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Sharon Metcalfe goes to see Alice Freeman in her chalet.  Alice admits that she lost interest in Kevin years ago.
Meena goes to see Denis Harper in the garage and tells him that she has had an argument with her parents.
Mr and Mrs Chaudri discuss Meena and Mrs Chaudri suggests that Meena should go and stay with the family in India for a while.
Jill Harvey complains to brother Sandy that Stan always seems to be working and she hardly ever see's him.
Mr and Mrs Chaudri wait anxiously for Meena to arrive home.  Meena arrives with Denis Harper and she tells her parents that she wasn't going to come back only Denis persuaded her to.  Mr Chaudri tells Meena that she is going to India to see her brother and niece.  Meena begins to sob and says she isn't going to India.
Kate Hamilton tells David that she thinks Lucy is a little bit nervous about her first day at her new school, Merryfields.  Lucy comes downstairs for breakfast and when Kate asks her if she is nervous Lucy tells her that she isn't at all nervous.  "Anyway Mr Lord will be there and he has promised to look after me," says Lucy. 
Meena tells her parents that she will go to India but not now.  Later, Mr Chaudri tells Denis Harper that Meena is going to India. Denis asks if he can see Meena before she leaves but Mr Chaudri says no.
Max Lorimer has lunch with Vera on her boat and Diane arrives unexpectedly.  Max hurriedly excuses himself and leaves.  Diane tells Vera that she must be the luckiest woman in the world, and Vera looks at her anxiously.
David asks Lucy how her first day at Merryfields school went and Lucy says much better than she expected.  "Of course you had Mr Lord to look after you," says David. 
Stan and Jill Harvey employ an au pair called Ingrid Larson to look after Sarah Jane.  Jill shows Ingrid around the house and when Ingrid asks if she is allowed to bring friends to her room Jill says yes.
Max Lorimer asks Stan if he can have a private word with him.  He tells Stan that he has a proposition and asks Stan to keep it confidential.
Sandy tells David that one of the girls working in the cafeteria left suddenly without a word.  Kate Hamilton tells David that she isn't doing anything this evening so she will go over to the cafeteria and help out.
Stan meets Ingrid Larson and Jill asks him what he thinks of her.
On the boat, Vera Downend prepares a meal for Max Lorimer.  Vera tells him that she feels a bit guilty.  Max kisses her.
Late that evening Richard Lord and Lucy Hamilton let themselves into the cottage.  Lucy tells Richard that her mother will be fast asleep by now.  They dim the lights and relax together on the settee.  A little later, Kate Hamilton lets herself into the cottage.  "Oh Lucy, I thought I heard you," she says, switching on the light.  Lucy stands up quickly and does the buttons of her blouse up.  "Oh I'm sorry," says Kate as she see's Richard and Lucy together.  "Don't be sorry.  I'm not," says Lucy. 
Richard Lord apologises to Kate and leaves hurriedly, just as David Hunter arrives home.  "I found Mr Lord and Lucy together David," says Kate.  "Well, at least everyone knows the situation," says David.  "Oh, of course you knew all along.  You were spying on us weren't you," says Lucy sarcastically.  Kate looks at David.  "You knew about this David," she says.  "I suspected," answers David.  "Then why on earth didn't you tell me!" shouts Kate.  "Because I only suspected.  If I had said anything, I would only have created a terrible situation," says David.  
Lucy tells them she loves Richard and Richard loves her.  David leaves them to talk things over.  Kate tells Lucy that people fall out of love as well and she will get over Richard.  "You don't understand.  You and Dad couldn't even work things out.  You're jealous.  First it was Tony Moran at the gambling club and now I suppose it's David Hunter you're after!" shouts Lucy, and storms out.  Kate tries to stop her but Lucy shouts, "Let go of me!  You've made it all horrible and dirty." 
Diane tells Vera that she is sure Max Lorimer is seeing another woman.
At the cottage David Hunter asks Kate Hamilton what happened with Lucy, and Kate tells him that she only made things worse.  She apologises to David for shouting at him.  David says he will have a word with Richard Lord.  "Perhaps between the three of us we can decide what's to be done," he says.       

1977 Episodes continued

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