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Victor Lee tells Sharon Metcalfe that he phoned Muriel Baines to ask her to dinner but she was very distant.
Meg tells David that she owes him 5 for a phone call Chris made to Geneva.  She says she came into the office just as Chris hung up.  "It was Rosemary?" asks David.  Meg tells him that when she came into the office Peirre Rolfe was shouting at Chris to hang up.  "I got the impression it was a girl," Meg tells him.  "5 just to phone a girlfriend," remarks David.  "I seem to remember some calls to the far reaches of the Amazon," says Meg, smiling.  "Kelly," laughs David.
Later Chris joins David in the office and David asks him if he has phoned his mother.  "Don't ring from the office.  Use the phone in your chalet," David tells him.  "Yes sir," says Chris.  "So you didn't ring your mother.  Look if you're in some sort of trouble I want to know," says David.  "It's none of your business really," says Chris.  "Don't be so damned offensive.  Is it a girl?," asks David.  "Sort of.  Look I met this girl, and we split up.  End of story," explains Chris.  David asks Chris why he came to the motel and Chris says to get away from it all.  "I couldn't go home.  There's no privacy there," says Chris.  "All I'm asking is trust me.  If you want help, money.  Ask," says David.  "And I'm saying thanks, but no thanks," says Chris.  "If you're in trouble just..." begins David.  "Let it ride Dad.  Please," says Chris.    
Chris goes into reception where he meets up with Pierre Rolfe.  "I've been with the old man.  He's asking questions.  Don't worry I didn't tell him anything," says Chris.  "Perhaps you should have.  He might be able to help," says Pierre Rolfe.  "You don't know my father.  He had it all figured out...girl trouble," says Chris.
Ethel Wisbey tells Meg that she would like to talk to her privately and Meg says she is free that evening.  Ethel Wisbey says she has some valuables which she would like to put in the motel safe and Meg tells her to go through to the office to see David Hunter.
David Hunter goes to reception to meet Pierre Rolfe and Chris for lunch.  "He's ready to start something," Chris whispers to Pierre.  "Tell him I've lost my appetite," says Chris and walks out.  David joins Pierre Rolfe and asks where Chris had gone.  "He said something about putting on a tie," Pierre tells David.  Pierre says he must put on a tie as well and leaves quickly.
Later, Pierre Rolfe is in his chalet when he hears someone trying the door handle.  "Chris?" he asks.  "David Hunter," says David and Pierre opens the door.  "Locked doors?" asks David as he comes into the chalet.  Pierre incotes David to sit down.  "I want some straight answers.  Why are you and Chris here?  Come on.  Don't tell me it's to get away from it all.  Something's wrong," says David.  Pierre assures David that he and Chris are here for a break and nothing is wrong.  "Alright.  What about this girl.  Is she pregnant?  If so I want to help them both if I can," says David.  Pierre says Chris doesn't tell him about his private life.  "I think the girl is only a part of it all," says David.
Later David takes his turn on duty at the reception desk and Meg asks him what is worrying him.  David tells her that he has just been trying to get some answers from Pierre Rolfe.  "I even found myself asking if the girl was pregnant," says David.  "Oh dear," laughs Meg.  "Chris is 21.  He is entitled to some privacy, but he and Pierre are worried about something.  There's a hardness in Chris I've never seen before, and I don't like it," says David.  "What else do youngsters get in trouble over?" asks Meg.  "Drugs.  But why come here," says David.
Meg goes to the office and finds Ethel Wisbey waiting there.  Ethel Wisbey tells Meg that she knows all about her sharing a bedroom with Philip Warner Blyth.  Meg tells her that it was all very innocent and there is a perfectly good explanation.  "But you seem to know all the details.  Why are you here?" Meg asks.  "Divorce," answers Ethel Wisbey.  "What?" asks Meg.  "Sighting you as co-respondent.  Or maybe 5000 and I won't say anything," says Ethel Wisbey.
David Hunter receives a telephone call from his ex wife Rosemary.  "Yes Chris is here.  I'll put you through to his chalet.  Bye Rosemary and take care," says David and puts the call through to Chris.
In his chalet, Chris Hunter speaks to his mother.  After he puts the phone down he tells Pierre Rolfe that someone has been phoning his home all day asking for them, but wouldn't leave a name.  Pierre picks up a suitcase and puts it on the bed.  "What are you doing?" asks Chris.  "We're leaving," answers Pierre.  "Why?" asks Chris.  "There's your father," says Pierre.  "I can handle him," says Chris.  "He's an intelligent man.  Sooner or later he'll find out.  We can't go on running.  We will have to go back to Paris.  Perhaps they won't make a move," says Pierre.  "You!  It was you all the time.  I'll bet you followed me here.  Oh no Chris, you don't want to travel alone," says Chris.  "What are you talking about," says Pierre.  "It was you all the time.  And now you've set me up," says Chris.   
Diane Parker asks Archie Gibbs if he saw Harry Smith leave the other evening and Archie tells her that Harry Smith made a phone call from reception and then asked for his bill.  Diane tells him that Jacie Barrett had a pair of expensive earrings stolen and it was Harrry Smith who took them.  Archie says the police will catch him but Diane says Jackie hasn't reported it. 
Later P.C Frank Tyler comes to the motel and Archie Gibbs tells him about Jackie Barretts stolen earrings.
Jane Smith gives Victor Lee the books which Muriel Baines gave to her to return to Victor.  Victor Lee telephones Muriel and tells her that there appears to be one book missing.  He says he is delivering a car around her area this afternoon and he will come and fetch the book.
Archie Gibbs tells Diane Parker that he told P.C Tyler about Jackie Barrett's stolen earrings.  P.C. Tyler tells Diane that he would like to come and talk to Jackie Barrett, so Diane tells him to come to her flat at seven o'clock that evening.
Pierre Rolfe assures Chris Hunter that he has bot set him up.  "You are probably safer than me," says Pierre.
Victor Lee goes to see Muriel Baines to collect the book.  He says when she is better they will fix up an evening out.  "Perhaps.  I'm afraid I can't ask you to stay for supper because someone is coming," says Muriel.
Diane tells Jackie Barrett that P.C Tyler knows about her stolen earrings and he is coming to the flat tonight to ask her some questions.  "What!  You told him," says Jackie.  "Look your earrings aren't the only thing that has gone missing," says Diane.  "What time is he coming?" asks Jackie.  "8 o'clock," lies Diane.  Jackie Barrett picks up her coat and bag.  "Where are you going?" asks Diane.  "Out," says Jackie.

1978 Episodes continued

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