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Later that evening Simone Clavell goes to Chris Hunter's chalet and tells him that the group are ready to take Hugh Mortimer.  "You're really serious about this aren't you?" asks Chris. "Yes, of course!" answers Simone.  "And who is going to do this?  It'll be expensive, besides you don't even know where he is," says Chris.  "The Australian faction are taking care of it.  Have you heard of a place called Alligator Creek?  That's where he is.  This time you must help us," says Simone.  "No Simone!" shouts Chris and walks out of the chalet.  "That's right.  Run and tell Daddy.  That's part of your job.  That's exactly what we want you to do," says Simone.
Diane Parker shows Jane Smith around her flat.  Jane lies full stretch on the settee.  "I've always wanted to live a life of luxury," she says.  "You're on chuck," says Diane. 
Chris Hunter bursts into the sitting room where he finds David.  "They know where Hugh Mortimer is.  The Australian faction are taking care of it!" Chris says, breathlessly.  "Hold on a minute," says David, trying to calm his som.  "Start again," says David.  "They're going to kidnap Hugh Mortimer.  I thought Simone was joking but they're serious.  They know where he is.  The Australian faction are dealing with it, and they're really tough," says Chris.  "Are you sure?" asks David.  "Yes, I'm supposed to negotiate with Meg about the ransom money.  Get onto the police, interpol...anyone!" says Chris.  "The first person we have to tell is Meg," says David and picks up the telephone.  "Meg.  Could you come into the sitting room please.  It's important," he says.
David tells Chris to keep an eye on Simone, and Chris leaves the room.  Meg comes into the sitting room.  David asks her if she knows exactly where Hugh is at the moment, and when Meg tells him she does David tells her about the plan to kidnap Hugh.  Meg asks if Chris is involved and David tells her that he is supposed to be the link man; any information they get will be through Chris. 
Chris rushes into the sitting room and tells David that Simone has gone.  "Clothes and everything," he says.  Chris turns to Meg.  "I'm sorry Meg," he says.  "Right.  We move," says David and picks up the phone.  "The police?" asks Meg.  "Have you got a photo?" David asks Meg.  Chris picks up a photo of Hugh from the desk.  "Will this do?" he asks.  "It's a bit young, but Hugh hasn't changed much," says Meg and leaves with Chris.
Jim Baines returns home and Muriel asks him if he is quite satisfied about the gossip about her and Victor Lee.  Jim says he talked to Sharon Metcalfe and apparently she and Victor Lee have something going.  Jim hands Muriel his football pools coupon and asks her to count the ticks.  Muriel sits beside Jim and looks at the pools coupon.  "Nine.  What does it mean?" she asks.  "It means I've cracked it.  I've won the pools!" says Jim.  "What do we do now?" asks Muriel.  "Do.  We do nothing for the rest of our lives," says Jim and hugs Muriel. 
Meg and Chris return from seeing the police, and David asks what happened.  "He was marvellous," says Meg, looking at Chris.  "So he should be," says David.  Meg says it's all in the hands of the Australian police, and they are sending out a search party.  "Don't worry Meg.  Any minute now the phone will ring and you'll speak to him," David tells Meg.  "I wonder," says Meg, anxiously.  Chris says the group need him as a link man but as soon as Simone has done her work they will be rid of her.
Jim Baines waits patiently for news about his pools win.
Chris Hunter talks to Sandy and says Meg resents him and holds him responsible.  He says Meg thinks he should be with the police helping them, but the longer they wait the more chance the Australian police have of  catching up with the group.
Sandy receives a phone call and hands the phone to Chris.  Chris goes into the sitting room to join Meg, and tells her that he has had a phone call.  "They've got Hugh, but he's alright.  They want money.  I've got to deliver it," he tells Meg.  "How much?" asks Meg.  Chris looks down to the floor.  "Don't you know!" shouts Meg.  David Hunter comes into the sitting room at that moment.  "One million pounds," says Chris.
Benny arrives at the motel and asks for Diane Parker.  He tells Diane that Ed Lawton has had to go into hospital with a bad back and he won't be able to cope on his own.  Diane phones the hospital and enquires about her uncle Ed Lawton.  She is told that he has a slipped disc and they will have to operate.
Alan Brisley arrives at the Baines' house and tells Jim and Muriel that he is from the pools.  Jim asks him how much they have won and Alan Brisley says he can't really say because it hasn't been sorted out yet.  "You must have some idea," says Jim.  "Six figures," says Alan Brisley.  "What!" says Jim.  "Which means the sum is over 100,000 pounds," says Alan Brisley.
Sandy asks Meg if she blames David for what has happened.  "Not directly, but I never want Chris near me again," says Meg. 
Meg receives a phone call from the Birmingham police to say that the Australian police have found the groups camp.  "It was deserted.  There were signs of a struggle," Meg tells Sandy.  "I've got the money.  I've got to get him back," sobs Meg. 
Sandy tells David about the latest developments.  David says he has been in touch with Meg's solicitors about the ransom money.  He tells Sandy that he contacted Anthony Mortimer who is on his way to Australia.  Sandy warns David that Meg is very anti-Chris at the moment.  "She's not the only one," says David.  Sandy tells David to try and keep Chris away from Meg as much as possible.  "Don't worry, I will," says David.    

1978 Episodes continued

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