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Alan Brisley celebrates Jim and Muriel Baines' pools win, and Alan Brisley tells them that they should celebrate properly by throwing a party for all their friends.  Jim says he would rather keep it quiet.  Brisley says he noticed that Jim put an X in the no publicity box on his pools coupon.  Jim says he put it there because he didn't want publicity.  Brisley says it would be good for him and the company to have some publicity.
Diane Parker takes Benny to her flat and gives him something to eat.  Benny says he can't stay because he will miss his last bus back to the farm.  Diane tells him that he can stay the night and sleep on the settee.
Jim Baines goes into work in a very good mood and Sharon asks him what he is up to.  Jim whispers something in her ear.  "You're joking!" says Sharon in disbelief.  Jim looks at her seriously.  "You're not joking," says Sharon. 
Diane tells Benny that she has some holidays due so she will take them early and come and help him on the farm.
Jane Smith asks Sharon if the garage could spare a driver to move her belongings into Diane's flat.
David Hunter warns Chris to stay out of Meg's way for a while.
Jim Baines and Benny help Jane Smith move her belongings to Diane's flat, and Jim gives Benny a big tip for helping.
Sandy tells David that the police beleive the only way to save Hugh is to pay the ransom.  He tells David that in order to pay the ransom Meg may have to sell up everything. 
Meg asks David to come into the sitting room and tells him that she is going to pay the ransom.  She tells him that she will have to put her shares up for sale.  David tells her that he has contacted his solicitor and he is putting his shares up for sale as well.  "It's not necessary," Meg tells him, but David says he would like to help.
Diane asks Sandy if she can have a weeks holiday to help Benny out at Heywood Farm.
Meg rushes into the office and tells David that the Australian police have found the hideout where Hugh is being kept, and they are going to raid it.  Sandy tells Meg that he has reserved her a flight to Australia.  Meg says she will have to go because Hugh will need looking after. 
David Hunter receives a phone call from reception and tells Sandy that there are two men from CID in reception to see Meg.  Sandy says he will see them.
Diane tells Benny that she has got a weeks holiday.  They go back to Diane's flat and Diane packs a bag, writes a note to tell Jane that she is going to stay at Heywood Farm.
Sandy goes into the office where he finds David alone.  "Something wrong?" asks David, when he see's Sandy's worried expression.  Sandy tells him that the Australian police sent in a team and Hugh thought it was the best time to try and make a break for freedom.  "He collapsed.  Another heart attack, only this time he didn't survive it," says Sandy. 
Jane Smith meets Pat Grogan outside the motel and asks him what he is doing here.  Pat tells her that he is looking for a job.  Jane invites him to her flat for dinner.
Meg joins Sandy and David in the sitting room and see's their concerned expressions.  She asks Sandy what has happened.  "Hugh's dead," she guesses.  "Yes.  A heart attack," Sandy tells her.  Meg asks Sandy to drive her to the airport.  "Yes of course," says Sandy.  "Thank you," sobs Meg. 
Alan Brisley goes to the Baines' house and asks Muriel if Jim has mentioned anything more about the publicity.  Muriel tells him that Jim doesn't want any publicity. 
Carney tells Sharon Metcalfe that he has just seen Mrs Mortimer and Sandy and Mrs Mortimer was as white as a sheet.  Sharon tells him that Sandy is taking Meg to the airport to catch a flight to Australia.  "Australia?" asks Carney.  "Yes.  Mr Mortimer has had a heart attack, only this time he didn't pull through," says Sharon. 
Jim Baines arrives home and Alan Brisley asks him if he has given any more thought about publicity.  Jim says he would rather remain anonymous.  Alan Brisley hands him a cheque for 103,000.  "Six figures on a piece of paper.  Who'd think it would change your life," says Jim.    
Jane Smith takes Pat Grogan to her flat.  She tells him that Diane will be back from work soon.  She finds the note from Diane on the table and reads it.  "Something wrong?" asks Pat Grogan.  "No," says Jane.
Jim Baines goes to the garage office and shows Sharon Metcalfe the cheque for 103,000.  She asks him what he is going to do with the money and Jim tells her that he would like to go away on his own.  "What does Muriel think about that?" asks Sharon.  "I haven't told her," answers Jim.
Jane gives Pat Grogan his meal and afterwards goes to the kitchen to wash up.  As soon as she has left the room Pat Grogan picks up the note from Diane and reads it. 
Jim Baines tells Muriel that he needs some time away on his own to think things over.
Pat Grogan falls asleep on the settee in Jane's flat and Jane wakes him up.  He apologises and explains that he has been sleeping rough for the last few nights.  Jane asks him if he has somewhere to stay tonight and Pat says no and it's too late to go looking now.  "I'll sleep on the settee," he says, but Jane says he can't.  "It's Diane isn't it?  You're afraid she'll come back and find me here," says Pat.  "No, it's not that.  As a matter of fact Diane won't be back tonight," Jane tells him.  "Is it because it will be just the two of us?" asks Pat.  Jane looks uneasily at the floor.  "You can trust me," says Pat.

1978 Episodes continued

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