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Tish Hope tells Benny that Reg Cotterill doesn't want him living at Stonebank farm.  Benny says he has already told his landlady that he is moving out of the boarding house.  He says he had better tell his landlady that he will be staying in his room after all.
Becky Foster talks to her father.  Geoffrey Foster tells Becky that they will keep it between them selves without Sharon even knowing.  "It's too late.  She already knows," Becky tells him.
Tish Hope goes to see Lloyd Munro at his cottage and tells him that she has just been talking to Doctor Farnham, who is convinced that Lloyd is mad.  Lloyd laughs and explains that Barbara Brady is really the romantic novelist, Eleanor Ruskin, and she conned him into thinking she was going to poison John Farnham.  He says Barbara set up situations just to see how everyone would react and then writes them into her books.  Lloyd says Barbara doesn't know that he knows, so he will pretend that he doesn't know.
Tish Hope goes to see Reg Cotterill at Stonebank farm and asks him if he has thought anymore about Benny staying at the farm.  Reg Cotterill tells her that it is inconvenient.
Barbara Brady returns to the cottage and Lloyd Munro tells her that he has a bad headache.  She suggests some fresh air, a walk in the woods nearby.  Lloyd says many have gone for walks and never returned. 
Barbara Brady telephones Doctor Farnham and asks him if he would come to the cottage.  When John Farnham arrives Barbara tells him that she is very worried about Lloyd Munro.  She says he is convinced that everyone is trying to poison him.
Reg Cotterill introduces his niece Alison Cotterill to Tish Hope.  Shyly, Alison shakes hands with Tish and apologises for being dirty but she has been cleaning the attic.  "You need a mirror," says Tish.  "No! There aren't any mirrors in this house," says Reg Cotterill.  "No mirrors?" asks Tish, surprised.  "They're the devils' creation," says Reg.
Barbara Brady hears Lloyd Munro's car pull up in the drive.  She tells John Farnham that she will offer to pour Lloyd a drink and he will see Lloyd get all worked up.  Lloyd comes into the cottage and says hello to John Farnham.  Barbara Brady asks Lloyd if he would like a drink.  "Shall I pour?" she asks.  "Whyever not," replies Lloyd.  Barbara startes at him.  Lloyd asks Barbara if she will be cooking dinner and Barbara stares at him, bewildered.
The next day Lloyd tells Barbara that he doesn't know what's happened to John Farnham but he seem's to be getting worse.  He says he must go to the surgery.  "Doctor Munro.  I'm not who you think I am...," says Barbara.  "He's even getting to you.  You're losing your identity," says Lloyd.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Victor Lee that she saw Becky Foster last night and it seems he was right all along about Geoffrey Foster's intentions.  She says Mrs Foster was going to leave Geoffrey Foster for another man and Becky showed her a love letter from Mrs Foster to this man.  Geoffrey Foster phones the garage office and asks to speak to Sharon.  He tells Sharon that he nust speak to her and Sharon agrees to go to his home during her lunchbreak.
John Farnham goes to Lloyd Munro's cottage and Lloyd tells him that Barbara Brady is also Eleanor Ruskin.
Geoffrey Foster tries to explain to Sharon and tells her that the morning his wife was killed they had had a row and his wife storned out.  Geoffrey asks Sharon to forget everything, and carries on talking to Sharon about the holiday they are going to have together.  Sharon tells him that he musn't include her in any of his plans.
Jill joins Tish Hope in the sitting room after spending time on reception duty.  Jill says they can't go on like this, they must contact David and get him to come back.  Tish says Meg would be furious if they did that because David has earned every day of his holiday.
Florence Baker finds Benny sitting in the speedboat which he has won in a competition.  Benny tells her that he has nowhere to live because when he thought he was going to live at Reg Cotterills farm, he told his landlady that he was moving out of his room, and now his room has been taken.  Florence Baker tells him that he could live on his boat.
Benny asks Victor Lee if he could keep the boat on the garage forecourt until he finds somewhere for it, and Victor agrees to let him put it on the forecourt for a few days. 
Benny goes to Reg Cotterill's fam Stonebank, and explains that he hasn't got anywhere to live and thought he could live at Stonebank.  He says he could live in the shed.  "You can't live in there," says Reg Cotterill.  Reg Cotterill agrees to let Benny stay at the farm if he behaves himself.  "Hawkin's, do you read the bible?" asks Reg Cotterill.  "I looked at one once," Benny tells him. 
Florence Baker takes Jill some tea, and finds Jill asleep.  Jill tells Florence that the motel can't manage because they are so short staffed.  Florence Baker says it's a pity that Sandy had to go back to Londond because she doesn't think he really wanted to go. 
Benny moves all his belongings into Stonebank Farm and puts his radio on the kitchen table.  Reg Cotterill asks him what he is going to do with that.  "It's mine," says Benny and turns the radio on.  "Turn it off!" shouts Reg Cotterill.  "We don't have radios in this house," he tells Benny.              
Alison Cotterill comes into the room and Reg introduces her to Benny.  "Hello," says Benny shyly.  "Well don't stand there gawping.  Go upstairs girl," orders Reg, and Alison goes to the stairs.  She turns back to Benny.  "Hello," she says quietly to Benny, before she goes upstairs.  Reg Cotterill asks Benny to sit down at the kitchen table on which sits a large bible.  "I want you to swear an oath to God.  First of all I want you to swear that you won't harbour any evil thoughts about my niece, and that you won't seek her company," says Reg Cotterill.  Benny swears on the bible.

1979 Episodes continued

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