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Sharon Metcalfe and Jane Smith have their tea break in the staff room, and Jane tells Sharon that Victor Lee cares about Muriel Baines because he took her some books to read.  Sharon raises her eyebrows and looks at Jane.  "Some people do things out of the goodness of their hearts you know," says Jane.
Jacqueline Barrett goes to speak to Diane Parker at the reception desk and notices Harry Smith staring at her.  "Are you waiting for someone in the salon?" asks Jacqueline.  Harry Smith says he has seen her somewhere before.  "The Cavern, London," says Harry Smith.  He says he used to be a barman there.
Sharon Metcalfe visits Muriel Baines at home and Muriel shows her the books that Victor Lee brought her.  "You know, I misjudged him.  He's really very kind," says Muriel.
Jacqueline Barrett relaxes at the flat she is sharing with Diane Parker.  When Diane is out of the room Jacqueline takes out a large scrapbook and a newspaper cutting.  She is about to glue the cutting into the book when Diane interupts her.  Diane asks her what the scrapbook is about and Jacqueline Barrett shows her the newspaper cutting.  "It's for my niece.  She's mad about Cliff Richard," says Jacqueline as Diane looks at the photograph of Cliff Richard.  She hands it back to Jacqueline and leaves the room to go and have a bath.  Jacqueline Barrett turns the cutting over and glues it into the scrapbook.  It reads 'Jewel theives hit London.'  
Pierre Rolfe arrives at the Motel and meets David and Chris Hunter in the sitting room.  David leaves Chris and Pierre together.  "What took you so long.  What happened?" asks Chris.  Pierre Rolfe pours a drink for him and Chris.  "We made it.  We actually made it," says Chris Hunter. 
Meg tells David that Sandy has gone on holiday.  David says the break up with Lynne probably hit him harder than they thought.  Meg says she doesn't think Sandy was in love with Lynne.
Muriel Baines phones Victor Lee and asks him if he would like to thank him for being so kind and invites him to dinner.  Victor Lee accepts the invitation.
David Hunter receives a phone call from Philip Warner Blyth who asks him to tell Meg that he is leaving the country.
Harry Smith asks Jacqueline Barrett out to dinner and she accepts.  That evening as she gets ready for her date Diane notices her diamond earrings and admires them.
Jane Smith goes to see Muriel Baines at home and Muriel tells her that Victor Lee is coming to dinner.  "I was ever so nervous asking him, but he seemed really keen," says Muriel.
Jacqueline Barrett arrives at the motel and sits in reception drinking champagne with Harry Smith.  Harry Smith tells her that he has to go down south tomorrow.  "But I'll be back," he says.
And elderly lady called Ethel Wisbey books into the motel and asks David Hunter if Mrs Mortimer is available.  "We have a mutual friend, Mr Warner Blyth," she tells David.  "I wouldn't say he was a friend of hers," says David. 
Victor Lee arrives at the Baines' home and presents Muriel with some flowers, and a bottle of wine. 
Harry Smith tells Jacqueline Barrett that he has called a taxi to take her home.  When Jackie arrives home she tells Diane Parker that Harry Smith kissed her.  "It must have been quite something if you took your earrings off," says Diane.  Jackie feels her ears.  "Oh the thieving slob!" exclaims Jackie.  She phones the motel and asks if Harry Smith is still there and is told that he left ten minutes ago.  "Well?" asks Diane when Jackie has put the phone down.  "He's gone with the wind, the dirty crook," sobs Jackie.    
The following day Meg asks Diane into the office and tells her that a Miss Ethel Wisbey has booked into the motel and made a point of mentioning that she knew Philip Warner Blyth.  Meg says Warner Blyth has married for the second time and Ethel Wisbey said the second Mrs Warner Blyth wasn't the sort of woman to take liberties with. 
Jane Smith visits Muriel Baines and asks her how her dinner with Victor Lee went.  Muriel says she enjoyed it.  "It would be quite easy to strike up a friendship with Mr Lee," says Jane.  "Yes, I suppose it would be," agrees Muriel.  "Be careful not to start anything while Jim's in hospital," advises Jane.  "If that's what you're thinking I can do without those kind of thoughts.  Get out.  Go on, get out and stay out!" shouts Muriel.
Diane Parker tells Jackie Barrett that she should phone the police about Harry Smith but Jackie says she just wants to forget about it.  Diane tells her that things have been stolen from cars parked at the motel as well.  "I could have lost them," says Jackie.  "Are you defending him?" asks Diane.
Jane Smith goes to see Muriel Baines and apologises.  "I didn't think for a moment there was anything going on," says Jane.  "It never crossed my mind, or his," shouts Muriel.  Muriel calms herself and tells Jane that she might be right in a way.  "If you thought that then others would," says Muriel.  She says she won't ask Victor Lee to the house again and asks Jane to return the books to Victor Lee. 
Victor Lee telephones Muriel Baines to thank her for the meal, and says he would like to return the favour.  "If I drove over it would just be a case of you getting in the car, and we could go to a restaurant," he suggests.  "No, no.  I couldn't do that.  Anyway the children will be off school soon," says Muriel.  "Yes well perhaps some other time," says Victor.  "Yes.  Bye," says Muriel and puts the phone down quickly.
Chris Hunter makes a telephone call using the motel office phone and Pierre Rolfe comes into the office.  "What are you doing?" he asks Chris.  "It's alright.  It's Paul," Chris tells him.  "Ring off," shouts Pierre Rolfe and grabs the phone from Chris.  "Look, what are you doing?" asks Chris and pulls the phone away.  "Ring off Chris!" shouts Pierre.  Meg comes into the office at that moment and hears raised voices.  Chris and Pierre stare at her and Chris slams the phone down.  "That was my mother.  here, the money for the call," says Chris and gives Meg a 5 note.  Meg tells Chris that David has put all his phone calls on his account.  "No I prefer to pay for the call," says Chris, and he and Pierre leave the office.

1978 Episodes continued

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