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Max Lorimer asks Diane Parker a lot of questions about Vera's boat. 
Kate Hamilton arrives at the cottage and asks David where Lucy is.  David says she is working in the garden because she and Richard Lord spent the afternoon playing tennis.  Kate tells David that she finds it strange that a grown man would want to spend some of his leisure time with a sixteen year old girl.  David tells Kate that he has to be on duty at the motel until 9.30 this evening and Kate says she will cook his steak when he comes home.  "Kate.  You don't think..." begins David.  "Something wrong?" asks Kate.  "No.  No, I was just going to say won't you be too tired to cook my dinner at 9.30," says David. 
Max Lorimar goes to Vera's boat to pick Diane up, and whilst he is waiting for Diane to get ready he chats to Vera.  Diane finally puts in an appearance and Max asks her what took her so long.  "You're supposed to say I look stunning, lovely and totally irresistable," says Diane.  Max takes her hands in his.  "Alright.  You're stunning, lovely and irresistable, and, I'm going to say it, I love you," says Max, and kisses her.
Sharon Metcalfe has dinner at the motel with Kevin Freeman.  She asks him what happened between him and Alice McKenzie.  "Not much.  I married her," says Kevin Freeman.
Diane Parker and Max Lorimer go to the motel for dinner and Diane tries to get Max to talk about his past, but Max reveals nothing.
Meena Chaudri goes to see Denis Harper in the garage and Denis says he did what he did because he had to find out how she feels about him.  Meena says she does love him.
Diane Parker returns to the boat after her evening out with Max Lorimer.  She tells Vera that Max is very mysterious and clams up at any mention of his past.  Vera says the motel must have a file on him.
Denis Harper telephones Mr Chaudri and asks him to come to the motel.  Mr Chaudri advises Denis to end his relationship with Meena. 
Diane Parker takes some papers into the office and gets an opportunity to look at the staff files when Kate Hamilton asks her to look after the office whilst she goes to the cafeteria.
Meena Chaudri tells her father that she knows he talked to Denis.  Mr Chaudri tells Meena that she will have to leave the motel.  "No.  No I won't!" shouts Meena.  
Diane brings Max Lorimer to Vera's boat for a drink and asks him why he was unemployed for thirteen months in 1966/67.  "I suppose you may as well know.  I was inside.  In prison," says Max.   
At the cottage Richard Lord suggests to Lucy that they have the afternoon off.  Lucy goes to the kitchen to prepare a drink for them and Richard follows her.  He kisses her lightly on the head.  Lucy turns, looks at him and they kiss.  Later they go for a walk together.
When Richard and Lucy return to the cottage Richard apologises to Lucy for being irresponsible, but Lucy says he hasn't been.  Lucy suddenly remembers that she was supposed to meet her mother in Birmingham, and Richard offers to drop her off.
Kevin Freeman tells Sharon Metcalfe that he is going to divorce his wife.
Diane tells Vera that she is going to go and stay with her uncle Ed Lawton for a while.
Alice Freeman, Kevin Freeman's wife, arrives at the motel.
Mr Chaudri goes to see David Hunter and tells him that Meena will be leaving her job at the Motel, but that she was too embarrassed to tell him herself.
Max Lorimer goes to Vera's boat and finds Vera alone.  He tells Vera that he is going to stop seeing Diane.  He says he likes her but nothing more.  "She's not my type.  You see, the trouble is....you are," says Max.  Vera stares at him in astonishment.
David Hunter takes over from Meena Chaudri on reception desk duty and tells her that her father told him that she was leaving.  He says she needn't be too embarrassed to tell him.  Meena assures David that she isn't leaving her job at the motel. 
Kevin Freeman see's Sharon Metcalfe and tells her that he won't let her go.  Sharon says she won't change her mind and the best thing he can do is leave. 
David tells Kate that Richard Lord and Lucy seem to be spending a lot of their spare time together.  "Don't you think it odd that a man so much older would want o spend so much time with a sixteen year old girl?" asks David.  Kate says she doesn't really think it odd.
Alice Freeman asks Sharon to come and see her in her chalet.
Richard Lord tells Lucy that they will have to be careful when they see each other.
Meena Chaudri tells her father that he shouldn't have told David Hunter that she was leaving.  "You will tell Mr Hunter that you are leaving yourself.  You will tell him and come home to your family," says Mr Chaudri.  "I am very far away from my family.  Very far," says Meena. 

1977 Episodes continued

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