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Steven Bryant checks out of the motel and meets Toni Ross as he leaves.  Toni asks him how he found out where she was and Steven tells her it was all a bit strange.  They go into the office.
Doctor Butterworth examines Seamus Flynn and tells him that he is as strong as a horse and he knows it.  The doctor guesses that Seamus is against Maureen marrying Benny but warns him that his tricks won't work.
Steven Bryant tells Toni Ross that a girl rang and told him where he could find her but she wouldn't give her name.  "Whoever it was I think she was out to make trouble," he says.  Later Toni Ross tells David that Steven Bryant had an anonymous phone call telling him where he could find her.  Toni says no one knew she was here.  She remembers that she did leave some letters lying around in her chalet and that Jane Smith saw them.  "Jane wouldn't do a thing like that," says David.  "No.  Or would she?" asks Toni.
Doctor Butterworth goes to see Carney and Benny at the cottage and tells them that there is nothing wrong with Seamus Flynn.
Dudley Scrivens see's Sandy and asks him about Sidney O'Neil.  He says he has reason to doubt O'Neils honesty.  He explains to Sandy that Sidney O'Neil entered the Gocol competition and he wants to know how he got such accurate answers.  Sandy tells Dudley Scrivens that Sidney O'Neil mentioned that he had a friend who worked in a garage to help him.
Benny tells Carney that Seamus Flynn is doing all he can to stop him marrying Maureen.
Dudley Scrivens spots Jim Baines and Sidney O'Neil drinking together in the motel bar.  Jim see's Dudley Scrivens looking at them and gets up to leave, but Scrivens corners them both.
Toni Ross asks Jane Smith if she spoke to anyone about Steven Bryant and Jane tells her that she didn't say anything to anyone. 
Dudley Scrivens takes Jim Baines and Sidney O'Neil to the garage office.  He tells Sidney that he knows he had help with the competition from someone, but Jim says he can't prove a thing.
Lucy Hamilton comes to the motel and asks Jane Smith if she could find out if her mother is busy.  Toni Ross comes into reception at that moment and tells Lucy that Kate is on her own in the office.  "Oh thank you so much," says Lucy.  "You're quite welcome," says Toni Ross.
Ingrid Larson meets Anthony Mortimer at the motel and they sit down together in reception.  Ingrid asks Anthony what went wrong between him and Jill.  Anthony says that is supposed to be a secret.  Ingrid tells Anthony that she suspects Jill is pregnant.
Dudley Scrivens finds Jim Baines and Sidney O'Neil in the garage office and he accuses Jim Baines of cheating.  He says a few months ago he left his briefcase in the garage office and the details of the Gocol competition and all the correct answers were in the case.  "I should have known," mutters Sidney O'Neil.  "What Mr O'Neil?" asks Dudley Scrivens.  "You said you made all the answers up out of your head," Sidney tells Jim.  "You shut your mouth Sidney," warns Jim Baines.  Dudley Scrivens sends Sidney O'Neil out of the office.  Jim tells Dudley that Sidney doesn't know what he is talking about and that he never touched his briefcase.  Stan Harvey comes into the office and on hearing raised voices he asks what is going on.  "You'd be well advised to find yourself a new foreman," Dudley Scrivens tells Stan. 
Once Dudley Scrivens has left Jim Baines tells Stan that Scrivens accused him of cheating by looking in his briefcase at the competition answers.  Stan tells him that Scrivens' briefcase was left in the office but it was locked and Sharon is a witness to that. 
Seamus Flynn goes to Carney's cottage and Carney asks him what he has against Benny marrying Maureen. 
Stan Harvey meets Doctor Butterworth at the motel and the doctor asks how Jill is.  Stan tells him that they are having a party.  "A celebration eh?" asks Dcotor Butterworth.  "Well sort of," answers Stan.  "I must say I was surprised at how Jill took it.  I'd thought she'd be pleased," says the doctor.  "About what?" asks Stan.  "The baby," answers Doctor Butterworth.  "What baby?" asks Stan.  "You don't know do you," says the doctor.  "Well I expect Jill will tell you in her own sweet time," he adds. 
Jill and Meg prepare the food for Stan and Jill's party.
Carney shouts at Seamus and warns him not to spoil things for Benny and Maureen.  Carney pulls up his sleeves and squares up to Seamus ready for a fight.  Benny and Maureen arrives at that moment and stop them.
David and Kate are the first to arrive for the party at Stan and Jill's house and Jill gives them both a glass of punch.  Stan arrives home and tells Jill that he is late because he bumped into Doctor Butterworth at the motel.  "He's full of surprises Doctor Butterworth," says Stan.
Anthony Mortimer arrives at Stan and Jill's home and talks to Ingrid Larson in the kitchen.  Ingrid tells Anthony that she is sure now that Jill is pregnant.
Toni Ross arrives at the party and talks to Kate Hamilton.  Toni asks her how much David has told her about Steven Bryant, and Kate tells her that David isn't in the habit of gossiping.  Toni tells Kate that Steven Bryant received an anonymous phone call from a woman and Kate says it certainly wasn't her.  "Then who could it have been?" asks Toni.  Kate recalls Lucy's grudge against Toni and realises that Lucy might be behind the anonymous call.

1977 Episodes continued

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