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Jim Baines tells Sharon Metcalfe that Diane Parker has threatened to take him to court for slander.

Carney and Diane Parker have their tea break in the staff room and Diane tells Carney that she is taking his advice and sueing Jim Baines for slander. 

Robert Matthews tells Jim Baines that he has offered Meg Mortimer a higher price for her cottage.  Jim says if he is in on the deal he wants a job and accommodation for Sharon Metcalfe.

Episodes 2974 to 2978 July 1978
See Archive Dvd Volume 9

Doris Luke notices someone sneaking about at Heywood Farm and tells Benny.  Benny goes outside and comes back into the farm kitchen with Alan Rogers.  He asks Alan Rogers what he is doing sneaking about and Rogers tells Benny that he came to see him.  Doris Luke says someone has stolen Benny's savings.  "Now hold on!  I came here to see Mr Hawkins, but if I'd known the reception I'd get I wouldn't have bothered," says Alan Rogers, and turns to leave.  Pat Grogan comes into the room at that moment and stops Alan Rogers from leaving.  "He's here to cause trouble.  And if he wants trouble then trouble he will get," says Pat.  "You lay a hand on me and I'll sue you for assault," says Alan Rogers.  "It won't be assault.  It'll be grevious bodily harm," says Pat.  Alan Rogers runs out.

Seamus Flynn rushes into the kitchen at Heywood Farm and tells Benny and Pat that Starry, Benny's pet goat, has got loose and is running about the farm.  They rush out and return with Benny's money chewed into pieces.  Doris Luke apologises to Seamus Flynn for accusing him of stealing Benny's money.

Glenda Brownlow tells Daisy Penfold that she found her shopping list.  "Did you remember the shaving cream and razor blades?" asks Glenda.  "You know what they say, curiouslty killed the cat," says Daisy Penfold. 

At Heywood Farm Seamus, Pat and Benny have their lunch break.  "Seamus, haven't you got something to tell Benny," says Pat Grogan.  Seamus tells Benny that what he said about Maureen and Pat wasn't true. 

Jane Smith apologises to Daisy Penfold on Glenda Brownlow's behalf.  Daisy tells Jane that the man Glenda was referring to is her lodger Mr King. 

Late that night when Meg is about to go upstairs to bed she hears a knock at the cottage door.  Creeping to the door, she turns the light on and asks who is there.  A man's voice says that his car has broken down.  Meg opens the door a little.  The man asks her if he could use her phone to call a garage.  Meg opens the door a little wider and asks the man to come in and sit down.  "I'm afraid I haven't got a phone," Meg tells him.  The man looks towards the phone on the table. 

Daisy Penfold and Glenda finish work for the day and Daisy says she must go home.  "Have you known him long?" asks Glenda.  "Since you're so anxious to meet my lodger then you can come to tea tomorrow," says Daisy.

Meg's visitor introduces himself as Lloyd Munro, and American on holiday in England.  Meg tells him that she knows a motel not too far away where he can get his car repaired.  She explains that when she told him she didn't have a phone, she meant a working phone.  "I pulled it out of the wall," she explains.

Tom Read goes to Heywood Farm and tells Benny and Pat that he heard they had a little bit of trouble with Alan Rogers.  He says there was a bit of an argument in the village pub, something about a man who didn't like gypsies and had a score to settle with Pat and Seamus.  He warns Benny that it could be dangerous.  Pat tells him that he and Seamus will move on.

Tom Read asks Benny how he would feel about changing his name to Read.  "I mean think how it will look over the door, we could really call it Read and Son then," says Tom.  Benny says he doesn't really want to change his name.  "Think about it.  It would mean a lot to me son," says Tom Read.

*** End of Episode 2974 ***

Meg receives an early morning visit from Lloyd Munro, and he asks her if he could use her bathroom to wash.

Robert Matthews asks Sharon Metcalfe if she enjoys her job and Sharon says she does.  "i've heard the place would crumble without you," says Robert Matthews.  "Now I wonder who said that," says Sharon.  "If you enjoy your job so much I can't think why you should want to leave," says Robert Matthews.

Pat Grogan and Seamus Flynn pack their belongings and say their goodbyes to Benny.

Glenda Brownlow goes to Daisy Penfold's home for tea.  Daisy invites her in and calls her lodger, Mr King.

Sharon Metcalfe goes to Jim Baines' chalet.  Jim shows her a letter from Diane Parker's solicitor about the slander case.  Jim says it's just Diane's way of getting her hands on some of his money.  "i don't know much about lawyers, but I do know that the more you pay the better you get.  And I can outdo her anyday," says Jim.

Godfrey King, Daisy Penfold's lodger, tells Glenda all about his days as an actor.

Sharon Metcalfe asks Jim Baines what Robert Matthews meant when he said she might want to leave her job at the garage.  Jim says he was keeping it a secret but explains that Matthews is letting him in on his business deal for 30,000.  Jim tells Sharon that he has told Robert Matthews that he wants a top secretarial job for her plus luxury accommodation.  "I don't want it Jim.  I just want to go my own sweet way," says Sharon.

Godfrey King shows Glenda Brownlow a scrapbook with cuttings of the plays he has appeared in.  They come across a picture of Godfrey King's wife, and he points it out to Glenda.  "Oh she's very beautiful," says Glenda.  "Is she still an actress?" she asks.  "No, her life ended nearly thirty years ago ," says Godfrey King.  "I killed her," he adds. 

*** End of Episode 2975 ***

"She fell.  It was an accident," says Daisy Penfold.  "No, it was my fault," says Godfrey King.  Daisy Penfold ecplains that Godfrey King's wife was expecting a baby when she fell during a performance.  The baby was born but Mrs King died.  "You'd better go," Godfrey King tells Glenda.  "You should never have brought her here," Godfrey King tells Daisy Penfold.







1978 Episodes continued

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