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At the Motel David waits for Toni Ross in reception while she changes.  When Toni joins him in reception he says it's too late to make the theatre and he suggests they have a drink at the Motel.  "Better luck this time," says David as he hands Toni her glass.  Toni tells David that she thinks Lucy tipped that drink over her on purpose.  "Why should she do a thing like that?" asks David.  "Because she has a crush on you," says Toni.  "No," says David.  "Well that's what comes over to me," says Toni.
Jill Harvey goes to see Doctor Butterworth at the surgery, and he examines her.  "Of course you were right.  It's too early to start worrying, unless of course there's a special reason.  I suppose Mr Harvey will be hoping this one's a boy," says Doctor Butterworth. 
Lynne Baxter goes to see Sandy in the office and says if he has some idea that she is coming to see him just to bring him out of himself, then he is wrong.  She kisses him and tells him that she came to see him because she wanted to.
Lucy Hamilton reads the letter she took from Toni Ross's handbag and telephones the letter writer, Steven Bryant.  She tells him she understands he is trying to get in touch with Toni Ross and she knows where he can find her. 
Lucy goes to the motel and see's David in the office.  She asks him if Toni Ross was angry at her for spilling her drink.  "Not angry.  Just puzzled at how and why," says David.
Sidney O'Neil gives Jim Baines a cheap haircut in exchange of Jim helping him write a slogan for the Gocol competition.
Kate Hamilton apologises to Toni Ross about Lucy spilling the drink.  Toni says it's quite clear that Lucy doesn't like her so she will stay out of her way as much as possible.
Ingrid Larson asks Jill Harvey what is troubling her, and advises her to talk things over with Stan.  Jill says she can't tell him.  "I'll just have to live with it," says Jill.
Seamus Flynn asks Benny about Heywood Farm and Benny tells him that he put some money into the farm and he is a partner with Ed Lawton.  Benny talks to Maureen Flynn and tells her that Seamus is very interested in Heywood Farm.  He asks her to come to the farm to meet Ed Lawton and Diane. 
Jane Smith receives a telephone call for Toni Ross and takes a message.  Jane tells Sandy that the caller was a man called Steven Bryant and he is coming to the motel next week to see Toni Ross.  When Jane gives the message to Toni Ross she says he will have a wasted journey because she won't be here.  Later Toni Ross gives her notice to Meg Mortimer.  "I'd like to go as soon as possible," she says. 
Diane Parker arrives at Carney's cottage and meets Maureen Flynn.
Kate Hamilton tells David that Toni Ross thinks Lucy has something against her, and she thinks it's because Lucy has a schoolgirl crush on David.
Meg tells Kate and David that Toni Ross wants to leave, and she got the impression that there was something wrong.  David says he will have to persuade Toni to stay and he leaves the room to find Toni.  "If Toni has made up her mind to leave no one can really stop her," Meg tells Kate.  "Well David seems to think he can," says Kate.  "Why?  We all know that Toni wasn't here permanently.  Is it that important?" asks Meg.  "Perhaps it is to David," says Kate. 
David finds Toni Ross in the office and asks her why she has given in her notice.  Toni tells him that it's for personal reasons.  She explains that someone in her past, Steven Bryant, has found out where she is.
Lucy Hamilton goes to the office to see Kate and overhears Meg talking about Toni Ross leaving.  "That's the best news for ages," says Lucy.  "Lucy!" exclaims Kate.  "Well you are glad.  Go on admit it," says Lucy. 
Benny receives a letter and asks Maureen to read it.  Maureen admits that she can't read and Benny says he couldn't either until Diane taught him.  Benny tells Maureen that there is a room at the cottage.  "I could do it up.  There'd be room for two.  What I'm trying to say Maureen is, well, Maureen, will you marry me please," asks Benny.  "If you really want me to Benny.  I'd be proud to marry you," replies Maureen.  Carney returns home and Benny tells him the good news.

1977 Episodes continued

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