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An elderly man books into the motel and introduces himself to Meg as Robert Matthews.  He says he knows her but she doesn't know him.  Meg gives Robert Matthews his chalet key and Matthews leaves reception.  Doctor Butterworth asks Meg if she knows him.  "By reputation only," says Meg.  "A friend of a friend?" asks Doctor Butterworth.  "He's no friend.  I don't want him here, least of all now," says Meg.  Doctor Butterworth asks exactly who Robert Matthews is and Meg tells him that Matthews was the man who got Hugh voted off the board of directors.  "How dare he come here," says Meg.
Pat Grogan goes to Heywood Farm and joins Benny in taking some flowers to put on Maureen Flynn's grave.  As they kneel beside Maureen's grave, Benny tells Pat that he is going to save up for a proper headstone. 
Robert Matthews tells Meg Mortimer that he is sorry about Hugh and tells her that if there is ever anything he can do to help not to hesitate to ask.  Meg says he is the last person she would go to for help.  "If you had thought before you acted Hugh might still be alive today," shouts Meg and walks away from the reception desk.
Jim Baines, who is sitting in reception, overhears the conversation.  Robert Matthews sits in one of the chairs in reception and Jim Baines joins him.  They strike up a conversation and Robert Matthews talks of his dislike for Hugh Mortimer.  Jim asks him questions about his job and Matthews tells him about his work.
Tom Read arrives at Heywood Farm with his wife Edna who acts very cooly towards Benny. 
Sharon Metcalfe joins Jim Baines in reception and Jim tells her about his conversation with Robert Matthews.  He says Matthews worked his way up from nothing.  "He doesn't know it yet, but he's just pointed the way for me," says Jim.  "That's what I'll do with my money," Jim tells Sharon.
Tom Read asks Benny if he is satisfied with what he has.  He says Ed Lawton won't be very strong when he comes out of hospital and he might not want to carry on with the market garden.  "Then what would you do?" asks Tom.  Benny says he couldn't afford to buy Ed Lawton's half of the farm.  Tom Read tells Benny that he might be able to help him.
Jim Baines asks Diane Parker if she would phone Robert Matthews chalet and ask him to call into Jim's chalet for a drink.
Tom Read joins his wife Edna in the sitting room at Heywood Farm and she asks him what he is up to.  "You're going to offer that boy a job aren't you?" she asks.  "Not only that.  I'm going to teach him all I know.  I want him to take over from me.  He is my son and it's about time I started treating him like one," says Tom.
Diane Parker takes Jim Baines his meal in his chalet.  "I don't know why you bother because you take one bite and leave the rest," says Diane.  "It's something to do," says JIm.  "You make me sick," Diane tells him.  Robert Matthews comes to Jim's chalet.
Jane Smith asks Tish Hope where Mrs Mortimer is going, and when she see's Tish's puzzled expression, Jane says she saw Meg leaving with a lot of suitcases.  Tish asks Diane if Meg told her where she was going.  Diane says she carried Meg's suitcases out for her and Meg told her not to bother Tish, Mr Hunter or Sandy. 
Tish Hope asks Diane if she would phone Meg's cottage and just make it sound like a friendly call.  Diane dials the number of Meg's cottage and Meg answers the phone.  Diane asks her if she wants anything but Meg tells her that she would like to be left alone. 
Robert Matthews tells Jim Baines about his plans to convert some land into a leisure centre. 
Diane Parker arrives at her flat and finds Jane Smith sobbing. She asks Jane what's wrong and Jane tells her that Pat Grogan didn't turn up for the dinner she had planned.  As they are talking there is a thudon the stairway outside and Diane rushes out to see what it is.  "Oh gawd!" she exclaims.  Diane comes back into the flat.  "Come on, this is going to need two of us," she tells Jane.  "Why? What's happened?" asks Jane.  "It's your friend Pat Grogan smashed out of his mind on a heap on the stairs," Diane tells her.  They both rush out to help.
Edna Read tells her nephew Alan Rogers that Tom is going to leave the buiness to Benny Hawkins, the village idiot, when it should by rights go to him. 
Pat Grogan see's Jane Smith the next day and apologises for his behaviour the night before.  He explains that he went with Benny to visit Maureen Flynn's grave and he didn't realise how much he misses her. 
Tish Hope tells Sandy that Robert Matthews was asking for Meg and wanted to know about the cottage.
Tom Read asks Alan Rogers what he is doing leaving the business to Benny Hawkins.  He says he doesn't understand why he is leaving the business to a complete stranger.  Tom Read tells Alan Rogers that Benny is not a stranger but he is his son.
Sandy goes to the cottage to see his mother and gives her an envelope.  "What is it?" she asks.  "It's a letter of apology I think, from Chris.  David asked me to give it to you," says Sandy.  "Then I think you'd better destroy it then," says Meg and walks away.

1978 Episodes continued

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