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Lloyd Munro books into the Motel and tells Sandy that he may be staying a while whilst his car is fixed.  He tells Sandy that his car broke down in the middle of the night and he knocked on the door of a cottage and asked the lady if he could use her phone, but she said she didn't have a phone because she had pulled it out of the wall.  Sandy tells Lloyd Munro that the lady is his mother and she owns half the Motel.
Godfrey King comes to the motel and asks Jane Smith if he could speak to Glenda Brownlow.  Jane fetches Glenda and Godfrey King apologises to her for his behaviour the previous day, and gives Glenda a single red rose.  At that moment, Carney comes into reception and see's Godfrey King.  "I am right.  You are the Mr King," says Carney, and shakes his hand.  "This is a great moment," he says.  Daisy Penfold comes into reception and takes Godfrey King by the arm.  "Come on Mr King," she says.  "Do you know who you're talking to?" Carney asks Daisy Penfold.  "Yes, my lodger," says Daisy. 
Jane Smith and Diane Parker have tea in the staff room and Diane says she is fed up and could do with a windfall.  "Well you'll be getting one," Jane tells her.  Diane looks at her, puzzled.  "This case against Jim Baines," says Jane.  "Is that what you think?  I'm only doing it for the money," says Diane.  She says she wants to hurt Jim Baines.
Sandy goes to Jim Baines' chalet and says he heard that Diane Parker is taking him to court.  "Yes, well she's got a shock coming to her," says Jim.  Sandy says perhaps it would be better if he moved out of the motel.
*** End of Episode 2976 *** 
Bill Farrow books into the motel and Sandy recognises him as an actor.  Bill Farrow tells him that he is in a production of Hamlet at a local theatre and will be staying at the motel for a while. 
Daisy Penfold takes Lloyd Munro his coffee in his chalet, and Lloyd Munro asks her about Meg Mortimer.  Daisy explains that Mrs Mortimer lost her husband recently.
Jane Smith finds out that a well known actor Bill Farrow is staying at the motel and tells Daisy Penfold.  Daisy asks her to repeat the name.  "Oh lord," says Daisy, and rushes off. 
Sandy tells Diane Parker that he has suggested to Jim Baines that he moves out of the motel.  Sandy asks her if she is planning on calling witnesses in her case against Jim, and points out that it will be bad publicity for the motel.
Jane Smith introduces Daisy Penfold to Bill Farrow.  "Oh," says Daisy, and Bill Farrow asks her what's wrong.  "You don't know me but I know you," says Daisy, and rushes off.
Lloyd Munro goes to the cottage to see Meg Mortimer and apologises for disturbing her.  He tells her that he is staying at the motel she suggested but she didn't tell him that she owns it.  There is a crashing noise from outside the cottage and Meg opens the door to find one of the trees lying across the path.
Daisy Penfold goes home and tells Godfrey King that she has got some tickets to see Hamlet at the theatre.  Godfrey King says he doesn't want to go but Daisy tells him that it'll do him good. 
*** End of Episode 2977 ***
Robert Matthews tells Jim Baines that he must go and see Mrs Mortimer again and try and persuade her to sell her cottage.  Jim tells him about Diane Parker taking him to court and asks him if he could recommend a good solicitor.  Robert Matthews gives Jim a business card.
Jim Baines goes to see Meg at the cottage and gives her an offer of 30,000 for the cottage.  Meg says it's a good offer but she doesn't really want to sell.  "Then don't," says Jim.  Jim tells Meg that he has a confession to make, and tells her that he never liked the idea from the beginning.  He says he never wanted the cottage for himself but Robert Matthews wants it.  Jim tells Meg that the council are issuing leaflets in the area for people to object to the building of the leisure centre.  "Did you get one?" he asks Meg.  "Yes.  It went in the dustbin," says Meg. 
Daisy Penfold and Godfrey King arrive home after their trip to the theatre.  Daisy asks Godfrey King what he thought of Bill Farrow's performance and Godfrey King says he was impressed.  "Maybe you should talk with him," suggests Daisy Penfold.
Jim Baines tells Robert Matthews that he told Meg Mortimer the whole story.  "What the hell did you want to do that for?" asks Robert Matthews.  "I don't like telling a packet of lies to a woman in distress who hasn't done any wrong to me and never will," Jim tells him.          

1978 Episodes continued

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