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Meg tells David that it would be a good idea to give Kate a rise now that she has settled in.
Stan Harvey tells Meg that George McClusky might be going to Hamburg again but that he won't go this time.  He says that since he got back him and Jill have been distant and he has the feeling that she is hiding something.  Meg tells him she will go and see Jill and try and find out what's wrong. 
Stan asks Jim Baines what he knows about Sidney O'Neil and Jim tells him that Sidney wants to win the Gocol competition, so he helped him.  Stan tells Jim that he knows the rules, that no Gocol employee is allowed to enter the competition or help anyone with the competition.  Stan warns Jim that he could get into trouble but Jim says noone knows.
In reception Sidney O'Neil asks David Hunter if he has entered the Gocol competition and David says he has.  Sidney says that if he wins the first prize of the car he'll take the second prize of the trip to Paris for two instead.  At that moment Jim Baines comes into reception and overhears Sidney O'Neil talking about the competition.  He takes Sidney aside and warns him not to doublecross him.
Meg visits Jill at Chimneys and tells her that Stan is worried about her.  She says Stan is doing very well and she should take more of an interest.
Benny and Maureen tell Seamus Flynn that they are getting married.  Seamus tells them to hurry up and then they can move into Benny's place.  Maureen tells Seamus that her and Benny are going to live at Heywood Farm but that Seamus won't be coming with them.
Meg tells Jill that she wants to help.  Jill tells her mother that she has to promise not to tell anyone.  "I'm going to have a baby," says Jill and Meg's face lights up.  "Oh Jill," she says.  "No Mum.  The awful thing is, it's not Stan's," announces Jill.  "Why?  Are you in love with this man?" asks Meg, shocked.  Jill says no and he doesn't know about the baby.  Meg asks who the father is but Jill tells her it's no-one she knows.
David tells Toni Ross that she will have to face Steven Bryant oneday and wherever she goes he will find her. 
Meg advises Jill to tell Stan but Jill says she can't.  "I'm sorry Mum.  I've hurt you," says Jill.
Seamus Flynn voices his opinion about Maureen and Benny's marriage, and says he won't give his consent. Maureen tells him that they don't need his consent and her and Benny are getting married. 
Steven Bryant arrives at the Motel and asks to see Toni Ross.  He finds her in the office but when he suggests they start over again.  "No Steven.  I've never loved you.  There was never anything between us.  Now do you understand," says Toni.  "I can't believe it.  No Toni," says Steven Bryant.  Toni tells him to leave.  "I will and I won't bother coming back.  I never dreamt you could be so childish and callous," says Steven Bryant and leaves.
Dudley Scrivens from Gocol goes to see Stan Harvey and shows him an entry form for the Gocol competition.  He says only one entry was correct and it belongs to Sidney O'Neil who is obviously a customer of Stan's as he got everything correct.  Stan tells him that Sidney O'Neil works in the motel hairdressing salon.
David finds Toni alone in the office and she tells him that she saw Steven Bryant.  "I told the biggest lie.  That I didn't love him and never had," says Toni. 
Stan Harvey asks Sidney O'Neil to come to the garage office, and Dudley Scrivens accuses him of having help with his competition entry.  Stan assures Dudley that he didn't help O'Neil.
Benny takes Seamus and Maureen Flynn to the motel.  Outside the motel entrance Seamus collapses, clutching his chest.  Benny goes into reception and asks Jane Smith for help.  Together they take Seamus Flynn into reception.  "Take me home girl.  I'm a sick man.  Promise me you'll never leave me," Seamus says to Maureen.
Stan Harvey joins Anthony, Meg and David in the office and tells them that he is throwing a party to cheer Jill up. 
Jane Smith finds Doctor Butterworth, who is at the motel, and asks him to check on Seamus Flynn.  Doctor Butterworth tells Seamus that he will take him home.  "We don't want to trouble you," Seamus tells the doctor.  "I want to get you home and give you a good going over," says Doctor Butterworth.      

1977 Episodes continued

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