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Edna Read and Alan Rogers go to Heywood Farm and Edna introduces her nephew to Benny.  Benny holds out his hand to shake hands but Alan Rogers walks away.
Tish Hope goes to the cottage to see Meg and Tish tells her that Hugh's solicitrs have been asking for her.
Alan Rogers helps Edna Read with the Heywood Farm book keeping.  "Well?" she asks.  "I don't believe uncle Tom would leave the business to an idiot like Benny Hawkins," says Alan Rogers.
Tish Hope tells Meg that she must face up to Hugh's solicitors sometime.  Meg jumps angrily to her feet.  "Face up to the fact that Hugh is dead because of David and that misguided son of his.  Don't tell me to face up to things.  The way I'm feeling now I think it would be better if you and everyone else stayed away from here.  You can let yourself out," says Meg angrily.
Seamus Flynn tells Benny that he doesn't like the look of Alan Rogers and he thinks he is up to something.
Muriel Baines phones Jim and tells him to come to their hotel in Torquay right away because Michael isn't well.
Tish Hope joins Sandy in the office and she asks where David is.  Sandy tells her that David had a phone call from Guernsey to say that David's uncle, Timothy Hunter, has had a stroke so David has left for Guernsey.  Sandy asks Tish how his mother is and Tish says she doesn't want to see anyone, especially David.  "I didn't realise she had this seething hatred for David," says Tish.
Robert Matthews visits Meg at the cottage and says he would like to discuss something with her.  Matthews asks her if she would consider selling the cottage. 
Pat Grogan arrives at Heywood Farm and Seamus Flynn guesses that something is wrong.  Pat tells him about Jane Smith.  "She's not your type," says Seamus.  "She's a lovely girl.  You don't know her," says Pat.  "Think about Maureen and then her," Seamus tells him.  "I've been thinking of no one else these past few days," says Pat.  Seamus cautions Pat about getting too involved with Jane Smith, but to let her down gently. 
Benny goes to see Tom Read and asks him about Alan Rogers.  He says that Seamus Flynn thought that Tom might give Alan Rogers Benny's job.  Tom Read assures Benny that Alan Rogers can't take over from Benny because he borrowed Benny that money to go into partnership with Ed Lawton, and it was all done properly through solicitors.  Tom tells Benny that what he would really like is for Benny to take over the business after him.  "I want you to have the business after me.  Handed down from father to son.  Well, what do you say?" asks Tom Read.  Edna Read comes into the room at that moment.  "Think about it.  Your place is here, behind this desk and don't let anyone tell you otherwise," says Tom, looking pointedly at Edna. 
Benny leaves, deep in thought.  Tom Read tells Edna that Benny is thinking seriously about his offer to take over the business.  "You can do what you like with the business but you won't bring Benny Hawkins into my house," says Edna Read firmly. 
Glenda Brownlow tells Diane that perhaps they should start a collection for Mrs Mortimer and buy her something.
Pat Grogan comes to the motel and see's Jane Smith on duty at the reception desk.  She asks him where he has been and Pat tells her that he has been at Haywood Farm helping Benny and Seamus.  Jane asks him to come to the flat that evening.
Carney see's Pat Grogan looking downcast and asks him what is troubling him.  Pat says it's Jane, the more he see's her the more he likes her.  carney warns him not to make Jane unhappy.  Pat tells him that he is going to put an end to it in the nicest possible way.
Robert Matthews see's Jim Baines in the motel reception and tells him that he went to see Mrs Mortimer about selling the cottage.  He says he has already got Paxton Hall which is going to be developed into a leisure centre but Meg's cottage is in the way.  Matthews says he understand Jim stayed in the cottage.  Jim says yes but it's been rebuilt since and is worth more now.  "perhaps if you approached Mrs Mortimer she might want to seel," suggests Robert Matthews. 
Pat Grogan goes to Jane and Diane's flat.  Diane answers the door and he comes i to wait for Jane.  "Jane made the biggest mistake of her life when she met you," says Diane.  "I agree," replies Pat.  Diane looks at him, puzzled.  "What?" she asks.  "I agree.  That's why I'm calling it all off as gently as possible," Pat tells her.  Diane turns on him.  "That just about takes the biscuit.  You kid her into thinking she's in love with you then you tell her it's all over," says Diane.  "Be quiet Diane," warns Pat.  "You think you're so wonderful that women just fall over you," says Diane.  "I warn you, be quiet!" shouts Pat.  "I wouldn't touch you if you were the last man on earth," shouts Diane.  Pat grabs her and kisses her.  Jane Smith looks on from the doorway, unnoticed.  Diane notices Jane and pushes Pat Grogan away.  "Oh god," says Diane.  Diane order Pat out and assures Jane that it meant nothing and Pat was only trying to shut her up.  Jane tells her not to worry because it happened to her that way.
Jim Baines goe to the cottage to see Meg Mortimer and says he will have to find a house to settle down.  he asks Meg if she would ever consider selling the cottage.  Meg smiles and says it's the second time today that someone has made her an offer on the cottage.  Meg asks Jim if he knows Robert Matthews and Jim says he has seen him around the motel.
Jim meets Robert Matthews back at the motel and tells him that Mrs Mortimer is thinking about his offer.  Robert Matthews tells him that if Mrs Mortimer decides to sell to him he will have to hand the cottage over to him for the development scheme.

1978 Episodes continued

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