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Simone Clavell finds David alone in the sitting room.  She sits beside David on the settee and tells him that she knows the other night was to try and get her to talk.  "It was easy to see through you," she tells him.  "Then why did you come back for more?" asks David.  Simone puts a hand to his face.  "You know perfectly well why," she says.  "Will you take me out to dinner tonight?" she asks him.  "Of course," replies David.  "Not here.  Somewhere quiet in the country.  I don't think Chris will like it if he sees us together again," says Simone.
Later, whilst waiting for David in the sitting room, Simone looks at some papers on the desk.  David enters the room and Simone puts the papers down.  "That was close.  I nearly bumped into Chris," says David.  He tells her that he will bring the car around the back so they can slip out unnoticed.  Simone puts her arms around David's neck and pulls him down to her height.  "Why do you have to be so tall," she says.  He kisses her lightly on the lips, and they walk towards the french windows.  Simone tells David to go on ahead whilst she fetches something.  David leaves the room by the french windows and as soon as he has gone Simone returns to the desk and copies something from the papers into her notebook.
Mrs Castleton has her hair done in the motel hairdressing salon.  Jackie Barrett watches as she puts her diamond earrings on.  On their way out Jackie advises every customer to be sure to put their valuables in the safe.       
Simone Clavell returns to her chalet and finds Chris there waiting for her.  Chris asks her where she has been, and Simone tells him that she has been out with David.  She says she has to find out what's going on in David's head.  "It could be dangerous.  He is the sort of man who would go to the police even if his own son was involved," she says.  Chris phones through to reception and asks Tish Hope to tell David to come and see him in his chalet urgently.  Tish tells Chris that David is busy with the dinner dance being held at the motel.  "As soon as he's free tell him I must talk to him.  I'm in my chalet ok," says Chris and puts the phone down abruptly. 
Jackie Barrett arrives home and tells Diane that she will be going out again later.
David Hunter joins Tish Hope at the reception desk.  Tish tells him that Chris wants to see him in his chalet and it sounded urgent.  "He's kept me waiting often enough, so this time he'll have to wait," says David.
In her room at her flat Jackie Barrett dresses in an all black outfit, puts a few things into a bag and tells Diane that she is leaving.  "I'm warning you," says Diane, standing in front of Jackie.  "I'm not joking.  If you as much as step outside that door, I'll call the police," Diane warns her.  Jackie tells her that Frank is on duty and he won't believe a word she says.  She leaves but waits outside the door to see if Diane carries out her threat.  Diane listens for Jackie's footsteps and once she hears Jackie going downstairs, dials a phone number.
David goes to Chris's chalet and finds him alone.  Chris asks what is going on between him and Simone.  "Alright, I think it's time for the truth all round," says David.
Jackie Barrett, with torch in hand, lets herself into the darkened motel sitting room via the french windows.  She unlocks the wall safe and is about to help herself to the contents when a voice says, "Hello Jackie."  Jackie turns around, startled.  "What are you doing here?" asks Frank Tyler.  "You've known about me all along, haven't you?" asks Jackie.  "I had to confirm my suspicions," says Frank.  "Are you going to arrest me?" asks Jackie.  "I understand this isn't the first time," says Frank.  He tells her that the more she admits then the better it will be for her in the long run. 
David tells Chris that he wasn't going to get any information from him so he was trying to get it from Simone.  "But you are attracted to her," says Chris.  "I find her physically exciting yes," admits David.  "Well she certainly fancies you," says Chris.  "You may as well know everything," says Chris, and explains that when he met Simone she belonged to a left-wing communist movement, and she got him involved too.  "They needed a lawyer," he says.
Chris admits to David that he cheated in one of his law exams and that if he doesn't go along with the group they will tell the university that he cheated.  Chris tells his father that the group planned to kidnap a friend of Rosemary's called Ballini but he warned him off.  "I'm also involved with a couple of murders.  And it looks as if I might be next in line," says Chris.  "Murders?" asks David.  "Yes.  Pierre was murdered," Chris tells him.  Chris tells David that he will sit his final exams as if nothing happepend, but David tells him that he must tell the university that he cheated.  "Because if you don't I certainly will," warns David.
Jackie Barrett and Frank Tyler go to Jackie and Diane's flat and Jackie says it's his word against hers, and if she screamed all the neighbours would come running.
Simone Clavell wakes Chris up and asks him what David wanted.  "He was just checking up on how we were staying," Chris tells him.  "He was here for over half an hour," says Simone.  Chris tries to go back to sleep but Simone slaps him around the face.  Chris sits up and says he told his father everything.
Diane Parker joins Jackie and Frank in the flat and tells Jackie that she phoned Frank and told him what she was up to.  "But he wouldn't believe me.  He loves you," Diane tells Jackie. 
Simone Clavell tells Chris that they have found another target.  "A very rich business man.  he is not actually here but there are connections," she says.  "Hugh Mortimer," Chris guesses and stares at Simon in disbelief.
Diane asks Frank Tyler what will happen to Jackie and Frank says she will probably get police bail.   

1978 Episodes continued

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