith takes Jim Baines his meal in his chalet and he asks Jane if she would ask Diane Parker to come to his chalet. 
Edna and Tom Read have a cup of tea at Heywood Farm with Doris Luke, and Edna asks if the two gypsies have gone.  Doris Luke says they would have stayed on if Alan Rogers hadn't tried to make trouble for them.  She tells Tom and Edna that Alan Rogers gave Seamus Flynn a bottle of whisky hoping he would get Benny drunk and that Tom Read would find him and realises that Benny wasn't suitable to take over the business from Tom.
Jane Smith tells Diane that Jim Baines has asked to see her.  Diane says she isn't going to see him but Jane tells her that she thinks Jim wants to patch thnigs up. 
Edna Read confronts Tom Read and says if he has set her heart on having Benny in the family business then she won't fight him. 
Diane Parker goes to see Jim Baines in his chalet and he says he thought they might be able to settle this thing between themselves.
Tom Read tells Benny that he and Edna have talked things over and they would like him to come into the business and think of himself as one of the family.  "What have you got to say to that?  What's your answer?" asks Tom Read.  "Thank you very much, Mr Read, Mrs Read, but the answers no," says Benny.  He says he belongs at Heywood Farm.
*** End of Episode 2980 *** 

1978 Episodes continued

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