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Jim Baines storms into the garage.
Chris Hunter goes to the sitting room and see's Meg Mortimer.  "Is this goodbye?" she asks.  "No, we're staying on a few more days.  I just wanted to thank you for putting up with us," says Chris.  "I thought of going to Australia," Chris says.  "Yes Hugh certainly likes it out there," says Meg.  "Where is he, so you know?" asks Chris.  "The last I heard he was at a place called Alligator Creek," Meg tells him.  "Doesn't it worry you?" asks Chris.  "I expect I'll hear from him soon," says Meg.
Jim Baines shows Sharon Metcalfe the list the neighbours made of Victor Lee's visits to Muriel whilst he was in hospital.  Jim says he has been checking up on Victor Lee and there's no sign of a girlfriend anywhere.  "That's because you were asking in the wrong place.  You should have phoned me.  I'd have told you all about us," says Sharon.  Jim looks at her.  "Is that right then," Jim asks Victor Lee.  "Why else would she tell you," says Victor.
Jackie Barrett goes to work in the salon as usual the next morning, and tells Diane that she doesn't know what she is going to do.  Diane tells her to tell the motel that she has got to go to London urgently.
Jim Baines takes Sharon Metcalfe into the motel bar and asks her what is going on.  Sharon tells him that she and Victor are going out together. 
Jackie Barrett tells Meg Mortimer that she has to go back to London right away.  Meg says she understands and doesn't ask any questions.
Jim tells Sharon that he can't think of her as Victor Lee's 'bird' and it's a bit of a shock.  "What would you have done if the rumours about Muriel and Victor had been true?" asks Sharon.  "Well put it this way.  It wouldn't have broken my heart," admits Jim. 
Sidney O'Neil and Meg go into the office and tell Sandy that Jackie Barrett has to go to London.  Meg asks Sidney if he can manage on his own until they find someone to replace Jackie.
Muriel Baines comes to the motel to have her hair done.  Jim meets her in reception and says he has to leave her.  Sharon Metcalfe tells Jim that she will see Muriel safely home afterwards.  "What's happened.  He's different.  As if all this business about Victor doesn't matter," Muriel says to Sharon.  Sharon says maybe there have been a few changes whilst Jim has been away.
Jackie Barrett says good bye to Diane Parker.  Jackie asks Diane to try and tell Frank Tyler that she didn't really care about him, for his own sake. 
Sharon Metcalfe takes Muriel Baines into the hairdressing salon where Muriel meets Sidney O'Neil.  Muriel says Vera usually does her hair but Sidney tells her that Vera isn't coming back to work here.  "I'm in charge now," he says.  Whilst he sits Muriel down, Sidney tells Sharon that he is planning to make quite a few changes.  "I'm thinking of changing the name.  Maison O'Neil, how does that grab you?" asks Sidney.
In the office Meg and Sandy discuss what is to be done about the salon.  Meg says perhaps they shoudl promote Sidney O'Neil to manager, but Sandy says he doesn't hink it's a good idea.  He points out that the salon takings have been down and perhaps they should put the salon under completely new management.  They ask Sidney O'Neil to come to the office.
Sidney O'Neil goes to the office and tells Meg and Sandy that he was thinking of changing the salon name to Maison O'Neil.  Sandy tells him that he has talked things over with Meg and David Hunter and they feel that they should put the salon under new management.  "Yes I think so too," says Sidney, confidently.  "That's why we're advertising for a new manageress," Sandy tells him and Sidney's face drops.    
Jane Smith see's Diane Parker looking down and asks what's wrong.  Diane tells her that she doesn't like the thought of going back to an ampty flat.  Jane says she is looking for somewhere to live.  "Do you think it would work?" asks Diane.  "I can stand it if you can," says Jane.  "Oh thanks," laughs Diane.  She tells Jane to come and have a look at the flat in her lunch break.
Sidney O'Neil says he would rather resign than work under a woman.
David tells Simone that if she stays on any longer than a few days he will go to the police.  "Even if Chris is involved?" asks Simone.  "The only thing Chris has done is cheat in an exam and we're doing something about that," David tells her. 
David finishes writing a letter of explanation to the head of the university and hands it to Chris.  "Here, read that. If it's alright write it in your own handwriting and sign it," says David.  Chris reads the letter.  "Yeah, this is ok.  Thanks dad," says Chris, and goes to the desk to start writing it out.  Simone Clavell tells Chris that it would be silly to send the letter because he would be throwing away his chances of becoming a letter.  "That won't break my heart," Chris tells her.  "You make me sick, the both of you," says Simone and leaves, slamming the door.  David asks Chris what he will do if the worst comes to the worst, and Chris says he will get a job.  He thanks David for not going to the police.

1978 Episodes continued

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