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Diane Parker notices Jacqueline Barrett's name on the chalet bookings and Jacqueline explains that when she went to see about the bedsit it had already been let out.  Diane says that whilst Vera is away she is welcome to share with her. 
Jane Smith goes to the garage office with sandwiches for Victor Lee, and Victor asks her how Muriel Baines is.  Jane says Muriel asked her to have dinner with her this evening but she can't make it.  "That's funny.  She asked me to go round as well, but I couldn't make it either," says Sharon.  Sharon and Jane go off together for their lunch break.  Victor Lee reaches for his phone, then has second thoughts and replaces the receiver.
*** End of Episode 2904 ***
David asks Meg how the new temporary secretary is.  "She's no Kate Hamilton," says Meg.  David gives Meg a letter.  "It's from Mr Warner Blyth.  What would he want with you?" asks David.  "Probably thanking us for our hospitality," says Meg.  "Did we give him any?" asks David, puzzled.  "I'm sure I saw him once in a while," says Meg, and smiles to herself.
Sandy talks to Carney in the staff room and says Meg mentioned something about him wanting to do the garden again.  Sandy suggests he does half nights and makes up the rest of his time in the garden.  Carney says he would like that very much.
Meg tells Sandy that Philip Warner Blyth has offered her the use of his villa in the Greek islands for a month, but she would like Sandy and Lynne to have it for their honeymoon. 
Victor Lee visits Muriel Baines and gives her some books to read. 
Lynne Baxter comes rushing into the sitting room.  "I've got it.  Sandy, I couldn't believe it when they told me," she tells Sandy excitedly.  She tells Sandy that she was moved to theatre today.  Sandy tells her about Philip Warner Blyth letting them have the use of his Greek villa for their honeymoon.  "We'll have to postpone it.  I can't leave now," says Lynne.  "No honeymoon, no wedding," says Sandy.  "If that's the way you want it," says Lynne.  "Right.  Well I'll tell Mum it's ok then," says Sandy.  "That's not what I meant," Says Lynne.  "I think we'd be making a big mistake getting married.  I've been meaning to tell you for a while.  I love you but I'd make you a terrible wife," says Lynne.  She gives him the engagement ring back but Sandy tells her to keep it.  "I think it's for the best.  I also think you're a pretty fantastic guy," says Lynne, sobbing.
The following morning Meg joins Sandy for breakfast in the sitting room, and tells him that she has just been talking over the arrangements for the wedding reception with Shughie McFee.  Sandy tells Meg to sit down and tells her that there isn't going to be any wedding.  He says he and Lynne talked last night and agreed that it would be a mistake to get married.
Jane Smith shows Sharon Metcalfe a cable from Paris.  "Who's it addressed to?" asks Sharon.  "Just the Crossroads Motel," replies Jane.  "Well open it," says Sharon and Jane opens it.  She tells Sharon that it's a booking for a Mr Smith.
Meg tells David that Sandy and Lynne have called off the wedding.  David says he talked to Sandy a few days ago and got the impression that he was having second thoughts.  Meg starts sobbing and says she feels sorry for Sandy.
A young man books into the Motel as 'Mr Smith'.  "Oh we've been looking out for you," Jane tells him.  "What do you mean, looking out for me," asks 'Mr Smith'.  Jane shows him the cable and 'Mr Smith' says he didn't send it.  "Can you tell me if someone called Rolfe has arrived yet?" asks 'Mr Smith'.  Jane looks at the chalet bookings and says no.  "Is Mr Hunter around?" asks 'Mr Smith'.  Jane rings through to the sitting room and asks for David Hunter.   
Sandy asks David if Meg has told him about the wedding.  "Yes.  I'm sorry," says David.
Sandy telephones Mrs Baxter to try to explain the situation to her.
David and Meg come through into reception from the kitchen.  Jane tries to tell David that there is someone to see him, but David and Meg carry on talking.  "Yes Jane," says David, eventually.  "Mr Smith to see you," says Jane.  "What can I do for you.....Chris!" exclaims David as he see's his son.  "What are you doing here?  It's not even the easter holidays," says David.  "You know each other?" asks Jane, puzzled.  "I'll say.  hello Chris.  It's been a long time," says Meg, holding out her hand to shake Chris Hunter's hand.  "Hello Mrs Richard... sorry, Mortimer," says Chris.  "What's all this Mr Smith business?" asks David.  "I wanted to surprise you," says Chris.  "How long have you got?" asks David.  "A few days, a week.  Can I let you know Dad," says Chris.  "Of course.  Come on," says David, and putting his hand around his son's shoulder, they walk towards the private wing.    
P.C. Frank Tyler asks Diane Parker to remind the motel guests to lock their cars because something has been stolen from an unlocked car.
David and Chris Hunter relax in the sitting room.  David asks Chris if Rosemary knows he is here and Chris says no.  "Phone her, tonight," David tells him.  Chris says a friend of his called Pierre Rolfe, will be arriving at the motel later.

1978 Episodes continued

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