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Pat Grogan arrives at Heywood Farm and tells Benny, Doris and Seamus that he has packed in his job at the motel and can stay and help at the farm for as long as they need him.  Seamus Flynn says this calls for a celebration and fetches a full bottle of whisky.  Doris Luke asks him where he got the bottle from.
Sandy phones Meg and asks her how she is.  Meg says she has a lot to do and would like to be left alone to do them.  Meg has just replaced the phone receiver when the phone rings again.
Benny finds Seamus Flynn still drinking and tells him to stop.  "You wouldn't want Maureen to see you like this would you?" says Benny.  "Don't you talk to me about Maureen.  My poor girl that's gone," shouts Seamus.  "She was my girl too you know," says Benny.  "She wasn't your girl.  She didn't love you.  Tell me, where was she going on the day of the wedding," says Seamus.  "I don't want to talk about it," says Benny.  "She was going to see Pat Grogan that's who.  You didn't know that did you?  She was in love with Pat, not you," says Seamus.  Benny walks out of the room.
Benny walks silently into the barn where he finds Pat Grogan loading hay with a pitch fork.  He stands behind Pat watching him work.  "You and Maureen," says Benny.  Pat turns and looks at Benny.  Benny advances towards him and Pat backs away, holding the pitchfork across his body.  "Seamus told me.  You and Maureen!  You!" shouts Benny and grabbing the pitch fork from Pat, he pins him against a bale of hay with the pitch fork across his throat.  "Benny!" shouts Pat, and pushes Benny away.  Benny kneels on the ground and begins to sob. 
Pat tells Benny that Seamus is only saying this to cause trouble.  Pat tells Benny that he knows Maureen loved Benny.
Tom and Edna Read and Alan Rogers arrive at Heywood Farm and wait in the living room for Benny.  Alan Rogers picks up a half empty bottle of whisky, and says it obviously belongs to Benny.
Robert Matthews phones Meg and says perhaps she would want to seel the cottage if he puts the price up by 50%.  Meg tells him that the answer is still no.
Benny goes into the living room at Heywood Farm, and Tom Read takes him into the other room.  "You and your ideas," Edna Read tells Alan Rogers, when they see that Benny is sober.  "I thought you said it would fix him," says Edna.  "Something must have gone wrong," says Alan Rogers. 
Jill Harvey phones Sandy and tells him that she tried to phone their mother at the cottage but couldn't get an answer.  Sandy tells Jill that he will ring Meg and call Jill after he has spoken to their mother.  Sandy dials the number of the cottage but gets no answer, so he phones the telephone repair service and reports a fault.  Glenda Brownlow brings Sandy some coffee and on seeing his worried expression, she asks what's wrong.  Sandy tells her that he can't contact his mother.  "You think she's taken the phone off the hook?" asks Glenda.
Sharon Metcalfe see's Diane Parker in reception and apologises to her for Jim Baines's behaviour.  She says she is sure Jim didn't mean what he said.  "Have you two argued before?  How did it start?" asks Sharon.  "It started when he put all the right crosses in the right boxes, and he hasn't been the same since," says Diane.  
Sharon Metcalfe goes to see Jim Baines in his chalet and asks him to apologise to Diane.  Jim says he meant everything he said and won't apologise. 
Carney goes to see Diane Parker at her flat.  Diane says she feels so ashamed, but Carney tells her there is no need for her to be, she has her friends around her.  He tells Diane that she is well thought of around the motel.  "Jim Baines was insulting you in public, and that's slander.  There's a law against that," says Carney.
Benny asks Doris Luke if she found a small box when she was tidying up his room.  Doris says she didn't and asks if there was anything of importance in it.  "All the money I was saving for Maureen's gravestone," Benny tells her. 
Glenda Brownlow shows Jane Smith Daisy Penfolds shopping list and reads out the contents which include shaving brush and shaving cream.  Glenda then begins to imagine all sorts of things.  She phones Daisy Penfold's home.  "She won't be there," Jane tells her.  "I know," says Glenda.  "Oh hello.  This is the telephone service.  We're just checking your telephone," says Glenda to the person on the other end of Daisy's phone.  Glenda tells Jane that a man answered and Daisy must be living in sin. 
Doris Luke asks Seamus Flynn for the rest of Benny's money.
Glenda Brownlow and Diane Parker clean Jim Baines' chalet.  Jim comes in and Diane tells Glenda to go and start cleaning the next chalet.  "If you're looking for an apology, then you're wasting your time," says Jim Baines as soon as Glenda has left.  "I thought I might give you fair warning.  I'm going to go to court with you," says Diane.  "You what!" exclaims Jim.  "I'm going to take you to court for slander," Diane tells him. 
Sandy goes to the cottage to see Meg and asks her if there is anyhting wrong with her telephone.  Meg says she pulled it out of the wall and it's a relief. 
Pat Grogan asks Seamus why he told Benny about him and Maureen.  He says he told Benny it was all lies, and he should do the same.  Pat asks Seamus where he got the bottle of whisky and Seamus tells him it was a present in return for a favour.

1978 Episodes continued

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