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Pat Grogan goes to see Jane Smith and tells her that what she saw the previous evening meant nothing at all and he was trying to stop Diane nagging at him.  He tries to kiss Jane but she pushes him away.  "It's not enough is it Pat," says Jane.  "No listen Jane..." says Pat.  "It's late Pat.  You'd better go," says Jane,. and holds the door open.
Tish Hope visits Meg at the cottage and Meg apologises for snapping at her the other day.  Meg says Robert Matthews was at the cottage asking her if she wanted to sell.  "I came here to be alone and the phone hasn't stopped ringing.  I wish people would leave me alone," says Meg.
Alan Rogers goes to Heywood Farm and asks Doris Luke some questions about herself and about Benny.  He asks her how she gets on with Benny and Doris says fine now, but she was a bit scared of him at first because she had heard stories about him in the village.  "What stories?" asks Alan Rogers.  Doris says she heard that Benny got drunk and hit a man.  "Oh," says Alan Rogers, interested.
Carney asks Pat Grogan how Jane took it.  Pat says he has made a mess of everything since he has been at the motel and tells Carney that he is going to leave.
Robert Matthews goes to the office and see's Tish Hope.  He asks Tish how Meg is and says she is doing herself no good at all living at the cottage with all her memories.  He says the sooner Meg leaves there the better.  Tish makes it clear to him that the cottage is not for sale, but Robert Matthews says he is more concerned about Meg's state of mind.  "You are one of her closest friends.  Do something about her state of mind before she has a very serious breakdown," he says.
Doris Luke tells Alan Rogers that she doesn't believe Benny could hurt anyone.  "He's quite a gentleman in his own way," she says.  Benny and Seamus Flynn come into the room and Alan Rogers tells them that he has come to fetch some vegetables for Edna Read.  Benny tells him to help himself. 
Carney meets Daisy Penfold the new kitchen help at the motel.  He notices a bouquet of flowers on the staff room table and Daisy Penfold tells him that they are for Mrs Mortimer from all the motel staff.  Daisy Penfold goes to the office and shows Sandy the flowers and asks him if he could take them to Mrs Mortimer.  Sandy says he can't really leave the motel and Daisy asks if she could take them.  Sandy says yes, but warns her that Mrs Mortimer isn't very well.  
Pat Grogan goes to Diane and Jane's flat and asks Diane if he could wait for Jane to come back from work.  Jane arrives and Diane leaves her and Pat to talk.  Pat tells Jane that he is leaving the motel and he came to say goodbye.  "I'll think of you often," says Pat.  "I'll think of you too," says Jane.  He kisses her.
Tom Read goes to Heywood Farm and offers to pay Benny for the vegetables that Alan Rogers took. Benny refuses to take any money from his father but Seamus Flynn snatches the money from Tom Read.  Tom says he would like to speak to Benny alone and Seamus announces that he is going to the pub.  Doris Luke tells Seamus she will join him.  She takes the 5 note out of Seamus's hand and tucks it into Benny's overall pocket.
Daisy Penfold goes to the cottage and introduces herself to Meg.  She gives Meg the flowers and tells her that they are from everyone at the motel.  Meg offers her tea.
Tom Read tells Benny that Alan Rogers thought he was taking over Read's but he isn't.  "I want you to have it.  You've got the Read blood in you.  I want you to carry on," says Tom.  "But I can't can I.  My name's Hawkins," says Benny. 
Diane Parker goes to her flat and tells Jane Smith that she is sorry and knows she must be upset.  Jane says the funny thing is, she isn't really upset.
Daisy Penfold tells Meg that she thinks she is marvellous.  She says she knows what it's like to lose someone dear.  "Er, I think you'd better go," says Meg, standing up.  "I don't want you to miss your bus," adds Meg.
Back at the motel Daisy Pemfold takes a menu to Sandy in the office and Sandy asks her how his mother was.  Daisy says she thinks she upset her.
Pat Grogan has a drink with Carney in the motel reception area.  Pat tells Diane Parker, who is on duty at reception, that he is sorry for what happened.  "So you should be.  First Jane and then me," says Diane.  Pat says his goodbye's and leaves the motel.  Carney asks Diane what she meant and she tells Carney and Glenda Brownlow that Pat Grpgan made a pass at her and Jane caught them.  "He never did!" says Glenda, horrified.
Later Glenda Brownlow takes some food into Jim Baines's chalet and she says she was just talking to Diane at reception and she said something about her making a pass at Jane Smith's boyfriend.  "No one's safe in Parker's company," says Jim Baines. 
That evening Jim Baines orders drinks in reception for himself and Sharon Metcalfe.  Diane Parker takes him the drinks on a tray.  "90p," she says.  Jim puts a one pound note on the tray as a tip.  Diane hands him back the notel  "No thank you," she says.  Jim puts the note onto the tray again.  "It's for the man who poured the drinks.  Give it to him will you," says Jim. 
Diane throws the note onto Jim's table.  "Give it to him yourself!" she says loudly and turns to go.  "Oy!" shouts Jim, and Diane turns around.  "Are you talking to me?" asks Diane, then turns and walks away.  Jim gets up from his seat and follows her.  "Look you!" he shouts and Diane turns to face him.  "Just because you're loaded with money you expect everyone to come crawling to you," says Diane.  "Listen here you little scrubber," says Jim.  "No sorry.  There's something clean about scrubbing," he adds. 
Sharon Metcalfe takes Jim by the arm and tries to pull him away but he shakes her off.  "No one's safe with you around.  Take Jane Smith.  The only boyfriend she'll probably have and you have to get him.  You've had one broken marriage and a kid from some bloke in America.  I bet you don't even know his name.  D'you know what I'm going to do for you.  I'm going to see the management about you and see that they keep you as far away from me as possible.  Alright have you got that.  Now get it!" shouts Jim Baines.  Diane turns and walks into the kitchen stunned, whilst Jane, Carney and Glenda look on.          

1978 Episodes continued

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