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Meena Chaudri tells her parents that she will do as they want and go to India.
Max Lorimer goes to the Harvey's house to see Stan.  Max tells Stan that he beleives that Stan and his sister Shiela are joint owners of Vera's boat.  He tells Stan that he is interested in buying it, and Stan suggests a price of 4,000.
Richard Lord goes to the Motel to speak with David Hunter in the office.  David asks him if he loves Lucy and Richard says he wouldn't be here if he didn't.  David says he understands Richard is engaged and asks why he couldn't tell Lucy that.  "Things just went from one thing to another," says Richard.  "Why can't you break off the engagement?" asks David.  "Because I happen to be married to her," says Richard.  "You couldn't tell Lucy that though," says David.  "What's going to happen?  I suppose you'll tell Mrs Hamilton and she will tell the school," says Richard.  "No.  Mrs Hamilton wouldn't want publicity that could harm Lucy.  I can persuade her to keep it quiet on one condition.  That you leave your post at the school.  Leave the school, leave the district and never see Lucy again.  Well Mr Lord," says David.    
Diane asks Vera what she should do about Max Lorimar because he seems to be avoiding her.  Later, Vera see's Max and says he promised to let Diane down gently but he isn't.
Meena Chaudri goes out with her father.  However, a short time later Mr Chaudri arrives home alone and tells his wife that Meena has run away.  Meena arrives at the motel and asks Sandy if she could have her job back.
Richard Lord goes to the motel to see Kate Hamilton.  Kate says David told her that he is married.  She gives him two choices; to carry on seeing Lucy, having it all made public and lose his job, or to leave.  Richard agrees to leave and not see Lucy again.
Meena Chaudri has coffee with Denis Harper and tells him that she has run away from home.  Mr Chaudri arrives at that moment looking for Meena.  "I knew I would find you here," he says.
Kate Hamilton arrives at the cottage and Lucy asks her what happened between her and Richard Lord.  Kate tells Lucy that the girl Richard said he was engaged to is actually his wife.  She tells Lucy that Richard Lord is leaving the area. 
Mr Chaudri tells Meena that her mother has collapsed and the doctor is with her now.  Meena tells him that she will go back home because she doesn't want anything to happen to her mother.
Lucy Hamilton phones Richard Lord at school but is told that he won't come to the phone.  Lucy goes to the motel and asks Diane to phone the school and tell Richard Lord that Mrs Hamilton would like to see him. 
Max Lorimer goes to see Vera on her boat and Vera tells him that it is over between them because she doesn't like lying to Diane.  Max takes her in his arms and kisses her, and Vera doesn't resist.
Richard Lord arrives at the Motel and tells Meg that he has an appointment with Mrs Hamilton.  "I think there's some mistake.  Mrs Hamilton went home a few hours ago," says Meg.  Meg takes a telephone call and whilst she is busy Diane tells Richard Lord to go through to the office. 
Richard goes to the office but instead of Kate he finds Lucy.  He tells her that he must do what her mother and David want.  "I understand why you didn't tell me you were married.  But it doesn't matter.  You can get a divorce," Lucy says.  Richard stares at her.  "You don't understand.  I've agreed to their terms.  It's all over," he says.  Meg and Jill meet Richard coming out of the office and he tells Meg that Lucy is upset.  Meg tells Jill to phone Kate Hamilton.
Denis Harper goes home with Meena to see how Mrs Chaudri is.
Meg tries to comfort Lucy Hamilton in the office.  Kate arrives and Lucy tells her that she told Richard to come to the motel because it was the only way she could get to see him.     
George McClusky telephones Stan Harvey about some car business.  Stan tells Jill that he has to go to Hamburg on business.
Diane Parker confronts Max Lorimer and asks him if he is seeing another woman.  Max tells her that she isn't to worry and that her whole future may depend on the outcome of a business deal he has going.
Max Lorimer goes to see Jill Harvey about buying Vera's boat.  Jill tells him that Stan and Shiela both agree it is a good idea to sell, but as Vera is a sitting tenant then she must be given first refusal. 
Meena Chaudri goes to the garage to see Denis Harper.  She tells him that she is going to India and then she might be moving to London.  "I'm not going to let you go," says Denis.  "You must," says Meena. 
Meg tells Sandy that David has got to go to Switzerland because Rosemary's mother is ill.  "You know it's funny.  Even now they are divorced, and leading separate lives, Rosemary expects David to pack up and run when something happens," says Meg. 
Jill Harvey visits Vera on her boat and tells her that Stan has had an offer to buy the boat but they thought it was only fair to let her have first refusal.  Vera asks the price they want for the boat and Jill tells her 4,000. 

1977 Episodes continued

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