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Jill phones Sandy and tells him that they need him at the motel.
Lloyd Munro tells Barbara Brady that he knows who she is.
Benny offers to help Alison Cotterill clear away the breakfast things, but Alison says no, her uncle doesn't like men doing women's work.  Benny makes Alison laugh but Reg Cotterill comes into the room, and they both stop laughing abruptly. 
Sandy arrives at the motel and Jill welcomes him back. 
Reg Cotterill asks Alison what all the giggling was about and tells her that she could give Benny the wrong idea.  "You' lock your bedroom door.  Do you understand that," shouts Reg Cotterill.
Jill Harvey goes to see her solicitor about her upcoming divorce, and when she returns to the motel Sandy and Tish ask her how she got on.  Jill tells them that Stan is claiming custody of Sarah Jane.
At Stonebank Alison Cotterill gets ready to wash her hair.  She pulls back her hair to reveal a scar down the right side of her face.  
Later, Benny helps Alison with the washing up and Reg Cotterill looks on as they chat.  Reg tells Benny that there is plenty of work for him to do outside, so Benny leaves.  Reg asks Alison what her and Benny were doing when he came in and Alison says they were laughing.  "I've warned you to stay away from him," says Reg.  "I was only laughing," says Allison.
Lloyd Munro tells Meg who Barabara Brady really is.  Meg says that now he knows her identity Barbara has no reason to stay on as his housekeeper.
Jill goes to see Doctor Farnham and tells him that she can't sleep.  When Jill returns to the motel she tells Meg that she saw the doctor and he gave her some sleeping tablets.  She says she can't remember the last time she had a decent nights sleep, and if sleep will help then she'll get it anyway she can.
Sharon Metcalfe see's Sandy on duty at the reception desk and welcomes him back.  Sandy says he isn't really needed, he is just here to make up the numbers. 
Florence Baker is at Chimney's and she answers a ring at the doorbell.  She opens the door and a woman pushes past Florence and into the house.  Florence asks her who she is and the woman says she Norma Cooke, a friend of Val Saunders. 
Sharon Metcalfe visits Stonebank Farm.  She goes into the kitchen and meets Alison Cotterill.  Sharon tells her that shehas come to see Benny and Alison tells her that her uncle and Benny have gone into town.  She asks Sharon to sit down and she makes some tea.  Sharon asks her what she does in her spare time and Allison says she cleans and keeps house for her uncle.  "No, I mean for fun.  A pretty girl like you must have lots of boyfriends," says Sharon.  Alison gets up from her chair quickly and tells Sharon that she should go now because her uncle won't like her being here. 
Norma Cooke tells Jill Harvey that she is a friend of Val Saunders and she is in the same position as Val was, pregnant and unmarried.  She says Val told her that Jill might let her stay for a while until she got herself sorted out.  Jill says there are places for her to go.  "Mrs Harvey, give me a chance.  Just for a few days, please," pleads Norma Cooke.  Jill agrees to let her stay.
Meg goes to Lloyd Munro's cottage and finds Barbara Brady there.  Meg tells her that she knows who she really is.  She tells Barbara that Lloyd is very wooried about losing her, and Barbara says she has all the material she needs for her book so she see's no point in staying on.   
Sandy tells Meg that he has an idea which he would like to put to her and David.  He says he has no shares in the Motel but he would like to run his own business.  "I want you to sell me the cafeteria.  Hand it over to me entirely and let me run it the way I've always wanted to," proposes Sandy.  
Sharon Metcalfe goes to Stonebank farm and asks Reg Cotterill if she could speak to Benny.  Reg tells her that she had better sit down whilst he goes to fetch Benny.
Sandy telephones David Hunter in Switzerland and tells him his idea about running the cafeteria, but David tells him the cafeteria isn't for sale.  "Then lease it to me," says Sandy, a little annoyed.  "Is that the best I can hope for...David.  hello...David!" shouts Sandy.  He puts the phone down and turns to Tish Hope.  "He hung up on me," he tells her.  "I'm not surprised.  He's right, the cafeteria is not for sale," says Tish.  She tells Sandy that there would be a lot of work involved in running the cafeteria on his own. 
Sharon Metcalfe gives Benny his overtime money from the garage.  They talk about Alison Cotterilll and Sharon says she seems a bit strange.  Benny says she's just shy, but Sharon says she thinks it's more than that.
Tish Hope tells Lloyd Munro that Sandy wants to run the cafeteria, and Lloyd says Sandy is quite capable of doing so. 
Doctor John Farnham asks Barbara Brady if she will be staying on at the cottage.  He tells her that he loves her.
Lloyd Munro returns to the cottage to find suitcases in the living room.  Barbara Brady comes in dressed to leave.  She tells Lloyd that John Farnham is convinced that he is in love with her so it's best if she goes.
Norma Cooke entertains her boyfriend Kevin at Chimney's.  Florence Baker comes in and finds them kissing, so she closes the door and leaves.  Norma Cooke tells Florence to come in and introduces her to Kevin.  Norma tells Kevin to go up to her room.
Reg Cotterill tells Benny that he promised not to lead Alison astray but he seems to be doing just that.  Benny says he just wants to be friends.  Reg says Alison isn't like other girls.  Benny says she could be if he let her go out.  "No!" shouts Reg.
Norma Cooke and her boyfriend come downstairs the next morning and Florence Baker asks Norma if Kevin has been here all night.  Norma says yes. 
Meg tells Lloyd Munro that she has a sales representative coming to the motel this afternoon and it not looking forward to it.  Lloyd asks Meg if Sandy is alright because he met him at the doctor's surgery.  Meg says Sandy didn't mention that he was going to the doctor.

1979 Episodes continued

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