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Chris Hunter tells Pierre Rolfe that he cheated in an exam because he knew he would fail.  "If my parents found out they'd kill me.  The only thing to do is drop out," says Chris. 
At reception Jane Smith receives s phone call.  "Mr Hunter.  Chris?  Yes, he's here.  I'll put you through....hello....hello," she says but the other person hangs up. 
Chris tells Pierre it's best if they stay at the motel.  "They can't track us down here.  No way.  There's nothing to track us down to the motel," says Chris.  "Only your mother," says Pierre.
David Hunter goes into the office and switches on the light.  He finds Meg sitting behind her desk.  "I've come to get my pen.  I must have left it on the desk," he says.  Meg searches about on the desk and hands David his pen.  "Shall I switch off the light?" asks David.  "Ummm.  What?" asks Meg.  "Is anything wrong?" asks David.  "What?  Oh your pen.  You said something about leaving your pen here," says Meg and begins to search the desk again.  David holds up his pen.  "I've got it," he says.  Meg looks at him.  "I'm being blackmailed," she says.  "I see," says David, calmly.  Meg stares at him.  "Well you don't seem too concerned yourself," he adds.  Meg tells him that Ethel Wisbey is blackmailing her and David asks why.  "I can't tell you.  Even if I did you wouldn't believe me," says Meg.  David looks at her.  "Oh alright.  But you won't believe me," says Meg.
Victor Lee asks Sharon Metcalfe if she would have dinner with him after work and Sharon accepts. 
Jackie Barrett prepares to leave her flat before P.C. Tyler arrives.  The doorbell rings and Diane answers it.  She brings P.C Tyler into the living room.  "Diane, haven't you got to take those groceries over to Mrs Baines," Jackie says to Diane.  "Yes, I'll get my coat," says Diane.
"I don't believe it," says David, after Meg has told him about Philip Warner Blyth and Ethel Wisbey's attempts to blackmail her.  "I told you you wouldn't," says Meg.  "I don't mean I don't believe you.  But I'm not the one you have to convince," says David.  "What?" asks Meg.  "I'm not married to you," says David.  Meg assures David that it was all very innocent.
Jackie Barrett tells P.C. Tyler that she doesn't want to press charges against Harry Smith but would rather forget about it all. 
Meg talks to Ethel Wisbey and tells her that she won't pay her any money.  Ethel Wisbey says she will be forced to go to Mrs Warner Blyth and also tell Mr Mortimer all the details.  "It's still 5000 pounds," says Ethel Wisbey.  "It's not on.  I don't believe you will go through with this Miss Wisbey," Meg tells her.  "It reminds me of the old phrase.  'I didn't think the gun was loaded.'  This time Mrs  Mortimer, the gun is loaded," says Miss Wisbey.
P.C. Frank Tyler asks Jackie Barrett out to dinner and she accepts.  Diane arrives back at the flat after Frank Tyler has left and asks Jackie was is happening about the stolen earrings.  Jackie tells her that she bought the earrings from a cheap shop so Harry Smith will have a shock if he tries to sell them.
Jane Smith goes to visit Muriel Baines.  Muriel tells Jane that Victor Lee has been very considerate and she was a bit rude to him.  "There must have been a better way of putting him off," she says.
An attractive French girl arrives at the motel and Chris Hunter introduces Simone Clavell to David as his girlfriend.  There is an immediate attraction between Simone and David.
Jane Smith asks Diane Parker if she would mind taking Muriel Baines' groceries to her because she is working late. 
Jackie Barrett telephones a friend and asks if the police have found out anymore.
Pierre Rolfe finds David in the sitting room and asks him if he knows where Chris is.  David tells him that he will probably be in his chalet with his girlfriend.  "Simone Clavell.  She arrived this morning," David tells him.  Pierre tries to hide his surprise but David notices and asks him what is wrong.  Pierre Rolfe makes excuses and leaves the room. 
Jackie Barrett tells Diane that Frank Tyler asked her out but she ins't going.  "Why not?" asks Diane.  "He's not my type," says Jackie.
Pierre Rolfe goes to Chris Hunter's chalet and knocks on the door.  Chris opens the door.  Pierre asks Simone Clavel how she found out where they were and Chris tells him that he told Simone about the motel a long time ago.  Simone tells Pierre that his mother is ill.  "She has a heart condition," says Pierre.  "No, it was an attack," Simone tells him.  "I must leave," says Pierre.  "You can't," says  Chris.  "I must," says Pierre.
The doorbell rings at Diane and Jackie's flat.  Jackie, guessing that it is Frank Tyler, tells Diane that she isn't well, and rushes into her room.  Diane lets Frank Tyler into the flat and tells him that Jackie can't go out with him tonight because she isn't feeling well.  Frank Tyler says he will stay and keep Jackie company.
Sharon Metcalfe has dinner with Victor Lee at the motel. 
Frank Tyler tells Jackie Barrett that he has booked a table at an Italian Restaurant for eight o'clock but he will have to phone and cancel it.  "You've made all the arrangements and I'm spoiling the evening," says Jackie.  She tells Frank that she is feeling much better now and they can go out for dinner.
Pierre Rolfe tells Chris Hunter that he must go back to Paris to see his mother.  "It's too much of a risk," Chris tells him.  Simone Clavell tells them that she wasn't followed.  "it's all in your minds," she says.  "She could be right," says Pierre.  "Whatever happens I'm never going back to that apartment or Paris.  I'm never going back," says Chris Hunter.  "Not even for me?" asks Simone Clavell.  "No, not even for you," says Chris.  "I think you will," says Simone.

1978 Episodes continued

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